What Does a Narcissist Look Like?

What Does a Narcissist Look Like

A narcissist is someone self-centered. Someone who everything is always about them. They are cocky, arrogant, etc. they are people who love power, attention, praises, etc. we can also classify them as bullies. Are you still wondering what does a narcissist looks like using examples? Then we got you. In this article, we are going to tell you all that you need to know about the narcissist and also break down the definition using an example for more enlightenment.

A narcissist is a self-centered person. Let me explain this using an example. When I was in high school, I had a friend, who was so attractive. Getting attention from guys and girls was never a challenge to her. But what we that are close to her know, many of her fans knew nothing about because to the outsiders, she was an angel.

This, my friend, was the kind of person that loves competition, she enjoys taking away other students’ opportunities to shine as long as she has her ways. It is very hard for her to be remorseful not because she doesn’t know when she is wrong, she knows but the problem is that to her, apologizing to someone makes her less than her personality.

Very hard for her to ask you about your life or show she cares, so we, her friends, were under her shadow which wasn’t working for me so I left the friendship. Till today, she doesn’t care to find out why we stopped being friends again since high school all she does is smile at me anytime we see each other. This is because her ego is not allowing her.

A narcissist does not mind how you feel as long as they are praised or they are still having their limelight.

How can you tell if someone is narcissistic?

There are a lot of signs that you can look out for and some of them are;

1 They are desperate for attention.

2 Admiration is their target.

3 They are self-centered

4 Empathy is far from them.

5 They have a controlling behavior. Always wanting to be in charge of everything and everyone.

6 They always want to be at the top.

7 They are egocentric, etc.

Do narcissists apologize?

Narcissists hardly apologize except they are forced or threatened by someone they truly love and adore. Their ego does not allow them to bend to that level of giving out an apology to whoever is involved.

Are all narcissists the same?

There are two types of narcissism which are;

1 Vulnerable Narcissism

2 Grandiose Narcissism

1 Vulnerable Narcissism: just as the name implies, these are the type of vulnerable narcissists. They are very easy to be threatened and when they are threatened, they easily react badly before even thinking of the consequence. 

They are very aggressive and hot-tempered that if you are around them when they are angry, you can also encounter their wrath be you their friend.

 2 Grandiose Narcissism: there is the type of narcissist that is always ready to dominate where ever they enter. They want to be in charge and rule over everyone instead of them being under someone.

They are attention seekers which means that they have to be noticed wherever they go.

Although it is not everyone that seeks recognition and attention that are narcissists when they overdo it that is what they are.

What makes a narcissist angry?

Are you planning to make a narcissist angry or are you trying to avoid them? Then check out the few things that make them angry so that you can use them and avoid them.

1 Loss of attention: it takes a lot to get people’s attention, most times it involves money for a makeover just to stay at the top but when that attention is taken away from them either by a stranger or their mistake, they go notch. At this time I tell you, you don’t want to be around them. 

2 They are ruined offline or online: One of the things that narcissists don’t joke with is their image. They value it a lot even more than they care about the consequence of any action they take.

Ruining their image is one of the ways to silence them if you want to but it can make them still think or act like a psychopath so look out for it if you are involved among those that ruin their image.

3 Accusation: narcissist hardly accept their fault, they claim to be right and that whatever they do to a person the person deserves it all. So if you rise and try holding them for their action, the rage will so much that it can consume anything in their path.

4 Competition: competing or trying to gain attention from people is like you are a threat to them. They hate being competed with. The vulnerable narcissists think that you will come and block every good thing that comes their way so, with that, they will not want to share even 10% of what they have or feel with you. 

What is the fastest way to spot a narcissist?

The fastest way to spot a narcissist among the crowd is through their lifestyle and ways of thinking. Using their signs which are, always trying to be superior, attention-seeking, dominating, fantasizing, exaggerating achievement, etc.

They live in a dream world in which they have built-in their heads. This world includes, them being the most beautiful, brilliant, powerful than others, attractive, etc.

What is a narcissistic partner like?

Have you ever been in a relationship or friendship with someone that all they care for is what you can do for them or what you are not doing for them? What about not caring much about how you feel as long as they are okay with their action and decision? Then you are with a narcissistic partner.

A partner who can’t love you back but is more interested in what they can gain by being with you or what you can help them do and also take them to is a narcissist. They are self-centered nothing else matters to them.

Are narcissists insecure?

Yes, narcissists are insecure, they believe that they can’t do it on their own if they don’t go through a conning way. They have low self-esteem when it comes to competition that is why they enjoy playing it dirty.

Their insecurity leads them to always be bossy so that people can respect them for long.

Do narcissists play the victim?

Someone who is always trying to be at the top and be right at all times will of course want to act as a victim to an incident that was arranged by them. They play it a lot that if you who is the real victim has no support or eye witness will be punished for what you didn’t do while the main villain is set free.

What causes narcissism?

 They are a lot of things that cause narcissism and some of the common ones are;

1 Pampering: when a child is over-pampered since birth, the possibility of that child becoming a narcissist is high.

2 Neglecting: Never over pamper a child and never neglect the child either. A child who is always abused and neglected will not joke with power when they finally place their hands on it.

3 Friendship: anyone who does not have plans for his or herself from the start and then stands on it can become a narcissism through the kind of friends they keep. For you to fit in with a narcissistic friend, you have to also be like them.

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