Why Are More People Seeking Silence?

Seeking Silence

You want to know why are more people seeking silence and not noise or a noisy environment. Okay, let me share with you this secret which I am sure you have been hearing a lot from people that love silence. Silence helps one to relax, it helps your nerve to calm down when you need it. It helps you to rest, etc. but how? Below here, we will be discussing why more people are seeking silence and also how silence can help us including mentally.

Why Are More People Seeking Silence

Silence can help us in many ways and some of those ways are;

1 Thinking: when you are silent, you can think, you can process whatever information you got and what target you will need to do. That is we see people most times when they are trouble or busy and they want to think, they move to a more silent place that no one can disturb them and then sit.

This is not because they love insolation but it is because they don’t think that they can get the answer they are looking for by sitting in the crown.

2 the functionality of the brain: when we say the functionality of the brain, we are not saying that if someone sits with friends or colleagues that brain will not function well no. what we mean here is that it helps the brain to regenerate those necessary cells and also brain stimulation.

3 Reduces heart attack: Yes, you read it right, silence helps in reducing the high risk of a heart attack. When you are silent your life cycle stays. So silence in keeping out blood pressure in shape.

4 Self-knowledge: you can’t reflect on yourself, your attitude and habit, etc. if you don’t have self-knowledge. So self-knowledge helps you to know who you are truly are and when you know that, you will be able to sit down and reflect on yourself, your actions, etc.

Note this, you can’t reflect on yourself when you are always busy talking, shouting, etc. without making time for yourself to sit down and think of how your life is. So to reflect on yourself, you need those silent moments in your life.

5 It is a booster of the immune system: when you are silent, you are indirectly helping your system to do their function well example the brain. The function of the brain is to think, learn, read, and then remember, etc. but how does this connect to being silent?

When you are silent, you help your brain to be able to think and do its function without much stress.

Why is being silent good?

There are a lot of things that can take place if you never have a silent moment or time for yourself and some of them are;

1 You won’t be able to reflect on who you are, or where you are.

2 You will keep living in the fantasy world instead of the real world.

3 you won’t know who your real friends are because you have never for once sit down and watch your circle of friends to know those who are with you because of what you can offer them and those who are there because they want to be your friends, etc.

4 Without being silent sometimes and always talking and shouting the possibility of your blood pressure not being normal anymore is 89% possible.

5 Silent helps the brain to function normally and boost but if you are not silent sometimes, the brain can’t stimulate or have the chance to think or to remember.

So being silent is very good for your health.

Is sitting in silence good for you?

Yes, sitting in silence most times is good for you as long as you are not depressed. Why I am saying so is because if you are depressed, you are advised to mingle with friends or family in other not to have anxiety.

So sitting in silence is good for you when you want to think of when you want to meditate on something. It is also good because it helps reduce your blood pressure and stop the possibility of a heart attack.

Is silence more powerful than words? 

Have you ever been in a place where someone is keeping silent during a challenge instead of the person that is talking being satisfied that at least he or she was able to silence his opponent he feels defeated and angry because the person wasn’t responding?

This is not because he wasn’t able to pour out all his heart but it is because of the silent treatment. He was expecting the person to respond so that they can exchange words but then the person decided to fight back using silence.

Silence has the power to turn a normal human into a psychopath under 5 minutes of silence treatment. Silence as the power to destroy someone or friendship and it also has the power to settle a fight at home. 

So yes, silence is more powerful than words.

What is the power of silence?

Silence helps in a lot of ways just as it was mentioned above. Silence helps us boost our energies and make us smarter than before because we can sit, think, read, and remember. It also helps our hearts to be strong instead of being weak.

Does silence have disadvantages?

There is nothing that has an advantage that does not have a disadvantage just like silence. Silence has a lot of disadvantages which we will discuss on it below here;

1 Depression: silence cannot help you settle anything when you encounter depression instead it increases it. Depression can be caused by boredom and it can be lifted by associating and mingling with people of your peer or family, etc.

But when you are silent, you can’t work on your depression and that can lead to depression.

2 Friendlessness: what is the need of having friends or keeping friends with someone who doesn’t talk even when he is troubled? Silence makes people see you as a psychopath, a nerve, etc. so with this, people will be scared to make friends with you because of your silent lifestyle. 

So if you want to be silent, ensure that you balance it in a way that when you are troubled, you can communicate and then go silent when you want to be on your own without anyone’s disturbance.

3 Enslavement: when you are always silent without complaining even when you are not okay with the decision they make in the house, at school or work, etc. you are going to be seen as someone that has no voice and it means you are obedient and you can’t question anyone. 

So when this happens, people will try to use you as their slave to be ordering around knowing very well that you will not comment on it so with that, they use it to their advantage.

4 Disrespected: when you are silent, people will misjudge your actions and when that happens, they end up misjudging your actions and behavior and it results in disrespect. They see you as a bad guy that can’t talk or defend their selves because they are weak.

There are a lot of disadvantages but these are the top 4 among all.

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