What have you heard about kissing during period?

Today I want to share to everyone the answer I have been providing to people who have emailed me concerning the question “Does kissing reduce period pain?

Obviously, certain things about relationships can be complex to understand and playing safe can be a daunting thing as you have hundreds of unanswered questions begging for answers. You want to be cleared about it or sometimes even lack the courage to ask, maybe you’re shy.

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  • Does kissing reduce period pain?
  • Can I kiss my boyfriend in periods?
  • Kissing during the period is it safe?

On the delicious and passionate side of a relationship, a smooch can be a heart-healthy micro workout, a hormone releaser and a mood booster. It’s also fun and a great way to connect with the person you care about.

Let’s dive in

Does kissing reduce period pain?

What happens if a girl kisses a boy in a period? Almost every teen tends to ask such questions at their earlier puberty stage and when the menstrual pain is becoming almost unbearable they sort to learn if a kiss can reduce period pain.

According to research, what happens when we kiss in periods, is the increase in blood flow in the body system and can help relieve menstrual cramps. While kissing makes you feel good, the menstrual pain is reduced. A kiss and smooching during periods can be worth trying to relieve pain especially when you have a partner.

Kissing during period is it safe?

Kissing during periods is safe.

There’s no harm associated with kissing someone during your period, it can only be considered harmful if you have underlaying sexual infection transmittable through kissing.

The above is nothing but the health aspect of kissing during mentraution.

Furthermore, if you’re sceptical that kissing during period leads to pregnancy, it is pertinent for you to note that there’s always no correlation between kissing and pregnancy. In other words, you cannot get pregnant by kissing during your period.

Can I kiss my boyfriend in periods?

Yes, you can kiss your boyfriend in periods, remember that we have included earlier reduction of cramps as one of the benefits of kissing during periods.

So if you have a boyfriend, you’re free to kiss him as there’s no harm attached to kissing your boyfriend during periods. No need to be scared you might get pregnant by kissing during periods.

The bottom line

No matter what could be said about kissing during menstruation, the good news is that kissing can help build a person emotionally and reduces stress. The benefits of kissing during periods can never be over-emphasize, whether it is intense kissing or not.

Absolutely there’s no negative effect of kissing on periods, lip kissing and smooching can never make you pregnant but sexual intercourse can.

Although different things work for different people when pain reduction during periods is concerned, trust me kissing is a good natural method of menstrual pain relief.

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