The importance of foreplay and what foreplay does in a relationship has been the most occurring question on the feedback section of some of our posts. 

Many couples are interested in how foreplay help create intimacy between you and your partner. What foreplay does to your relationship is to make the connecting dots between you and your partner stronger.

Sex is one of the overblown expressions that people often use to refer to any sexual intimacy between you and your partner, it is often mistaken as foreplay. Here we will throw more light to the foreplay which often termed sex.

Foreplay is all the activities that happen before intimacy with your partner. It usually includes different types of things ranging from kisses, touching, cuddling, penetration, and sharing of your sexual fantasies.

The reason for foreplay is to add excitement to the sex and prepare the body through lubrication for sexual intercourse.

Foreplay is meant to set up the mind for physical and emotional intimacy that is going to take place between two lovers. 

Honestly, foreplay brings the body to a state of sexual awareness and arousal for sexual desire. The importance of foreplay in a relationship is that it helps in the physical and emotional bonding of the partners.

There are so many benefits of foreplay which include; great sex, longer and better org*sm, and couples who indulge in foreplay tend to have more psychological and emotional bonds. It brings them to this closeness and connection that rarely exist between partners.

Psychologically, foreplay involves a lot of creative things to do with him/her to get you and your partner feeling happy and relaxed. Naturally, foreplay helps in relaxing the body and helps it recover from stress. It also increases the level of affection between you and your partner thereby leading to better intimacy.

Due to some unknown facts that inconclusively said  “org*sm is hard for a woman to reach”. With foreplay in your relationship, org*sm is all yours. It is a very awesome, energy-consuming, and impulse-driven feeling which is one of the numerous benefits of foreplay

7 Tips To Make Your Relationship Sweet With Foreplay

There are many creative and pleasurable things to do with your partner before sex.  Foreplay helps your relationship to be smooth and stress-free, which will benefit your relationship as it grows. 

1. Communicate your wants and fantasies to your partner

Most time men just think of sex as the erection that comes when they are turned on but sex to a woman connotes so many things which include; cuddling, touching, kissing, then sexual intercourse.

When you can’t exactly tell your man that this is what you need, then there is a chance that he will act on assumptions for what he thought that you might like. 

Therefore tell your partner what you want him/her to do, like where you want to be touched, and also be ready to reciprocate. Because intimacy is a two-way thing it can’t work without both partners fully involved.

2. Message and talk dirty to your partner

There are so many dirty messages that can get your partner on the edge especially when they are not around you. There is a great need to talk dirty to your partner because sexting can be very provocative and impulse-driven. 

Most times you have to work hard to create an image of yourself in your partner’s mind which creates a longing within him. Get creative and provoke the sexual mind of your partner and keep them coming back for more.

As men are more visual than women, it is very important to send a picture with your text because men are moved by what they see and women are moved by what they hear. Hence having a message composed of the text and image can make him/her yearn for you. 

3. Romance yourself in your partner’s presence

Yes, you heard me right, these days masturbation has become something that society frowns upon not understanding it is one of the best ways to achieving org*sm. 

There is great build-up especially when you tell your partner to touch themself while you watch. It might sound crazy but the sexual tension can get you to do anything at that point.

Sincerely knowing what gets you pleasured is one thing, the other is to ask for it. However, getting bossy during foreplay can be a very big turn-on. 

Romancing yourself in the presence of your lover is a body guide that empowers the body to get the pleasure it needs

4. Be creative about your sex positions

There are so many sex positions that are far outdated and native,  the era of missionary position has passed. Be spontaneous and change position in your house, experience the thrill that comes with having sex somewhere outside the bedroom. it brings adventures into intimacy. 

Try out the kitchen counter, couch even during the shower you must not necessarily have intimacy with your partner in the bedroom. Be fun and open to your fantasies, try them out within your comfort zone, and see how it helps your relationship.

5. Try watching p*rn together 

Watching p*rnography with your partner can be very sweet, torturing, and a big turn-on. The couple tends to get more exposed to new sex position and style to spice up your physical intimacy. 

Have fun while watching it; experience the thrill if you guys can join the set to have fun, there is nothing bad about you doing whatever makes you happy.

6. Be more of you than the scene

Have you ever wonder why so many people like having sex in the dark?. It’s because in the dark you see less and experience more. During sexual intimacy, it is very important to come out of your head and act on your fancy.

During intimacy, we care more about pleasing our partner completely so that we lose track of our feelings of the ongoing foreplay between you and your partner.

If you have a hard time getting your mind into the action, try a dark scene, or with a blinding to see your sense of feeling will be heightened.

7. Take your time and go slow

Intimacy is something that heightens and fall as well, it is very important to know that the longer the sex the better it becomes.

Due to some unknown concept intimacy is believed to be an erection or org*sm that once achieved then sex has ended. 

Neither the less there is more to sex than that, go slow take your time exploring your bodies know the g-spots, and as well as what works for you and your partner in the bed. This will help give you a better, emotionally, and stratified relationship.

There is so much to relationship and foreplay, it is only left for you and your partner to open up and make it work. The important ways to species our relationship are all here take a baby step and try this out. 

Your emotional health should matter to you and your partner. Let your partner’s satisfaction become your priority and then experience a better sex life.