What a kiss means to a guy can be different from what it means to you as a lady.

Women who know how to kiss a man well will always make their man have a memorable kissing experience. Every woman wants to know where to touch a man and how to kiss him well to make him want her more, you wouldn’t want to be the one who will be known as a bad kisser.

Whether you’re about to kiss a guy for the first time or have kissed a good number of men before, there’s still the need to take up your league to the next level and work on your kissing skills to improve your relationship life, by kissing like a pro and to create awesome memories whenever you kiss your boyfriend.

The best ways and places to kiss a man, is easy to learn and practice. Whether you’re searching for how to kiss a boy in middle school or how to turn a man on while kissing, this tutorial is specially baked for you.

At the end of this post, you will have access to a video demonstrating how a man should be kissed to make him fall in love with you. You’re just a few steps away from being a good kisser.

6 tips on how to kiss a guy correctly

Follow the tips below for where men like to be kissed, if you really want to be the lady who kisses like a pro.

1. Prepare yourself to kiss him

how to kiss a guy correctly

The first step to how to kiss a guy really good is to get ready, knowing you want to kiss your man and make him feel good.

You simply have to work on your breath to have a fresh one, chewing gums and washing of the mouth properly is a sure way to maintain good oral hygiene and have a fresh breath.

How soft are your lips? Before you kiss a man, make sure your lips are soft and not dry. The use of lip balm is often recommendable if you think your lip isn’t soft enough to kiss him.

Interestingly, if you’re wearing lipstick which makes you appear more attractive and kissable, it can often lead to a bad experience, in the end, having it gum all over your man’s face.

2. Let him know you want to kiss him

how to kiss a guy well

When you want to kiss a man, you can be direct or indirect about it. Men are intelligent enough to realize what’s going on at the moment and pick up when necessary.

Although, most people prefer not to be direct because they are shy, or probably trying to avoid embarrassment in case the guy refuses to be kissed. If that’s the case here, do the following;

Engage him with a deep conversation, maybe a romantic one, if you’re free with each other you can try some dirty talk phrases to even turn him on or play the 21 questions game to get yourselves relaxed and enthusiast.

While discussing with him and maintaining a close range, focus not just on his eyes but also on his lips, have a glace down there once in a while as you converse.

If he’s also reciprocating your looks, then you can be positive that he wants you to kiss him.

Use your hands to caress his face and draw closer to him. If he isn’t resisting, then it’s a go light for you he wants to kiss you.

3. Kiss him gently

how to kiss a guy for the first time

Now you have gotten his consent for a kiss without saying “I want to kiss you“, or “can I kiss you?” do not be in a rush.

Kiss him gently, do not allow the tension and happiness that you are finally kissing him throw you into rushing the moment. Be a little bit unpredictable; go from kissing him slowly to being a little aggressive.

If you want to bite his lip, do it gently. Do not make your man’s lip feel hurt instead of sweet.

4. Find out how he wants to be kissed

What makes you a good kisser is the ability to discover how your partner wants to be kissed.

Most times, it is daunting to ask a man how he wants to be kissed because it can be embarrassing to do so. When you’re kissing a man, you have to be observant enough to learn how he’s kissing back and understand he would love it more if you reciprocate in the same manner.

Although, some persons will leave behind a kissing review in a more appropriate manner like; I really loved the way you held my hair while kissing my upper lip but would love it more if it was the lower lip.

You might not get this review most times, you can request it in your conversation after kissing him, let’s say; hope you did enjoy the kiss, is there something else you would like me to try next time? Or you learn what he wants while in a steamy kiss with him.

5. Don’t just focus on his lips

how to kiss him well

Aside from the lips, there are other places to kiss a man. If you really want to make out with him, you have to initiate it by kissing him on the neck or ear too. This is proven to be an effective way to kiss a man and turn him on.

Don’t just be in one position all through, change your head position and learn how to move your lips when kissing a guy to make the moment pleasurable and memorable.

6. Allow him to kiss you

how to kiss a guy correctly

One of the common kissing mistakes women make is to think they have to do the whole work while kissing a man, especially if they are the one who started the kissing first.

If you’re not a dominant type, after a few moments, allow the man to take the lead. You absolutely have less work to do that you think.

Video on how to kiss a guy correctly

Final words

There are a lot of techniques or kissing tactics to practice when kissing a man, the best is that which you observe while kissing him (how he wants to be kissed by a woman).

However, the kissing rules here for a girl than wants to kiss a guy will help you make your first kiss with a man a memorable one and have him fall in love with you the more. As time goes on and you both are becoming more comfortable with each other, you can introduce the tongue and practice what you observe as a turn on for him while kissing.

I hope this guide helps you figure out what guys like when you kiss them? Feel free to share your kissing experiences with a guy, through the comment box below.