What Men Want In Bed – 7 Incredible Ways To Drive Him Wild

how to drive him wild

I believe that everyone wants something, be it good or bad. And then also they’re those things you don’t want; pimples, slow internet, and nothing. We all want happiness money, love, food, and too many other things that will satisfy our wants.

When it comes to gender, here we have what we naturally love and admire. Either individually or in a group. Sexually we know what we want, what we want to explore in a bedroom with our partners, and what we want to do to make every moment count.

Today, I’ll be unveiling here what men want in bed, and places to touch a man to drive him crazy, so you can learn how to drive your man wild. Some women boldly ask their partners what they want. Although many men don’t express themselves, because there are several things guys like in bed but won’t say it and because of this, some women without having to ask what makes their man go crazy, should take note of what he actually likes doing whenever they’re together in the bedroom and the curtains adjusted.

It’s not a hidden truth that they literally have what they crave and fantasize their women doing to them, or with them.

7 sex and foreplay tips to drive him wild in bed

1. Show and tell

When you’re in that grind with your man, and he is all busy down there whether with his mouth or his mini self, and you just lie there motionless. I believe you’re here on this page because you want to learn what makes your man go wild for you. And not that you’re someone who is being forced to do what you don’t like. Since that’s not the case.

Sis, when your partner is putting this energy to make you feel good, it’s best you let him know how good he makes you feel. Lose yourself in the moment, enjoy what your man is doing. Don’t hold back your moans. Are you a screamer? You’re loud? Let out those groans. Show him what he is doing to you. It boosts a man’s confidence and makes him know he is doing it right.

Tell: But if he isn’t satisfying you, you don’t have to let out those fake moans. When you do, he will continue doing it all wrong. Don’t forget to let him know nicely how he should do it, to not bruise his ego.

Be vocal too. In a breathy tone, whisper to him what he is doing to you. Men love to hear dirty talks, and it works on how you say it. In a sexy tone, you whisper things like “Just like that” “Don’t stop” “That feels so good” it’s going to send shivers down his spine.

2. Dominate.

Do you think only men like to dominate women? You’re wrong. Men like it when their partner dominates them. When you switch it up and take control, it turns them on. Men like to be seduced too.

It makes your man feel wanted by you when you initiate sex. When you straddle him and take control, you can spice it up by blindfolding him or binding his wrist, or even both. It jolts his heart in excitement. Being in a position he will only have to slave for you, where you do with him as you please. Men love that feeling.

And there’s nothing wrong with submitting to a man, but many men like it when you change the role and be the boss in a bedroom because here you can tell him what to do and what not to.

3. Don’t be lazy.

No no no! Boring has never been good. If you think boring is good, well I don’t. When he puts the cake in the oven (you already know what I mean) the end result is a delicious cake. So why allow him to do all the job? You know, wrap your arms around him, move your hips to meet his thrust. Men love it when you run your hands on their body, grip on tightly, or pull on their hair. It’s another erotic feeling on its own.

Don’t be lazy, switch up those positions. You may find out that the one position you claimed is your favorite isn’t the one. Trying out new sex positions with your partner is something he will be so elated to do since he isn’t the one initiating this time, but you.

4. Foreplay

No, it’s not true what they said, that men delve right into penetration. Men love to be touched. Steamy foreplay is something you can achieve when you go about it the right way. Most men enjoy giving their partner oral sex, and this favor is in turn reciprocated. Men love oral sex. Men love when their partner explores their bodies, caresses their erogenous zones that are loaded with nerve endings.

Nibbling and sucking on his ear, whispering what you’re going to do to him. Gently grazing your teeth on his nipples, while caressing his shaft. They also love it when you suck on the nape of their necks. Watch him get so aroused, that he can’t wait to pin you on his bed, and rock your world.

5. His fantasies

Make him let you in into his fantasy world. Men too fantasize about sex, but wouldn’t just spill what it entails. If you and your partner are both open to each other, he would respond when asked. You can sweetly make him tell you when you say dirty things you want to do to him, he will be excited about it. Then you swiftly throw in “What about what you want me to do to you?” If you have him in the right mood, he will definitely open up enthusiastically. It makes them feel so good when you know their sexual desire and needs and meets up with them.

6. Compliment him

Men love to be complimented too. This is probably not the first place you’re hearing this. A man wants to tell his partner how beautiful she looked in that dinner dress, and he would love it if you told him that he is literally the sexiest man to walk in a suit.

Show them affection. Is he getting his shirt off to rush into the bathroom? Throw in a little compliment here and there, make him blush, and know that he is also good-looking. Is he reading or busy on his phone? kiss him and slide in a compliment. Men love compliments just as women do.

7. Spice things up

I am saying it again, men love when their partners do most of these things we’ve left for them. When you’re the one initiating sex and all of that, he squirms under you. Men love visual stimulators, so let him watch you get naughty, touch yourself while he watches you. Do you know what’s going to get him to go crazy in bed?

When you smear his manhood with ice cream, chocolate and then you lick it off like it’s your favorite thing to do. Gulp down on it and run your tongue on it like it’s your favorite lollipop while maintaining eye contact. This very strategy drives him wild.

Men love when their partner is freaky around them, and little nasty surprises are not exempted.

I am taking a point I made earlier, you don’t necessarily have to follow this list or see them as rules to follow to drive your man wild. It’s easier when you start taking notice of the things he likes during your intimate moments to know what he might actually enjoy doing.

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