10 Exact Things Not To Do When You’re Kissing

There are what not to do while kissing someone just as there are things to do while kissing your girlfriend or boyfriend. Being a good kisser entails knowing the basic kissing techniques and to acknowledge the fact that to kiss, even if it is your first time, it is not as daunting as you’ve always imagined.

If you want to make your first kiss memorable or improve your kissing skills, there are a few kissing rules to obey in order to become a good kisser.

Aside from the common questions guys ask on what are the best ways to kiss a girl, you could most times be trapped in the search to know what should you not do while kissing her. While kissing, when are you supposed to reach for the girl’s breast or even where a man’s hands are while kissing? The number of questions and tension can be limitless, especially if you want to kiss for the very first time.

The best thing is to kiss someone and make them have the feeling to want to kiss you more.

Whether you’re a girl or a guy, a few bad kissing techniques can ruin the moment and get you pushed away next time you lean for a kiss.

To save yourself from embarrassment and the bad feelings for being refused a kiss by a girl or a guy, avoid these bad kissing habits and become a pro kisser.

What not to do while kissing someone

The following are the possible mistakes you’re going to make on your first kiss or while kissing someone new to you, if you avert it in time, you will turn out to be the best kisser.

1. Don’t just use your lips but your hands too.

Whether you’re kissing someone for the first time or not, and regardless of how light or intense the kiss is, do not forget to use your hands on your partner in a sensual way.

According to experts, placing your hands to push her hair backwards, or holding her small back and other important spots on her body can lead to another phase of kissing and pleasurable physical intimacy.

If using your hands on your partner’s body while you kiss them, have a lot of benefits, then what are you still waiting for to give it a try and testify like others who have outgrown the basics of kissing and now pro kissers because they simply learned how to kiss well.

2. Don’t put your tongue first

Deep kissing is pleasurable but most times can scare her away especially if you are kissing each other for the first time. This is a major mistake you should not do on your first kiss.

Before using your tongue to intensify a kiss, first place your lips against theirs and introduce your tongue gently, while observing their reactions. If you receive a welcomed signal, you can gently slide your tongue into their mouth and start to romance their tongue with yours.

If she’s new to you, allow her some time to feel comfortable around you before you try to have the French kiss with her. Using your tongue first can sometimes result in unwelcomed surprise to a first time kisser whereas it is an interesting moment for couples.

3. Stop thinking about what next to do

Your thoughts on what next to do after kissing, and what’s your partner thinking to do while kissing you, can throw you off the mood to kiss long. Your thoughts can sometimes be the opposite of reality, don’t allow it to ruin the moment.

4. Do not fill her mouth with saliva

How sweet is your saliva, anyone met a sweet one before? Regardless of how intense the kiss is, or how long you have known each other, it is pertinent to control your saliva.

No one would like to have their mouth filled with your saliva while kissing them. They might not be confident enough to tell you how awkward it is, but they are most likely to pull away so fast and probably decline your next request for a kiss.

5. Don’t be passive and sleepy

Learning to kiss well, is to better your kissing experience avoid being too gentle that it could appear you are passive and feeling sleepy. Keep the vibe on, kiss hard and passionate but not to kiss too aggressively.

6. Don’t force a kiss

It doesn’t matter how long a kiss should last, it should last as much as both partners are willing to kiss and be kissed.

According to experts, a first kiss lasts for about 10 seconds, this might be enough for you to feel better or want even more kiss. If your partner withdraws from kissing you in the process, do not force it on them to continue. You may bring up an interesting topic to spike a lovely conversation that can lead to the next phase of kissing.

To kiss someone, let it come naturally and not forced. If she feels like not to kiss you at the moment, it could be that she’s not in the mood for a kiss or does not feel comfortable around you. Don’t force it and don’t steal a kiss. Kissing without consent is awkward.

7. Don’t be selfish

You’re now kissing someone you have always wanted to kiss and that sounds cool for the both of you that things turned out well and you’re already kissing someone you love. This is more likely to lead into a meaningful relationship but don’t be overwhelmed and selfish kiss her.

Observe the mouth movement of your partner while kissing, this will tell you much more about how they want to be kissed and then follow the lead, this does not only make you a good kisser but will show her how passionate you are about her.

8. Don’t be too aggressive

Kissing can be fun to add a little bit of aggression but beware of how hard you’re biting or being rough to your partner while kissing.

Excessive holding while kissing or giving hickey the wrong way can make your partner feel hurt. Be affectionate and gentle, never be too aggressive to learn from your partner what they want and if you can adjust to it, you will make more pleasurable moments while you kiss.

9. You don’t have to keep talking while you kiss

Saying some cute words that can lead to a kiss is nice but talking in the middle of a steamy kiss can be discouraging. Although romantic words like “you’re sweet” or “you’re hot” can increase the passion.

If saying romantic words as you kiss can lead you into prolonged talks, calling of your ex’s name or saying something strange, it is going to be a turn off for your partner.

10. Do not keep your eyes widely open

Although it is nice to look into his/her eyes while kissing to show you are paying attention to them and not just the kiss. It can also be awkward to keep your eyes wide open as you kiss.

Majority of the first time kissers prefer to have the eyes closed while kissing and this is recommendable if you want to kiss well. Trying to keep your eyes open to see your partner’s reaction can also be another turnoff during a kiss.

Want something more? See video on the major mistakes you make on your first kiss

Final words

At this point, I should be assured you have received proper guide on the exact things not to do while kissing someone. It is also a common requirement for any kissing type to maintain good oral hygiene and have a nice breath as you kiss.

Research has it that kissing someone after a meal without proper washing of the mouth can lead to awkward situations, as it is likely that your partner could be allergic to such kind of meal and you have some leftovers or smell of it pilled in your mouth.

Don’t kiss or hug someone who does not want you to do that, seeking consent is golden and not abusing the approval makes you a better person.

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