How To Respond To I Want To Kiss You Text

I want to kiss you response

What do you say to someone who wants to kiss you?

Do you realize how aggravating it may be to figure out answers to I want to kiss you text messages in a way that will almost certainly improve your connection with your partner or someone you’re pining on?

When couples are in a long-distance relationship and want to stay in touch with their loved ones, most commonly share I want to kiss you via SMS or other messaging services.

They send kiss text messages to their crushes, and some would rather send a kiss text message to their crush than have a real conversation with them. I’ve also observed that several people would prefer to send a text message than say I want to kiss you out loud when they’re with their partner.

Texting a guy in the first stages is a lot of fun. Your heart starts to race every time you see his name on your computer screen, and you blush and bite your lower lip. Your interactions become exciting and engrossing, and they consume your mind.

Your texts can become even more significant if you’ve gotten past the initial date with him and everything went well. Now is the time to cement the deal with some enthralling dialogue that will make him yours forever.

Texts like “I want to kiss you” can help you reach your goal, especially if you have good chemistry. We’ll show you how to say things to him that will stick in his mind and make him want to kiss you. Nevertheless, it is not a must for you to return I want some kiss message if you don’t feel right about him be sure to call it a quit with these text messages.

What should you do if a guy asks to kiss you?

If he’s really real, their responses might be different. Do you want him to kiss you? Is he talking about a friendly kiss on the cheek? Is he talking about a tongue-down-your-throat kiss? If the person kissing you is a long-time friend or boyfriend, it could mean a multitude of things, such as a pleasant kiss on the cheeks or forehead. That is a thank-you expression for something. I suggest you reciprocate with a kiss as well. A smile will suffice if you don’t feel at ease.

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Response to I want to kiss you texts and quotes.

1. “Hello, Charming,” 

My morning would be fantastic with your kiss.”

As the first person to message him, this type of response to the “I want to kiss you” text message will certainly brighten his day, and he will call you right away to set up a date night. Until he sees you, this enthusiasm will keep his spirits high.

2. “Do you want to come back and see me later?” 

I’ve got a big surprise for you in-store. What does it mean when someone says “big surprise”? Because you don’t get to see each other and the messaging heated things up, he’ll be thinking about it a lot more than you realize.

3. “Please come meet me as soon as possible so I can offer you genuine hugs and kisses!”

This is a great reaction to offer when your partner hasn’t been home for a while and texts you frequently. “I want to kiss you” is a wonderful thing to say because it expresses how much your partner is missed.

4. “Sending virtual hugs and kisses isn’t enough.

 “I’ve been missing you terribly!” This is an excellent way to show how much you miss your companion. This type of reaction is perfect when you’re in a long-distance relationship or your partner is on vacation.

5. “I miss the feel of your arms around me and the feel of your lips on my lips.”

This is a different method of expressing how much you miss your lover.

This strategy can be used regardless of how badly you desire to be together. It expresses to your partner that you understand their feelings.

6. “How does someone know how to kiss so well?”

This statement is a direct compliment, to be more exact. Your lover will be interested to watch how you respond to the text “I want to kiss you” after a kiss, so be mindful of this.

This is a terrific opportunity. Why don’t you tell him how wonderful he is? He’ll figure out you’re asking for more. It’s also a type of motivation, motivating him to go for the next kiss even harder.

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7. “I adore you!” 

Another way for a lover to communicate their love for you is through a xoxo SMS reply. Consequently, this is a valid response to the sentence “I want to kiss you.” “

8. Wow, that would make my life so much easier.”

This is a great response to give your crush because it will spark questions and potentially lead to a longer conversation.

He’ll probably ask why or comment on what you said. This is a fantastic opportunity to express yourself while also continuing the discourse!

9. “I’m going to savor every minute.”

Why is the kiss so hurried? Maintain a leisurely pace so he can appreciate it as well. Allow yourself to follow the current. He’ll take the wheel and put you at rest, even if you’re nervous.

10. “Thank you so much!” 

 I appreciate it, however, I’m currently in a relationship. Because you acknowledge the other person’s feelings and express your thankfulness for what was spoken, this is a good response to provide. You are, however, involved with someone else, therefore there is no way for you and the message sender to communicate.

11. “What does that mean exactly?”

Being oblivious can be advantageous in this situation. When you ask a question to which he appropriately responds, he has the option to elaborate on his feelings for you. It will also allow you to ask more questions and possibly break the ice between you two!

12. For a more dramatic effect, send a GIF from a romantic film.

Instead of expressing it, show your crush how you’re feeling. GIFs, unlike emojis, provide considerably less space for interpretation and give your dialogue a joyful, lighthearted tone. Look up some GIFs on the internet to pick the perfect image to send. 

13. “Our first kiss will be unforgettable!”

You can be as subtle or as blatant as you like. Text message flirting has its advantages and disadvantages, but one of the advantages is that it allows you to test the waters with a lighthearted message.

Take it easy with a simple, flirtatious message, or go all out and tell them how you really feel. “Our first kiss is going to be incredible!”  is a highly risky but still effective way of expressing your emotions to them.

14. Tonight, I’m looking forward more to going out with you.

Express your enthusiasm for meeting up. You don’t need to ask for a kiss explicitly. Just letting them know how excited you are for your next date or hangout is a good signal. Then let them use their imaginations to fill in the blanks. You may add, “I’m looking forward to hanging out with you tonight.”. It’ll be fantastic!” Finish your text with a wink emoji to make it more obvious.

15. Welcome to Kissville, population us

A simple hint can seal the deal, believe it or not. Play with a traditional pick-up line or recycle an old cliche. You can increase the heat while being safe in this manner. “Welcome to Kissville, population us!” is usually a good choice. Pick-up lines are unquestionably corny. Still

16.  “I’d love to kiss you right now

Hints aren’t always what they appear to be. Texting is a challenging medium, and tips aren’t always effective. Instead, tell them exactly what you’re thinking. Even if they say no, there won’t be any misunderstandings. 

“Can I kiss you?” or “I’d love to kiss you right now” are two options you can explore.

How to React to the Text “I Want to Kiss You” When it is unsuitable.

17. You must be courteous but firm in your message.

 assuring him that this will not work out. If he’s acting inappropriately or making you feel uncomfortable in any way, it’s completely acceptable to ignore the text and block his phone. 

18. Maintain your composure. 

You are not obligated to kiss someone you do not wish to kiss. Don’t be scared to say “no!” if you don’t want to do something. Be courteous and considerate, but don’t allow someone to take advantage of you. Make an argument for yourself. Kiss only the ones you actually want to kiss.

19. Allow the individual to relax.

 You don’t have to reject someone who simply wants to kiss you. For a while, imagine yourself in his or her position. Consider how much guts it takes to ask someone for a kiss! 

20. Look for a friendly and respectful way to decline.

Try saying, “I’m sorry, but I’m not sexually interested in you.” “I appreciate our friendship,” you can remark, “but I’m not ready to take things to a whole new level.” So they don’t feel unloved after you reply no, smile. They’ll presume you do not like them if you don’t smile.

21. “No,” you say with a shake of your head. 

If your boyfriend or girlfriend makes a move to kiss you while you’re out, don’t jerk away and startle them. Just a simple shake of the head. They may feel rejected if you back away. It’s also possible to simply gaze in a different direction or redirect your focus away from your spouse for a few seconds.

22. Keep an eye on your signals. 

Avoid flirting provocatively. If you don’t want someone to try to kiss you, be cautious in your interactions with them. In general, if a person believes you desire to be kissed, he or she is more likely to try to kiss you.

23. Prevent being left with your partner. 

If you are out together now and having an intimate moment, a person is considerably more likely to try to kiss you. Invite mutual pals to hang out with you, or make sure you always have a friend with you. Spend time with the kisser in public locations where he or she is less likely to attempt a kiss.

24. Distract the person’s focus. 

Discuss anything unrelated to kissing – something that will make it difficult for him or her to return to the topic of kisses. Suggest an action that has little probability of ending in a kiss.

25. Give your date a “cheeky” look. 

If someone tries to kiss you, tilt your head to the side to deflect their attention away from your lips. Make it obvious that you’re not offering your lips, but rather your cheek. The kisser should pick up on it.

26. Make a justification. 

Say you’re sick with a cold or recovering from a virus. Tell the person you have a cold sore on your mouth and don’t want to kiss them because you don’t want to spread the herpes simplex virus. Make it seem like you have a bad case of halitosis. Justify your refusal of the kiss. You don’t have to prove anything, but it can help you get rid of the person who is bothering you. 

27. Be completely truthful. 

If you’re not in the mood, simply state your dissatisfaction. Be honest with yourself if you aren’t romantically interested in the person. 

It’s completely acceptable to refuse a kiss. Even if you aren’t sure, don’t let the person persuade you to kiss him or her. Don’t go into too much detail.

28. Tell your partner that you are not ready

You should tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you aren’t ready to kiss just yet. He or she should respect your wishes and wait until you are ready if he or she truly cares about you. Allow no one to force you into a kiss. If you’re prepared, it’ll be a lot easier.

29. Inform your date ahead of time that you dislike kissing. 

He or she will be less likely to try to kiss you this way. If the date continues to want to kiss you, think about whether this is someone you want to be with.

30. Try to deflect or leave it alone. 

Even after you’ve made it apparent that you’re not interested in kissing, a person may persist in asking you for one. Try to divert the conversation to anything else. If it doesn’t work, come up with a reason to depart right away. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, don’t wait! It’s possible that leaving these situations is the only way to get out of them. Although

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