What Is the Definition of a Psychopath?

What Is the Definition of a Psychopath

After looking at your dictionary for the definition of a psychopath, are you still looking for more enlightenment on what is the definition of a psychopath? Okay, you are at the right place because right here, we will break it down more and also tell you all that you need to know about a psychopath.

Who is a psychopath?

A psychopath is a person who has no human emotions, connections, or the capability to love and be loved. It is also someone who is mentally disordered and with that, he or she acts out of behavior. 

Now let me break it down using an easy example. When I was around 14 years, there was a man who used to live a block after my house, he was married with 2 kids, he was loved by many, yeah, he was a very friendly and social person. Someone that I always wanted to be around. But then things changed when he traveled out with his friend.

The friendly and social person we all knew became an addict that once high, he beats up his wife, the kids without a second thought until he is back to his normal self. Until one day, he beats up his wife into a coma, that was when he was taken into the mental home as we normally called it back then as kids.

Now, from this story, you can see that when he is high, he lacks emotions, love, connection, or any human sympathy. This is not done because he wants to do it, but it is because he is not mentally sound at that moment.

A psychopath person is someone who cannot think as a normal human does. 

Another example of a psychopath is?

Psychopaths are not only mental disorder people, someone who hides who there are and fake to be who there are not just to gain something from someone or people, and once they do that they show you the real them can also be classified as a psychopath.

What are the traits of a psychopath?

There are a lot of signs to watch out for when talking about a psychopath and some of them are;

1 They lack emotions for their fellow human be it family, colleagues or friends, etc.

2 They are complete liars. 

3 They can never repent of their wrongs doing by being remorseful and changing.

4 They are conning people. People who are always trying to be at the top without allowing anyone to get up but to always look up to them.

5 They cannot make friends with anyone.

6 They are shallow-minded.

7 They don’t believe that anyone can be better than them (Egocentric).

8 They are manipulators.

9 Lawbreakers.

10 They have “I don’t care kind of life”.

There are a lot of other signs but these are the top 10 easy signs that you easily spit out from the group of people around you or your family.

Are people born psychopaths?

No, no one is born as a psychopath but just has the blood that flows in our vessels are the same as our family members, inheriting it is possible.

Many people inherit it from their fathers, grandfathers, etc. while some became one of them through a life experience with people or an environment.

Most times, what we experience or see regularly can turn us into a psychopath because we think that becoming a psychopath is the only option for us to avoid a lot of things that are happening around us.

Becoming a psychopath can also be caused as a result of underdevelopment of the part of the brain that handles the regulations and control of emotions and impulses.

What does a psychopath want in a relationship?

When a psychopath comes to you for a friendship or relationship and you are want to befriend them, ensure that you are ready to give them all the love they lack because if you don’t, it is either they get it from you by force or that you don’t have it from anyone anymore.

A psychopath wants to have or share everything that belongs to you, be it money, popularity, friends circle, etc. when they get this without discrimination, their suffering, loneliness, and pains will be at the minimum. That is because their high desire is being fulfilled by you.

So psychopath comes to you to rob you of your right just to take over.

Who is worse psychopath or sociopath?

No matter who you are comparing with a psychopath, someone who is not remorseful, or emotional, etc. is always more dangerous. And in this, a psychopath is worse than a sociopath.

You can classify a psychopath as a slow poison.

Can a psychopath love?

One secret about these people is that they cannot love someone or people deeply but they need deep love. Yes, a psychopath needs someone who can love them sometimes more than the person loves him or herself. That is why sometimes in a movie, when they don’t get that love they wanted from the person, they go beckon. 

A psychopath can love but it will be very hard for them to express it and if they manage to express it, it will be hard for them to stay away even if you ask them to. Instead, they get you by force.

What happens when a psychopath gets angry?

Woe, I don’t think you want to be there when a psychopath gets angry because it is not always a good picture to view. When a psychopath gets angry, they ensure that everyone available and involved in it is miserable and devastated.

When they are angry, it is dangerous to hang around because they act out of emotions at that moment.

Do psychopaths understand consequences?

The consequence is nothing to a psychopath as it has little to no effect on their mindset. A psychopath is not an expectance, they are ready to do anything as long as they are happy with what they have done and what they can do. 

They take their actions before thinking because their mind is telling them that they are on track and there is nothing to fear.

So yes, most times they do, but it is hard for them to be able to differentiate what is right from what is wrong. All they know is to achieve what they have in their mind not minding who is involved or the consequences.

Do psychopaths have a good memory?

They have a good memory when it comes to negative things than they have of positive ones. Let me explain. A psychopath can easily forget the good things you have ever done for him but it is very hard for him to forget the bad things which you did either knowingly or unknowingly to you against him. 

So in this kind of situation, I will say yes they have memory but it is a poor memory with bad images.

Do psychopaths let go of their victims?

If a psychopath lets go of his victim, what is the joy in that? Of course, there is no joy. They only have joy when their plans work out just fine and they can drain all the energy from you. 

They are happy when others experience pains, or emotional suffering just like they did.

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