5 Things Every Woman Wants In A Man

5 top things every woman wants in a man

Women do not need much from men. Are you surprised to hear that what women want from men are really very simple and not complex? You will definitely turn out to be the kind of man every woman wants, after reading this post.

So many years ago till date, women still remain a mystery to men. Just as men are equally a mystery to women. Today, most relationships are breaking because people who go into it, do not make out time to study their partner to know what could be healthy and unhealthy for the relationship

Women, who want to keep their man, are on the quest to know what are the actual things every man wants in a woman? We don’t want the men to be left out in the quest to know the 5 top things every woman wants in a man, that’s why we have this post specially baked for you.

Just like some men who are normally shy, most women do not speak out their minds on the actual things they need from a man. The common stereotypes that women are too difficult to understand and undecided about the exact things they want from a man are totally wrong. This, in turn, make some men think they can’t handle a woman.

Women are not from a different planet, they are from the same planet as men. If you’re interested in her and want her to be yours forever, you seriously need to know what a woman wants from you without her saying it.

Most men who have relationship problems with women are people that refused to read between lines and till the end, in order to press out the juice on this post.

Since most women you expect to have a long term relationship with, are likely not to disclose to you the way they want to be treated, because they expect you to know it all and this was never something you can handle.

Should we rest on the common saying that women are difficult to handle? That’s ridiculous. I will share for sure, with you, what a woman wants from a man in a relationship so you can learn how to be the guy every girl wants to stay with.

5 Things A Woman Looks For In A Man (Honest Answers)

Women don’t really want much from men… you will find out how simple those things a woman needs from a man are.

1. She wants a man with good listening ears:

what women want in a relationship

Since certain qualities women want from men are hard to find, finding a good guy takes time. She wants a man who listens, this is the most ranked thing on our list of what every woman wants in a man.

It’s time you stop judging women wrongly and make use of your listening ears to discover the best in them.

This does not in any way mean that you should trade saying how you feel in the relationship for being a good listener.
But the more open you’re with your partner in the relationship, the easier it is to share ideas together.

So how does a man listen to his woman? Do you take everything she says for granted and title her a nagging girlfriend? You can listen to her when you think less of yourself as someone who’s strong and reduce your masculine expressions over her.

2. Every woman wants a man that is honest

what every woman wants in a relationship

Women want honesty, they don’t want to be wondering over almost everything about you.

To love and feel loved, every woman would want to be sure that her man is truly who he said he is.

If you’re a man that wants to attract and keep a woman, consider being honest and direct with her.

No woman would want to undertake the stress of wondering what her man could be doing in the office or at home when she’s not there. Such situations make women die and wake repeatedly. Not even you as a man would want to stay with a dishonest woman.

Give your woman the love and honesty she deserves if you want to have the keys to her heart.

3. Women want romance from the men they love

shw wants romanace

If we say the 5 things a woman looks for in a man without mentioning romance, then we’re wrong.

Women don’t appreciate men who are poor in romance. As indicated that one of the best tips for spending quality time with your partner is “date night party” a more romantic moment for you and her. Date night party or great gift ideas for your partner, pops out the good relationship memories with you.

If you really want to have your woman in whole, bring back to life, the same or similar romantic activities just as at the beginning of the relationship when you were still struggling to win her heart completely.

Treat her like she’s your new girlfriend, this is an easy terrain to a deeper connection with your woman.

4. She wants your affection

what women are looking for in a man

It is her dream to be loved and catered for, women seek to feel desired by their man. Give her your full attention and always make out time.

Are you an affectionate man, if yes how affectionate are you? Don’t tell me that you’re affectionate right the way, it would be nice to show your woman that you’re truly an affectionate person.

Women fall in love and stay connected with affectionate men because they want their emotional state-monitored and attended to.

If a man is able to make his woman want to stay at the peak of the mountain and shout “he’s affectionate!”, then the man has just won himself a golden relationship medal.

What does it take to become an affectionate man? It ranges from the intercourse, random kisses in public places, cuddling, hugging on the couch and holding hands together to achieve the desired bond in the relationship. The physical signs of affections from a man is part of what women consider interesting in a relationship.

5. She wants effective communication and support

importance of communication and support to here.

Lesser communication leads to weaker bonding in any relationship. I’m yet to see a happy no contact relationship. The strong the communication, the deeper the connection between you and her.

Are there limits to how often you can check on your girlfriend daily? There’s probably not, remember to always call her even when you’re busy at work, you can still squeeze out time to hear from her and tell her how much you love.

Effective communication in a relationship is every woman’s dream, it leaves them on the positive not that their man can’t stop thinking about them.

Through effective communication, you will know when something threatens her peace and give her support to prevent it. You have got her back, she can lean on you, you’re at her beck and calls. There’s nothing she really has to worry about since the relationship is smooth moving.

… In summary

5 Things every woman wants in a man

  • She wants a man with good listening ears:
  • Every woman wants a man that is honest
  • Women want romance from the men they love
  • She wants your affection
  • She wants effective communication and support

Men should take time to acknowledge a woman’s strengths and respect her for all that she brings to their relationship – Psychology Today suggested.

You probably have seen the 5 things a woman needs from a man. After reading this guide, at this point do you think of any other thing as what every woman wants in a man? Share with us in the comment section below.

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