Seven Ways To Make A Man Cry In Bed – How To Make Him Cry Like A Baby

make a man cry in bed

I have seen a lot of women complain that men don’t cry in bed no matter what. As much as I am concerned, this can be true to some extent but not always. If you really know when, where, and how to press the right button, you can make your man cry like a baby in bed.

Why would you want your man to cry in bed? You want to know that he’s enjoying the moment with you, maybe you want to see him moan and shiver. Humans can be triggered by what they see, feel, or hear, and sound-making during sex is one of the most amazing things that creates a long-lasting memory in bed.

In present times a lot of women in relationships, have been asking a lot of questions on how to make their relationship a happy and a fun one, so in reply to the numerous questions we’ll be talking about one among the crucial questions “How to make your man cry in bed like a baby”.

It’s literally the hardest thing for a woman to know when a man is enjoying sex because most men are either thinking about how to or trying to satisfy their woman and tend to lose focus on himself but the fun should be equal, the woman should also put in enough energy so that the man can also enjoy sex.

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So, I’ll be offering tips that have proved to work like magic in not only making him enjoy sex but also making him confess to you from his deepest emotions on how he enjoyed it with you. With these tips, you can make your man cry in bed, but only if you understand the assignment and use the tips to your advantage in the right way. A lot of people have given their testimonies already, and we hope it works for you too. The tips below are simple but work very well, they include:

Best ways to make a man cry in bed.

1. Tease Him:

Before you allow him to touch you, let him crave you, dress seductively, always try to bend over when he is around, decline when he tries to come close, but only a few times, you don’t want to turn him off, seat in a sexy and careless way, I promise he’ll want to drive over to you.

2. Give him a massage:

Men love this particular thing called “massage” give him a full body massage to help him calm his nerves down, I already know he’ll want to devour you.

3. Try out new things:

Things like candle diner date, explore yourselves, try out new styles, make it romantic while maintaining sexiness.

4. Touch him slowly in his sensitive spots:

The first job is to find those sensitive places to touch him at, different men have different places, some men have theirs around their neck, their ears, thighs, and nipples, just find your man’s own and touch it slowly and I promise you that man will want to pull the house down while screaming your name.

5. Say nasty things to him:

There’s nothing sexier than you saying naughty words to your man in bed, things that would make him want to go crazy, and also demand what you want in a sexy way, please don’t shout at the poor man, he’s trying his best.

6. Call his name:

Say his name and he would want to tear the sheets as he’s already feeling like Superman, but please remember to call the accurate name, don’t go addressing him by someone else’s name, please.

7. Have fun according to the weather:

I mean during the cold or winter period, make sure the room temperature is warm and during summer or as we like to call it, heat period try luring him into the bathroom where y’all can shower after the show or make sure the room is airy or put on the air condition.

Final words:

In conclusion, penetration is one thing but it’s not all there is to a great sex life, make sure you explore each other, be adventurous, make sure your partner is comfortable with all of these and if not, try to find out what he or she wants.

Different things work for different people honestly, these tips must not work for everyone, but these tips are some general things which most men love and crave for in bed, and a lot of people have shared their experiences with us and we can promise you that most of the testimonies are positive. I believe that with this tips your man will be able to enjoy sex, thereby making your relationship stronger as good sex has proven to be one of the bond that holds a relationship together.

If your relationship is new and you want to spice things up, you might want to try out these tips, as you’re already able to bring him to bed with you, ensure that you get him good, please him in a way he won’t forget quickly or probably ever. There’s one thing we don’t understand about sex and that is the fact that sex is one of the things that keep a relationship going, a lot of people don’t believe this is true but it actually is.

Poor sex has been a fact that spoils relationships or make a couple separate, if you can’t satisfy your partner in bed, your relationship is most likely on the verge of coming to an end and you probably don’t want that so I think, couples should strive to make their sex life an enjoyable and good one. I know you already believe me when I say sex plays a vital role in improving a relationship. I think every couple that comes across this article should not only try out the tips but also have a discussion with their partner to understand how to treat them better in bed.

Make your sex life wonderful and your relationship will grow stronger.

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