What To Say When Making Love: 10 Things Every Man Wants To Hear In Bed

what to say to a man in bed

What do men want to hear from a woman in bed, does compliment give men a huge boost during sex?

Men like to feel wanted too. When you know the hot things to say in bed to a man, using them would be a plus and will definitely create a memorable bedroom experience for you and your man. He simply wants to know and feel he’s able to give enough sexual satisfaction to his woman, when your words and actions clearly say so, it will help build a great sex life for the both of you.

Some women who try to avoid saying a thing during sex are people who prefer silent sex to a noisy one. Interestingly, most men are driven crazy by the sexy sound you make during sex and some dirty talk phrases in bed too.

10 Things to say to a man during sex

An easy way to achieving sexual satisfaction is by figuring out what words excite your partner the most. Here are some ideas for what to say out loud or whisper to his ear during sex.

1.You’re not allowed to come now

When it feels so good and you want to add more fun to remind him that he has to keep hitting the spot without going back.

2. I want to be glued to you

A pleasurable moment when you don’t feel like getting off the bed, you really want to hold him tight and feel him right inside of you. Getting to know this will probably make him feel more excited.

3. I am coming

A great way to let him know you’re closer to getting an org*sm. He would push more to make sure you get there.

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4.You’re so big and sweet

Give his confidence a boost and watch him display his skills in bed. This is a one-liner that every man wants to hear during sex.

5. I love the way you do that thing.

What thing? Of course, he knows what you mean and that’s a great way to turn on the heat and make sex feel hotter.

6. I’m all yours.

You’re really enjoying the moment and want him to feel more comfortable and free to try out even something new in bed with you.

7. I want you inside of me always

Telling a man you want him inside of you always, can go a long way and give him a strong boost for a memorable bedroom time.

8. I love it when you go faster

You don’t want to appear commanding but you just genuinely told him how you want to be handled. Every wan wants to know how a woman wants to be handled to ensure they’re doing the right thing.

9.You’re all that I need.

When you let him know he’s all you’ve got and need, when you accompany these words with a nice moan, it can leave him with goosebumps.

10.You f*ck the stress out of my life.

Just a quick reminder he’s doing the right thing that gives you satisfaction for good sex life.

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