150+ Sexy Dirty Talk Phrases To Turn Him On

guaranteed sexy dirty talks to turn him on

There’s a secret to not being so damn awkward trying to talk dirty to your partner. Feel free to call me the naughty girl, I don’t care because I’m pretty good at talking dirty with him “MY MAN”.

Do you talk dirty to your partner? Most people fail at this or are even scared to engage in dirty talk because they actually don’t want to get embarrassed.

Talking dirty to your man isn’t just expected to be at the start of the relationship only where you’re trying to gain his attention or show him how skilful you’re in bed. It should be said both in and outside the bedroom and as the relationship lasts. But you have to learn to do it right.

Dirty talks are affirmative in any relationship but the problem is how do you do dirty talking without messing things around?

Although there are several articles on the internet promising to teach you how to do dirty talks the perfect way, this particular post is by far the best guide to dirty talking in any relationship.

Engaging in dirty talks with your partner has its advantages in the relationship. If you don’t know about this, trust me there is a lot of importance attached to talking dirty.

You have some dirty talks in your mind, will you let it rust right in there because you’re scared it’s your first time to talk dirty to him? Or that the last time you engaged in dirty talking, you happened to be the one who’s embarrassed or some sort of things that flashes the no go light to you?

I know for sure you are interested to get a list of guaranteed dirty talk phrases that turns him on – dirty freaky things. It will be wise of me to first tell you the importance of dirty talking in a long-distance relationship or other forms of relationship.

I want to help you learn how to turn a man on by words, I will also teach you how to do dirty talking the right way before we will get back to the main topic “101+ guaranteed dirty talking phrases to turn him on”.

I seriously want you to talk dirty things to your man today, without looking awkward, so let’s get started.


What is the importance of dirty talks in a long-distance relationship? The essence is not only for people in a long-distance relationship, but it is also obvious that the importance of dirty talks to a guy or for a couple’s sex life can never be stressed let’s take a look at the points below.

Dirty talks prepare both minds for intense sex

dirty talks for instense sex

Just as it is easy for a man to get erect simply by thinking about sex, it does not apply the same for a woman to reach sexual arousal. Even a little dirty talking during foreplay in the bedroom time will prepare her for great sex and create a deeper connection between both partners.

Talking dirty makes everyone’s need known:

dirty talks to turn him on

If you normally feel shy about asking your partner which sex position they love the most, during a dirty talk you’re seen more relaxed and free to share what you enjoy the most in bed with your partner. This will by far place your partner in the right path knowing how to handle you better when you guys are together.

Dirty talk triggers free sex questions

Despite the fact that you both have been dating for some time now, there’s a tendency you might be confident talking or asking sex-related questions. Trust me most partners are shy when it comes to asking sex questions in a relationship.

guaranteed dirty talks for him

Apart from the previous point, I made on how dirty talking can lead to knowing what your partner wants from you, dirty talk allows partners to ask sex questions and feel comfortable while asking and answering such questions with honesty.

While sex talking, you will find out it is actually the best time to ask sex questions and receive honest answers since it seems everyone is drunk in love and ready to ride the wheel.

During dirty talking or sexting, it uncovers to you what turns a man on quickly and the things they prefer during sex or foreplay. You will be surprised to learn from your partner that you have been doing great in bed than you ever imagined or that you haven’t been hitting the right button so far.

No matter how you decide to view it, the truth is that sex talk is absolutely healthy in a relationship and its importance in ramification cannot be contained on this post. But as always, trust me I have given you the best reasons to engage in dirty talks with your partner.


dirty talk advice

Dirty talking keeps your man in the loop, it gives him a lovely surprise.

Unfortunately, most women fail at this. You will get your man pissed off if you do dirty talks negatively – my candid dirty talking advice.

Should you go to school or is there a special course to learn to talk dirty? There’s no other thing you need than this post right before your face. I’m not surprised why friends nicknamed it the “ultimate guide to talk dirty“.

How To Talk Dirty Step-By-Step

Dirty talking opens a window for a better understanding between two, to set relationship boundaries and better grasp what is normal and abnormal to your partner.

Since you’re pretty aware that dirty talk is absolutely healthy for your relationship, you have to give it a try following my guide.

But wait, I understand how daunting dirty talks can be especially if it is your first time to talk or text some dirty chats to your partner but you will fail at it if you do not read between lines this special guide to dirty talks.

You want to learn how to talk dirty without being awkward here’s it, to spice things up in a relationship, talking dirty is also part of what you can do sexually in a long-distance relationship.

Before you talk dirty, know your man

dirty talk turns him on

If you actually know him very well, you will have in-depth knowledge of how he reacts to things. Remember our goal is to talk dirty to him and turn him on not off.

Study your man and know why it is pertinent to be selective with the type of dirty talks for him. Doing dirty talks which doesn’t turn your man on, is a total waste of time.

To talk dirty, start bit-by-bit – do not bite a lot at the moment

dirty talks to make him crazy

It is true that this post contains at least 101+ guaranteed dirty talking phrases to turn him on, this does not necessarily mean you should consume all on him at once. Start your pick with the less extreme dirty talks so you don’t leave him thinking its too strange.

When you feel more comfortable talking dirty with him, you can match down the throttle a bit and more as everything propagates appropriately in the relationship.

To talk dirty in a relationship, mind your start

how to start dirty talking

As I would always say, one among the major rules for talking dirty in a relationship is by minding your start. This involves; place, time and mood of your partner.

It is true that the dirty talk shouldn’t all end in the bedroom but I recommend it starts there. It is wrong to start dirty talking or sexting on the phone as you would not know the facial expressions of your significant other, even if the responses are sweet, it can be framed.

Just as you have seen why you need to first understand your man and know how to tailor you dirty talks for him. You should first try it with him in the bedroom and take note of his responses. If your dirty talk spices up the moment in the bedroom, then you will be able to determine whether you have to try at some other points or propel to sending him naughty texts gradually and often to make him get used to it.

There’s nothing to rush here, so you don’t pour oil on the floor. Sprinkle the dirty talks on him gradually, the rate at which he absorbs them will determine how much more you should do.

He’s your man, you know him better and can tell more than me what each look on his face is.

Don’t fake it talking dirty – be real

talk dirty to him

You heard me say the importance of guaranteed dirty talks to turn him on and you want to fake it to make it? – That’s ridiculous.

Remember he’s your man and you want him to know you’re real for sure, so you don’t have to fake being naughty to earn the title “Naughty girl”.

There’s no need trying to frame things here, talking dirty is a complete expression of how you feel about him “FREAKY”. Do not say things that you don’t really feel for him. If he gives in to it, you might not flow because you don’t mean what you said and he will take it that you were just kidding. Be real, that’s if you don’t want your man to take subsequent dirty talks from you like jokes, say it and mean it.

You don’t necessarily have to say it loud, come close to him and whisper in his ear. Men are so intelligent and can possibly pick up from what you said and light up the moment. As for me, when I want some weird catch for the night, I whisper to him “if we’re alone, you don’t know what I will do to you in bed tonight“. This works for me, it might work for you too.

Here’s the absolute truth, it is pertinent to be yourself here, do not be carried away by the fun time to say some naughty things that you will end up wondering if you’re actually the one who said so.

If you don’t feel cool saying some naughty phrases like, I want your c*ck hard for dinner, you can interchange c*ck for other sweet but yet hot words like, cucumber or banana. Maybe you could try saying “I can feel the banana below, I want to eat it“, as this works for me, it may or may not work for you. But trust me, he understands everything you mean, his responses will tell how well. Just be your true self and discover what goes best with you talking dirty to him.


Don’t get turned on reading this SEXY POST, funny? LOL

  1. I wouldn’t pull your clothes, I will tear them so quick.
  2. What do you think of me not having panties on right now?
  3. I’m in dare need of your c*ck after the gym.
  4. Damn, you smell good enough to eat.
  5. I just want your tongue on my juicy
  6. Are you hungry baby? I want to swallow you up.
  7. You don’t know what I will do to you if we’re alone
  8. You took me to the sky last night
  9. I need you as bad AF
  10. What if I had no bras on?
  11. I like the cookies hard like its stubborn
  12. You’re so freaking hot.
  13. Eat me like your favourite vegetable.
  14. My nipples are pointing at you and waiting for a suck
  15. My skirt can house your head
  16. I want to see and fill it so sweet.
  17. I’m h*rny for you
  18. You’re so cute, OMG I’m wet already
  19. I’d like to appear tiny in your arms
  20. I’m dominated by the taste of your c*ck.
  21. I can’t keep my minds off the way you f*ck me so good.
  22. I can still tell the size of your dick, it so much
  23. I want to take it in whole in front of a huge mirror
  24. Can we go private now? No one knows what we’re up to.
  25. I like playing with your balls
  26. I want you inside of me, let me feel like you live in me.
  27. I can’t survive missing your c*ck.
  28. Starr my teacup with your lovely dick
  29. All I want to see when I wake up is your c*ck already erect.
  30. I know how to do it so well on the bed.

Dirty talks for intense sex experience

  1. Your touch makes me wanna c*m.
  2. I want you to slide deep inside me
  3. Your c*ck tastes so delicious.
  4. I’m addicted to you, let’s go wild tonight
  5. All I need now is you in whole
  6. All I need right here is play for only you and me
  7. Your dick is so nice, let me have a bite
  8. Grabbing me is killing my soul
  9. I will show you how really naughty I’m
  10. You have no idea of how long I want to ride you tonight
  11. Make it warm right here in me.
  12. You’re too sweet that I feel like to come on you
  13. Let me shower my juicy on you
  14. No more work, I’m damn wet for you
  15. I will use my tongues on you
  16. Let me ride you like a bicycle
  17. Hold me tight I really wanna c*m right here
  18. I choose to be naughty for you, yes! You alone.
  19. Meet me your naughty sex slave
  20. OMG how did your c*ck grew so big?
  21. I want you to give me a fast free ride.
  22. I can’t wait for you to f*ck me hard
  23. How do you want me to f*ck you? Whisper it to me
  24. I’m going crazy, only you can handle me
  25. Can I suck your balls?
  26. Puck your c*ck in me, it makes me feel so good
  27. I never wanted you to pull it out, I need it inside all day long.
  28. You sex change my life, you’re too good
  29. It’s wet down the pipe can you clean it up pls?
  30. What an oral fixation you’re giving me?

Dirty talk phrases to make him miss you

Think of the most passionate moments in the bedroom you have spent together, carve some phrases to send to your partner. You can decide to send the dirty talks through text messages or any other means you prefer.

  1. Hey honey, where are you? The time is sex o’Clock.
  2. How you place my head on the desk drives me crazy
  3. When are you coming home, let’s travel to planet _XX
  4. Are you coming anytime soon? I’m wet AF
  5. I’m missing the evening lecture, I need your dick to write with c*m on my face
  6. Hope you will f*ck me tonight?
  7. How do you want it this time around, slow or fast? Don’t worry I will ride.
  8. I’m in lingerie and heels right in the kitchen could you please get it from behind?
  9. I have no panties on, I’m looking for them, could you rush home and see what I will do to you before I find one.
  10. I’m here dreaming about your dick, can you make it a reality?
  11. I’m having nothing under this robe, and I’m fingering myself for you.
  12. If you see me naked in the bedroom what will you do to me?
  13. You have the hottest meat I’ve ever seen.
  14. The last time was in the kitchen, where do you want it tonight?
  15. I bet I will make you c*m faster today.
  16. Can I f*ck you under the shower tonight?
  17. Remember that time that you f*cked me against the wall?
  18. I miss eating your dick
  19. Call me your c*ck addict.
  20. As long as you ride me so well I don’t mind if you tear it below.
  21. I want your cock and no one else’s.
  22. You’re the p*ssy owner, it’s official
  23. Your dick is my favourite friend, I want to welcome it all the time
  24. I miss the way you go deep down on me
  25. I miss the way you make me kneel down with my *ss up
  26. Why aren’t you here right now? – I’m wet already
  27. I’m so f*cking h*rny, where are you?
  28. I need you so bad right now
  29. Last night was incredible, I can’t stop thinking about it
  30. I keep fantasizing about what I will do to you when you get here.
  31. Do you want to try sex in the garden with me?

BONUS: Dirty Talks Instructional Video

I recommend the video on how to talk dirty with your partner, you can watch it and get dirty talking ideas or lines to make your partner go crazy.

BONUS: Dirty things to say in bed

  • I need your c*ck!
  • F*ck me hard.
  • Deeper, Deeper in
  • make me keep thinking of you
  • Just harder
  • Don’t stop.
  • Tie me in bed
  • I think I’m in love with your dick.
  • Holy sh*t, I’m c*mming.
  • Your c*ck, I want to know how it feels
  • Grab my b**bs, *ss.
  • I’m dripping wet.
  • I’m about to explode.
  • Oh-my-f*cking-god!
  • I’ve never been f*cked like this before.
  • Your dick is so nice.
  • F*ck me like its an anniversary.
  • Grab my hair and f*ck harder.
  • Come in from behind
  • I want to taste your c*m.
  • Babe, I want you to get me drained.
  • babe i want you inside of me
  • make me have you
  • i cant do with you in me
  • Let’s spend the entire weekend together completely naked!
  • Do it as you missed me.
  • Kill me with your c*ck.
  • Uhh, f*ck!


Dirty talks, isn’t just for everyone, some hate it, some love it. But I hope it’s no longer a surprise to you that erotic talks are equally important for any relationship not just to foster the bond but to make things get smooth in the bedroom as well and as supposed. So don’t be shy to try these dirty sex talk phrases with your boyfriend that will surely make him go crazy for you.

Use these hot dirty talk phrases on your man today and come back here to write us in the comment section how fast it drives him crazy.

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