Girls love to look at their phones and see what makes them smile, and some like seductive messages that will turn them on. Sending dirty seductive texts is a great way to get her in the mood.

Once you know what to say and say it correctly, you will be able to create sexual anticipation, which often ends with her being able to do anything for you in the bedroom.

Probably you want to drive her imaginations wild, and dirty texts are one of the keys to unlocking her fantasy world. 

Just as foreplay high sexual desire, dirty texts work the same way. 

Before you delve into sending her dirty texts, you must have developed a relationship with her. What is weird and perverted is texting a girl dirty texts, out of the blues. You have no idea if she likes you that way, nor if she knows you, or if she thinks of you as a friend.

You are going to land the ball in the wrong post unless you love to shoot aimless shots at anyone and anything breathing. 

Remember, that to send texts like this you’ve to set your timing right. Don’t just jump into it, without knowing what mood she’s in. she could be in a long waiting queue in Starbucks, or she may be discussing with her parents.

Before I get into this, I also want to slide this in. Sending dirty texts depends on the girl you’re talking to, some girls don’t like sexual texts, while some wouldn’t mind. So be sure that whoever you are texting has no problem with it. 

Now in this article, I have compiled a list of dirty messages to text a girl. Send one of these to her to get her mind going wild and crazy, and if lucky, this will go beyond dirty texts to some wild time together in your bedroom. 

Now here are the dirty texts that will lead you two to the bedroom.

40 Irresistible messages to text a girl on Instagram/dirty irresistible messages.

1. I think you would look better without the dress.

2. I can’t wait to taste you again.

3. I would do anything to have you in my bed right now.

4. My d*ck is hard and it wants to be wrapped around your warm pu**y.

5. Two things my lips love, your lips and your pu**y.

6. What would you do if I kissed you right now?

7. I don’t know how you do it, but I get hard every time I think about you.

8. If you ever feel the need to explore a man’s body I will be one call away. 

9. What do you want me to do to you tonight?

10. What about I eat you out throughout the night?

11. Am I seeing you tonight? I promise you endless orgasms.

12. I want to have you in every corner of my house.

13. Imagine what I will be doing to you right now.

14. Slow songs and slow s*x tonight?

15. I want to do things to you.

16. What do you want my tongue to do for you?

17. Do you want to make out?

18. (Send her an enticing picture)

19. I have wild thoughts for you.

20. Let me relieve your stress tonight.

21. I only want to do filthy things to you. 

22. I want you so bad.

23. I love playing with your pu**y. 

24. I love that you taste delicious.

25. I want you.

26. I think you will look hotter in my arms.

27. I was thinking about you while I was in the shower.

28. You’ve been running through my mind, and I can’t control myself around you.

29. I have a list of naughty things I want to do to you.

30. I would love to see you naked.

31. You and me tonight.

32. I can’t wait to drive you wild.

33. I can’t stop thinking about you without your clothes on. 

34. I want all of you.

35. Let me be the reason you moan tonight my love.

36. I want to grab your ass. 

37. Allow me to come in between your legs. 

38. I want to lick every inch of your body.

39. Let me eat you for dinner?

40. I wish you’re here in between these sheets, just below me.