Why is Self-Knowledge Important?

Why is Self-Knowledge Important

Have you been wondering why is self-knowledge important? If yes, then let me ask you this, have you ever decided in your life before and sat back to reflex on that which you did if it is a good decision or not? Then that is self-knowledge at work. Keep reading.

You can only rethink your life and your plans for life if only you have a clear understanding of who you are and who is to be and to do this, you have to, first of all, have self-knowledge of whatever you do or want to do.

Knowing yourself is the first step anyone that wants to make it or make a good decision in life can ever take. You have to understand the way the world is and the way you can live your life in other you be on the safe side. 

When you have self-knowledge about who you are, you are getting to know your true self, who you are. It is only self-knowledge that can help you to differentiate between a good habit and a bad habit. But don’t worry we are heading there stay with us.

How can self-knowledge affect our life?

Having self-knowledge of who we are, can affect our lives in many ways and some of those ways are;

1 Our life goals: There is something or somewhere we could have loved to reach in life but we find it difficult not just because of financial problems but you just don’t know it yourself. This can also be caused by an absence of self-knowledge.

There are places you can’t reach until you discover who you are. 

2 Our habit: most times we do things because of the atmosphere of that place without even thinking twice, that is we take action before thinking and that is a habit. If we don’t have any self-knowledge we can take any wrong action at any time without thinking twice if it will hurt someone or not.

How can this affect our lives? Let me explain this in terms of our jobs. For example, if I was working in a tech company and somehow we were handling a very important project which can fetch the company big pay if it goes well but somehow something happened we are told to redo it in other to correct the errors before the final presentation.

Me being a team member now got angry and speak out of line asking why we should redo the work which is perfectly fine. Then try to prove a point and look for people to back my suggestion up so that we can work with what we have at hand.

Now the question is, do you think that if the higher-ups get to know about this that I will still have my job?

Of course, I won’t, and that is because of my habit. I presented my habit at the wrong place and at the wrong time because I had no self-knowledge that can correct me and tell me that I am taking a wrong turn right now.

Self-knowledge helps us to think before we act no matter where we are or the opportunity that is given to us.

3 Motivation: understanding ourselves, what we can do, and what we can’t do will help us to know where to enter and where not to. It helps us have self-confidence and when we have self-confidence in what we do, we will be motivated to do more. 

Self-knowledge helps us to regain our self-confidence and when that happens, we get motivated with positive vibes to do more.

4 Our limit: having self-knowledge can help us to know our limits, by making us understand where we have the strength and where we are weak. When we have this knowledge, it helps us to know what to try out and what not to try out. 

5 It affects us to become a better version: when you don’t have any idea of who you are, the possibility of knowing that you can be great is low. Self-knowledge helps us to be a better person than who we were yesterday. It helps us to know that we are wasting our time looking at the wrong place for help.

It also helps us to know that we have what it takes to be great because no one was created poor and poverty is just a mindset. So self-knowledge helps us to sit up and take action.

There are a lot of ways it can affect our lives and these are the top 5 of them.

Why is self-knowledge important when choosing a career?

Have you heard of passion? Yes, passion has a lot of roles to play in your career. Without having a passion for the work you are doing, the possibility of getting fired very soon is high. If you work in someone’s office without showing any passion for the work, the boss will sack you even before you have the chance to adjust or to explain. And this is where self-knowledge comes in.

When you have self-knowledge, you will know what you can do and what you cannot do, and when choosing a career, you will be able to make a choice. 

If you are choosing a career because you can’t find a job in what you have passion for, the first thing your self-knowledge will direct you to do is to first learn about the skill you are now picking up.

So being aware of who you are is important before you decide on the career in which you are going because it will help you during the adjustment period.

How do we gain self-knowledge?

There are a lot of ways that can help you to gain self-knowledge and we can’t mention all therefore below here are a few ways that can help us in that;

1 Believe in yourself: There is nothing you can do in life and succeed if you don’t believe in yourself. Before a child starts to work, he or she starts by trusting in the parent’s word that they can do it. The child will try it out. This is because as a parent, you believe in the child giving the child the push, the motivation that he or she needed at that time to believe that he can do it.

Therefore, there are things that we are still standing and looking at instead of doing this is not because we don’t know how to start but because we are scared, we are not sure if we can do, we are afraid of what people will say if we fail. 

Now let me ask, have you also asked yourself what will people say when you succeed in it? Winning or losing, people will always talk and it is normal. So believe in yourself.

2 Review: reviewing your life is another way. You have to review where you are wrong and where you should make an amendment. Review if your habit is a good one or a bad one.

3 Understand who you are: without understanding yourself, there is no assurance that you can go far in life. No, just like in a relationship, if you don’t understand your partner, that relationship will not work. Therefore you have to understand yourself, your limits and your strengths, etc.

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