How To Find Peace Of Mind – 10 Most Reliable Tips For Inner Peace

peace of mind

To find peace of mind and happiness in times of stress and worry can come off as something that’s incredibly impossible. 

Fortunately, it is possible to find peace at any moment but this isn’t like something we say and it comes into being as easy as it sounds. It requires proper practice and time to achieve, the good news is that you can achieve the peace of mind you deserve in life if you can follow the tips on this special guide.

In a noisy world like ours where there is a great tendency of people to seek happiness outside their own self, trying to find peace depending on material things without knowing that peace comes from within and everyone who’s in search for inner peace should pay attention to the inside.

Whether you are searching for how to find inner peace with yourself, in your heart, or how to find peace of mind and happiness and everything in between, in this self-growth article, I will share with you the best peace of mind tips to find peace even in the most uncertain time.

10 Best ways to find peace of mind

It is no doubt that a lot has been going on since the unprecedented time of lockdown hitherto, but whatsoever it is you are facing right now, I do hope the following tips on how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself helps.

1. Self-control

pay attention to what you deserve

Know what you deserve in life and pay attention only to the things that matter to you. The noise is too much and losing focus is the easiest and fastest of it all.

When you have self-control, you would know what’s right and will worry less about things that are totally out of your control. Things that are totally out of our control are things that we don’t own, such as peoples’ opinions.

2. Practice negative visualization

mentally prepare yourself

When you combine optimism with negative visualization, it becomes the strongest way to mentally prepare yourself for both desirable and uncomfortable situations. 

Ups and dows makes are inevitable components of life. A proper understanding of these realities is a better way to have peace and enjoy happiness in the journey of life.

Not finding peace of mind could be a result of channeling your mindset only towards positive expectations. If you expect both good and bad (negative), it will help manage your expectations and shield your mind against adversity.

3. Stop caring too much about people’s opinions

listen to others

The opinions of other people are not up to you, so why worry about it?

How often do you try to go out of your way just to make people happy?

It is practically impossible to make everyone happy, and trying to change others is purely a waste of time.

Listening to everyone’s opinion and wanting to live by it could be the worst havoc to one’s self. 

The danger of being a people pleaser is enough reason to stop people-pleasing today and start living for yourself, be selfish, and fall in love with yourself.

In the end, it’s all about you and not anyone else. 

Healing from people-pleasing is possible, if you are tired of being one among the people-pleasers, identify your insecurities and work on your self-esteem. They’re the two major causes of people-pleasing trauma.

4. Start a journal

write your journal

Writing a self-journal will prompt you to write down your thoughts in a book.

Journaling can help you find relief and develop a sense of order in the memories and thoughts that will have a cathartic effect on the mind.

5. Go for a nature walk

connect with nature

What do you see on a nature walk? Animal, tracks, berries, insects, fallen leaves, nuts, and a lot of beautiful things nature comprises.

Nature walk does not only help me stay connected with nature, but I also feel rejuvenated as it incredibly improves the way I feel about myself and helps me achieve peace of mind with ease.

6. Clear your mind

forgive your self

Have a regular declutter of what burdens your soul.

The clearer your mind is, the happier and more peace of mind you will have.

Learn to let go even when it means to forgive someone in your mind without waiting for their apology.

7. Practice mindfulness


The power of mindfulness can never be overemphasized, mindfulness makes us be actively present in the now and properly aware of our five senses. A positive way to keep the mind busy with the right things instead of gambling with what-ifs.

8. Don’t hide a thing to yourself

don't hide yourself

You are all you have got and the best you can give to your dear self is to be true to yourself. Self-love, self-discipline, and honesty to one’s self are the major components of peace of mind. 

9. Practice exercise and healthy nutrition

health is wealth

Stay healthy, health is wealth. It is pertinent to take care of yourself physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, the pursuit for material things has brought a bunch of negligence to self-care in so many people today. 

A lot of people tend to be so busy with work that they don’t have time for themselves. Honestly, the outcome of what you do today will have an impact on how you feel about yourself tomorrow and how people interact with you.

Spend quality time with your partner, family, friends, or have alone time to have a clear view of problems and their solutions.

Be kind to yourself, eat good food and exercise your body. While you’re trying to keep fit or improve yourself, don’t expect results real quick, certain things require time to come into full form and patience is perhaps a virtue.

10. Peace of mind meditation


Meditation is a viable tool to achieve inner calm and peace of mind.

Your general wellbeing can be improved through meditation and relaxation as it allows you to take care of your breath and calm the mind to focus accurately on things happening within and around you to decide for yourself and live the life of your dreams.

Final words:

Goals and ambitions are fine as long as you detach yourself from the outcome. Whatsoever the future brings, I embrace it.

Do not expect to achieve peace of mind through material things, taking and abusing pills isn’t also the right thing to do.

I hope this piece of self-improvement article helps you find the peace of mind you were looking for. Feel free to share your ideas and opinions with me through the comment box below.

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