10 Little Known Ways To Love Yourself When You Don’t Know How?

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If you don’t truly love yourself, loving others is a highly unlikely possibility.

When you don’t love yourself, self-neglect becomes inevitable. The highly possible things will turn out to be an uphill battle, finding happiness and living the life of your dream becomes unachievable, that’s to mention only but a few of what happens when you don’t love yourself.

However, no matter what good plans you’ve laid for yourself,  to have a life full of love and happiness, fate might still throw the opposite to you probably because life is full of uncertainties. 

When things go wrong and not as planned, it’s normal to feel bad aboutit, but when you begin to have signs you don’t love yourself anymore, a quick and smart thing to do is to seek the appropriate and reliable ways to love yourself again instead of apportioning blames and diving deep into the life of regrets.

Honestly, nothing can be compared with self-love for it is from then that you will be able to attain the level for peace of mind, be able to show gratitude, become the shining light in the dark, have empathy, and extend the love from within to others.

Now that you’ve discovered all you need to live a good life is to love yourself first, I will unveil a whole lot of secrets that will make you love yourself and be confident even when you don’t know how to or think there’s no reason to love and appreciate you in you.

Best tips that will teach you how to love yourself when you don’t know how?

People who have mastered self-love psychology know why self-love is important. They’re very positive kinds of people with ample self-confidence, people-pleasing irritates them, and they’re happy about their life.

1. Write it off on a piece of paper

write your unhappiness

As humans, it’s normal to be unhappy about certain situations around us but staying a minute longer in such a circle is something I wouldn’t advise anyone to do.

If there’s anything you’re unhappy about that’s making you worry a lot with each passing day, think if there’s something you can do about it, if there’s not then why worry?

Write out those things that hinder your acceptance of who you’re on a piece of paper and begin to devise means of resolving them or better still shred them into the trash can. As this might not appear to be a proven solution at the moment, your brain will learn as time goes on you no longer get pissed off about such things again.

2. Go get something done

do something new

One of the best ways to find self-love is to get something doing rather than staying all alone with your thoughts, worried and depressed.

If there’s ever a thing you feel more accomplished doing, this is the perfect time to pay more attention to it and appreciate yourself for your performances. Even if it’s not that incredible, it opens your heart and captures your mindset to believe you can do more and even better with time.

3. Write in details how you feel

write out your heart

Honestly, in the words of Socrates, “An unexamined life is not a life worth living”, take a close look at your life, pay good attention to your self-care and conduct an insightful evaluation. Write your findings down into details and in the next phase, work on them to have an improved and happy life that will roll you into enough self-love.

4. Live your life for no one

do not be pressured

Have you ever been pressured to fit in? Society is good at that and of course, you’re sometimes the reason because you allow yourself to be pressured while we think of living our lives because of what people will say.

If you always seek people’s validation of you, then get ready to spend your entire life searching for how to love yourself.

Have a strong belief in yourself and the things that you do, in your relationship with people, always be yourself, and avoid pleasing people. This is perhaps the best way to true self-love.

5. Make a happiness list and pay attention to them

make a happiness list

Prepare a comprehensive list of what makes you happy. It could be seeing a movie with friends, going to the gym, cooking something extraordinary in the kitchen, redecorating your room, or writing a book.

Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, having a list at hand will help you quickly figure out what to do whenever you begin to feel lonely, bored or feel like you don’t love yourself anymore.

6. Use positive words of affirmations

read out affirmation

Positive words of affirmations are very powerful enough to inspire you to realize the power that comes from within (self-worth), give your self-esteem a boost, and deal with negative thoughts that are detrimental to self-love and happiness.

When you affirm that you love yourself even in the most difficult moments in life, you’re making ways to launch yourself into a new reality of abundance through positive thinking. This will give you the inspiration you need to feel better and believe in yourself to achieve greatness in life.

7. Try something different

try something new

Are you tired of living your day-to-day life the same way for decades, work stress, family, and many other rising responsibilities can make life near or totally boring.

Hence you’re bored, achieving happiness that will lead to loving yourself can appear highly impossible but then, this is the right time to try something different.

Get out of the usual way this time around to give yourself a push, you can decide to take a new course entirely or try possible ways to improve your usual daily routine.

This might not come off easy at first but we all understand that good things require time to achieve and patience is perhaps a virtue.

8. Spend some time standing before the mirror

mirror your looks

Standing before the mirror and talking to your inner self in a calm tune will make you realize the potentials you have. Say something positive about yourself, take a few more times looking closely at your image in the mirror. You would see something you have to be happy and grateful for and that’s a quick and easy way to love yourself again and get rid of the negative thoughts in your mind. 

9. Eat healthily and drink enough water

eat healthy foods

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food. 

It’s important to pay attention to the kind of food you eat as it concerns both your growth and general health.

No matter the body shape you intend to achieve, stay away from a weight loss diet or meal plan that is likely to cause damage to your body system and skin.

Instead of dipping more into processed foods, make out time for yourself to always prepare some healthy meals right in your kitchen.

Eat when appropriate, you don’t have to wait until you feel extremely hungry. It is also pertinent not to take the importance of water in the body system for granted, know the amount of water a man or woman should drink daily, and then practice it.

10. Have enough night sleep

sleep well

Not loving yourself can decrease your night sleep time, because you might stay way up at night thinking about how miserable your life is at the moment. But then, how can you get a full night’s sleep without waking up?

We all need at least 7-8 hours of sleep. You wouldn’t want to know what happens to your body when you don’t get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep is a reliable way to achieve self-love instead of staying awake at night worrying about a thousand things and asking yourself questions you don’t have answers to.

When you sleep, your body system will have ample time to relax and make you feel great when you wake in the morning.

This might not be as easy as it sounds, but not staying too long on the phone, watching movies for long hours, or playing games, can help you fall asleep with ease.

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