It’s already a few days to that big event and suddenly the beautiful dress or suit doesn’t fit anymore, prom is on its way in 10 days and you don’t feel yourself any longer?

When all that can make you feel whole again is to lose that excess weight simply by following the 10 simple steps outlined in this weight loss article and backed by science.

Regardless of how many pounds/kg you want to lose in a week or two, these 10 simple steps will definitely help your extreme weight loss goals and yes, it’s guaranteed and tested. I myself have had times where I needed to gain a little and also lose a lot and these steps have gone long way for me, surely it will for you if only you can read till the end and practice them appropriately.

10 best weight loss tips to follow for incredible results

1. Chew your food slowly and appropriately

One of the most efficient and fact proven ways of losing weight without dieting or exercise is by making sure that whatever you consume is properly chewed.

Additionally, eat slowly so that your mind will be convinced that you’ve eaten enough. This method makes you eat less thereby reducing the amount of food in your system without making you feel hungry. When doing this you will feel like you’ve been eating for a long time and you should be done by now, you will not want more. It will give you more satisfaction especially when you end it with a glass of water.

2. Avoid fatty and processed food

It’s no secret that fatty foods and processed food increase one’s weight tremendously even if you are exercising. It could still seem like you’re not doing it properly or it’s not working out for you, simply because of the amount of junk you feed yourself with. The best way to avoid all these is to stare clear unhealthy foods but if you can’t, it’s best to reduce the amount and the times you consume them.

Examples of fatty foods and processed foods that increase one’s weight rapidly are foods like; burgers, pizza, shawarmas, cake, and others that are high in cholesterol. Processed snacks and drink’s like; Coca-Cola, Bounty, candy sugar-filled biscuits, and cookies could rapidly increase a person’s weight or size. Except that it could lead to several illnesses like diabetes, cancer, obesity, and other life-threatening illnesses, it could affect your metabolism making it hard for you to excrete or the food may not digest properly which could make you quite uncomfortable especially if they are eaten in large quantity.

3. Avoid overfeeding

It actually doesn’t matter if the food is healthy or not, excessive eating is harmful and could lead to bad weight gain, the only difference is that unhealthy foods work faster.  

The portion of food one consumes, is really important and keen to determine his or her weight or size, gauging the amount of food you eat regularly will enable you to know how much calories. Agreeing with your body and mind that you shall only consume what’s in the bowl of your choice help’s a lot.

4. Go for protein rich foods

Protein foods are generally filling foods, this may be because protein acts on most hormones that send signals to tell us when we hungry or full, it also gives a satisfying feeling which discourages you from wanting more. I would advise that a lot of protein should be consumed because it doesn’t only speed up weight loss; the process can be carried out without making one feel hungry.

Recent research has shown that increasing your protein intake from 15% to 30% of calories a day helps you eat 441 fewer calories per day and lose 11 pounds over 12 weeks. It’s a known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I would advise that protein-rich foods are eating as breakfast to bring forth that full feeling before the next meal.

5. Drink enough water

Importantly, water can aid one to eat less, and it could give a satisfying and full feeling for about an hour before your next meal.

If you drink water before and after feeding, it will help reduce the amount of food you consume.

6. Mind your activities

The newest season of Bridgeton is out and all you want to do is buy the largest popcorn with the biggest bottle of Coca-cola sit down and drown yourself in the series, well don’t for all you’ll be doing is pumping unneeded calories into your body.

Most times people tend to binge or consume more food when playing or and watching movies. If you are really interested in shedding some weight, I will suggest you desist from this act.

To elaborate more on healthy foods and snacks, there so many healthy foods and snacks most foods grown or cultivated are high in nutrients and play different roles in the body, some of these foods include; eggs, lean beef, almonds, chia seeds, coconuts asparagus, bell peppers, and so many others. Are really healthy foods though it depends on how they are cooked, overcooking most of these foods isn’t really healthy because the heat could kill most of its nutrients thereby defeating your effort.

There are a lot of healthy foods that one could engage in, you could even find ways to spice your vegetables up if you’re one that isn’t a fan of it. some of these foods and vegetables with special preparations are;

  • A. Oats, oats are foods rich in fiber, they aid in digestion and also help in satisfying hunger thereby making you feel satisfied for a longer period. Oats are really good for breakfast because they could keep you satisfied till the next meal.
  • B. Spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and so many other vegetables both root vegetables go a long way in keeping you fit and very healthy, the aid in giving blood and energy. You can decide to spice these vegetables by cooking them or letting them simmer on fire for a very short period of time with spices like ginger, garlic, soy sauce [not too much] and so many other healthy and natural spices. This will help to give it taste and make it more bearable.
  • C. Lean meat and chicken breast are really good when watching your weight, though make sure not to overcook the meat or chicken and not to fry with a lot of oil or butter, if this is done the purpose is defeated and it becomes an unhealthy meal. You could eat the above with salad or any vegetable of your choice and if you want to make it a big meal brown rice could be added too.
  • D. I cannot emphasize the importance of eggs enough, eggs are really healthy and satisfying however you might feel that just eating the egg wouldn’t cut it for you or make you feel like you’re eating something well, you could make an egg salad and accompany it with brown rice or you could add shrimps [ it must be properly washed and cooked] to spice things up.
  • E. Potatoes are also healthy and very important in your weight loss journey they are also really good for diabetic people. you could consume your potatoes with your normal tomato source or stew or you spice it up by making baked potatoes stuff with healthy cheese natural spices or any other food you feel that can complement it.

7. Change what you drink

If you are one who likes to drink a lot, I suggest you pay more attention to fruit smoothies and fruit drinks no added sugar because these fruits contain their natural sugar which is really healthy, you could also blend the vegetables and drink, these are so much better than feeling your belle with carbonated drinks and excessive sugar. Do not over drink it because then you’re abusing it and it won’t aid in helping you lose weight but it will aid in helping gain weight.

8. What’s in the fridge?

The condiments of your fridge really matter during your weight loss journey. If your fridge and freezer are only stocked with unhealthy and fattening foods you are bound to gain massive weight. It is advisable to stock up with healthy foods and develop a habit of eating them.

9. Go low on sugar

Sugar does a great job at Fattening you and me, its best to desist from carbonated drinks, sugar-filled drinks if you really want to lose weight and keep your health in check for the sugar not only increases your weight but also your chances of coming down with diabetes. Some of these added sugar could be in biscuits, wafers, and so on, though it could be under different names. It’s best to desist from them though if you can’t be sure to eat them irregularly and in small portions.

Knowing the number of calories your consuming is really important. It enables you to know how many calories you’ve taken and the steps you would need in actively burning it.

10. Exercise your body

Exercise is very important when you need to lose weight and also for general health, engage in exercises like weight lifting cardio and so many others.

You shouldn’t only exercise in the gym you could also find ways to engage in exercise around you, maybe walk to work or to the grocery stall it would really help.