To some people, life is a bitch and one of the ways to make life worth living is to have a list of the most insane things to do before you die. While some people would try these crazy things only if they know they would die today lol. Despite life being a beautiful gift, it is difficult to define and can mean for you, what you take it to be.

However, the fear of death can deprive us of living the life we have always wanted to live and procrastination is a slow killer everyone should work hard to get rid of to be able to fulfil their dreams. Instead of leaving what you have to do today for tomorrow, you better get it done now, while you are still live as no one knows when he or she will die. Here are some crazy bucket list ideas you might want to try to feel accomplished.

1. Adventure travel top gun style.

2. Attend bullfight in Spain.

3. Blindfolded Sightseeing.

4. Bungee jumping.

5. Cage diving with great white sharks.

6. Chill Ice Hotel villages.

7. Comfortable extreme sport

8. Danger Tourism.

9. Deadly sports.

10. Ditching Gondolas for DIY travel.

11. Dive in the most beautiful parts of the ocean.

12. Dog sledging in Canada.

13. Drive a Lamborghini.

14. Extreme adrenaline rushes.

15. Try city sports.

16.  Eastern European sports.

17. High Diving.

18. Hurricane street tubing.

19. Extreme Ironing.

20. Kayak shark fishing.

21. Moonlit activities.

22. Motorcycling for two.

23. Do Sports Fusion.

24. Play with water toys.

25. Wheelchair tricks.

26. Fly a plane.

27. Germany by Go-Kart.

28. Go quad biking in Dubai.

29. Heli-Yoga.

30. Hot air ballooning.

31.  Insanely dangerous extreme sports.

32. Italy by Ferrari.

33. Jet Kayaking.

34. Jet Pack flights.

35. Jump off a cliff into the ocean.

36. Learn to surf.

37. Marathon run.

38. Horribly Dangerous Stunts.

39. Try parachuting.

40. Go Poseidon underwater hotel.

41.  Car rallies.

42. Ride a camel in the desert.

43. Riot tourism.

44. Roller coaster ride.

45. Safari tour through Africa.

46. Shark Surfing.

47. Sketchy Slum tours.

48. Snowboarding.

49. Be a soldier for a day.

50. Stand on the summit of Mount Everest.

51. Suspended capsule biking.

52. Swim with dolphins in the sea.

53. Third world tourism.

54. Top secret tourism.

55. Underwater golf tournaments.

56. Underwater ice hockey world championship.

57. Unique Berlin travel.

58. Venice by Kayak.

59. Volcanic crater tours.

60. Volcano Boarding.

61. Voluntourism.

62. Wakeboarding.

63. White-water rafting.

64. Wingsuit, cave flight.

65. World’s spookiest spots.

66. Yak Skiing.

67. Zero gravity travel under $4,000.

68. Zorbing.

In your own opinion, what do you think I should add or remove from this crazy bucket list?