12 Qualities Of A Good Woman To Marry

qualities of a good woman to marry

A rare spoil for a man is the winning of a good wife.

A lot of men have asked questions on how to know the qualities of a good wife material since there are a lot of hokey displays by ladies of the modern generation which leave most men with the stress of finding out what could be the signs of a good woman to marry?

There’s absolutely no need living in fear of ending up with the wrong partner in future when you can totally avert the instance. Everything you need to know if she’s the one to marry is properly contained on this post.

Research has over the years proven that love and honesty are the things that make a good wife and mother. The way a lady act, carry herself and react towards others, says a lot about what she can do in both a relationship and eventually marriage.

Haven dated her for some time and making decisions to move on to the next level with her is cute, but deciding to look through the needle’s eye and find out if she’s the one to spend your entire life with, is more perfect and totally awesome. All it takes is to be well prepared to digest the possible outcome the best way you can.

We interviewed a lot of guys and discovered how a good sex mate, the perfect girl for a relationship and having the right girl for a satisfying marriage is often interchanged.

Having a good sex mate that gives you all the romance and relaxation you need in a relationship is cool, but the question is based on finding out if she has all it takes to keep the relationship flowing, even to the marriage stage.

How do I know if a woman is ready for marriage, is she the right one for me, and what are the traits of a good woman to marry? Don’t be scared, we’ve got the answers you need all set out to clear your doubts. All it takes is to trust your guts and do the needful.

Let’s dive in…

12 best signs of a good woman to marry

1. She’s a wonderful cook

Well said, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Almost every lady can cook; stand in the kitchen and set up a line of ingredients to prepare any meal. But a good wife material would go out of the way to prepare a meal that’s worth the appreciation and time as well. She’s always particularly interested in exploring procedures for preparing any meal in a different way better than the rest.

If she is at a point indisposed to make those catchy meals, you can resort to eating out together. In other words, a woman who can go out of the way to make a meal the way you’d absolutely love it is a good wife material indeed.

2. She’s God-fearing :

Above all the other virtues, being God-fearing is one of the greatest a woman who stands out to keep the welfare of her partner and those around her committed in prayers is definitely the right partner for any man. This does not denote that she should be entirely or overly religion – obsessed; she definitely would be a bit exposed and aware of certain happenings in her environment. But she ought to always put God first in all her dealings. This kind of lady is spiritually and mentally prepared to protect her family at all cost.

3. She’s resourceful

A good wife material should be able to put available resource at hand to ingenious use. She avoids frugality as much as possible and spends wisely. Fact is, everyone likes looking all good and buying things they desire, and so does a good wife material. She’s exceptional when she knows what she wants, but would rather invest in something utmostly needed. She doesn’t live a life of excess luxury, she’s humane towards the hard work of her partner.

Sometimes she may surprise you by rendering account and bringing back balance after shopping. When this happens on many occasions, then she could be just the one for you.

4. She’s submissive

Honestly, a good wife material should be able to master the act of respect; she displays benevolent altruism. Being a submissive lady, she’s not to be subjected to slavery rather she’s to accord you the respect that you deserve. She doesn’t make an ultimatum. She admits to her mistakes and apologizes for it.

Whether you both are united in marriage or not, she doesn’t just worse the situation when you go all ballistic on her or makes inflammatory statements to back up her opinions. She has an open space for aired opinions and makes adjustments where necessary. If she’s all thick-headed and finds it difficult to apologise for her mistakes, then it’s a red flag and a clear sign to back out.

5. Appropriate homemaker

Don’t be dilatory while critically trying to figure out if she’ll be a good homemaker in the future. For most men, being a good homemaker entails a lot; to set up the dishes in time, take care of the kids and as well the man of the house, and ensure everywhere is in shape.

However, the above does not tell the full picture, there are little actions she displays while with you that tells how good of a home creator she could be. If she cleans the house when she comes visiting and the house is in shambles, reminds you of stocks you’re running low on, washes your clothes occasionally as would a good wife, takes note of the changes in the atmosphere when you return home in a terrible mood, and tries applying her tacts in maintaining peace and calming you as much as she can.

If she happens to be around, she wouldn’t allow you to leave the house hungry no matter how urgent. She’d rather persuade you to settle for one or two sips of coffee before rushing out.

6. She’s honest and makes good decisions

A high-quality woman worth marrying is always honest in all her dealings. Her words match her every action. Honesty not only makes a good wife, but it also sparks up a long-lasting relationship as well. Here she gives you every reason to let go of your fears and trust her. This would go a long way in tackling certain marital issues.

When it comes to decision making, she’s always the best. She doesn’t just loud the first thoughts that come to her head, she patiently searches for the best things that could suit the situation. Don’t be awestruck to discover that those things would turn out to be the best steps you could ever take towards your many challenges.

7. She makes you a better person

She produces a better version of you, channelled towards making you a better man. She’s indeed a good teacher. This kind of lady sticks with you, directing you on the right path to take. Within you, you just want to feel great around her, perhaps anything close to being perfect. You probably may not be doing this to suit her taste, instead, you simply can’t resist her charms, and you feel she’s really worth the change.

8. Dresses Decent

Your dress system, no doubts, speak a lot about you. Dressing in a way that propels men to visualize you sexually or erotically is a complete turnoff, and it’s definitely not an attribute of a good wife material. A good wife material, irrespective of how classy, dashing or smart her dressing may appear, there would still be an atom of decency applied. Dressing sexy is not entirely a bad idea, it should just not be applicable on all occasions.

9. She’s smart

A good woman can shield you from dementia in future. She should be smarter than you. This way, decisions, expenditures and mature actions would be well attended to.

10. She’s ambitious

This is by far one of the greatest signs of a good woman to marry. She should have fortitude in character and carry herself with confidence. She has ambitions and thoughts of her own towards future productivity. She desires to distinguish herself from other people. She only expects your little support, and entirely settles for nothing less than perfection and moves with much determination to achieve whatever it is she’s set her mind towards achieving.

11. She’s calm and collected

A good wife material is practically reserved. She wouldn’t make ultimatums or rush you into making decisions you’d end up regretting, more from the freight of losing her to another. This could come up through constant nagging from her.

Displays wisdom and maturity in all she does. Speaks reasonably too. When she gets you upset or probably misunderstood by you, she doesn’t just raise her voice to prove her points or stand her ground. She keeps mute, and keeps tendering apologies and then prove her points in better ways after you must have been calm.

She doesn’t just lose her cool that easily and she makes sure problems are tackled patiently. She accords you the respect that you deserve but wouldn’t hesitate to voice out her discomfort when you lose consciousness of your boundary.

This kind of lady goes with the notion of being your primary objective but not your slave.

12. She’s productive

Most men dislike the idea of ladies being nonchalant and dependent. Yes, if your partner always depends on you for everything, it’s a sign of instability on her path.

One who’s on the path of becoming a high-quality woman should leave her comfort zone to also put something on the table to support her partner.

How would you know if she’d do that in future? The answer is NOW! How about the little things that she does now. A good wife can foot the bills in a few dates or stock up the house with groceries purchased from her little earnings. She’s eager to stand out and support her partner mentally, emotionally and financially.


If a woman has these twelve qualities, never let her go. She’s the right one for you, someone you can happily and peacefully spend your entire life with.

However, it is pertinent to note that a woman who’s a good wife material might not have all the attributes of a good woman to marry as enlisted here on this post but it won’t be far from all you have been educated on here.

More importantly, it is wise for you as a man who’s searching for a good woman to marry to understand that we all are humans and mistakes are inevitable. Understand that and people can learn from their partner to improve the relationship and this might take some time work on. Until you learn this, you will find it difficult to figure out the best woman to marry.

I will be glad to learn your thoughts on this topic you just read “Qualities Of A Good Woman To Marry” through the comment box below.

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