Sweet Things to Say to Your Ex-Boyfriend to Get Him Back

Sweet Things to Say to Your Ex-Boyfriend to Get Him Back

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If you have gone through a breakup recently or at one point in your life, and you are looking for sweet things to say to your ex-boyfriend to get him back, This article is the perfect idea for you.

Break up isn’t easy, what makes it a little more complex is when you take time off to ruminate on the cause of the breakup, only for you to discover that you were the one who messed up most of the time by not giving your best to the relationship.

Now, Reconciliation becomes the last resort to win your ex back.

How do you go about this? Would saying sweet things to your ex save the situation you are in?

Let’s find out

First off, I will want you to know that you can’t eat your cake and have it in this case.

Depending on how your ex-boyfriend handled the breakup, he might never give you a second chance to explain or clear the air.

So, your journey of reconciliation is undoubtedly not going to be an easy one.

However, if you are going to make headway, trying is the only option you’ve got. You also don’t want to push too hard so as not to be communicated as being desperate.

What then are the effective ways to tell an ex you still love and want them?

Before we dive deep, I will love to say that, sliding into your ex’s DM to say sweet things just because you want them or still love them isn’t the best approach especially if you still want a long-term relationship with them.

Chances are when you both broke up, there was a cross-line both parties placed which includes no calling, texting, or messaging until both parties have moved on.

Bumping into their DM after this limit has been placed is more disrespectful, it shows you don’t respect boundaries. The fact is this action might earn you some blocking from their contact list as well as their social media handles and I bet you don’t want that from them.

Irrespective of how bad it is you want to talk to your ex-boyfriend, doing it the right way is how you will get the result.

To get started with conversing with your ex, you need to

1.      Know the right time

Racing off to tell him how much you want him back a few months after the breakup is a total turn off and where it becomes a big issue is when you do that on repeat. Circumspectly, what you will get is a big disappointment because he might not want to hear you out.

 Try as much as possible to understand the situation of things around him, even if you can’t get to him, you probably should have one or two of his friends on your contact list, by this, you will be able to access him.

Be sure that the time you have chosen is the best time to make your intentions known.

2.  Don’t flirt with him

 In a bid to get your ex back, romantic gestures or flirting is not considered the best approach. Be neutral in passing your message across.

Things you shouldn’t do to get an ex back

1.      Do not beg

Now, don’t get me wrong. What I mean by begging is you going on your knees stating how miserable your life has been since he left, or weeping, just so he can take you back. This action presents you as being desperate.

2.      Be precise

It is important that while revealing your intentions, they should be kept short and straight to the point. You don’t want to go overboard with your explanations.

3.      Keep your expectations low

Your ex is hurt and the decision on whether to take you back or not is theirs, so don’t keep your hopes high. Leveling up your hopes with respect to their response might result in disappointment.

Should I make my intentions known via text messages, calls, or chat?

One trick to getting a reply from your ex is to communicate your intentions via text.

Calling might be a bad idea, simply because they have your line and a call from you might be the last thing they want to see.

Also, you tend to feel less tensed thus enhancing the way you communicate your intentions.

Now, that we have seen how you should present things to your ex-boyfriend, it’s time to look at some of the sweet things to say to your ex-boyfriend to get him back.

Let’s roll.

Sweet things to say to your ex-boyfriend to get him back

So, at this juncture, I want to assume that you have been able to decipher the reasons why you want your ex-boyfriend back.

Hopefully, it’s not because you are lonely, but because you love him and you wouldn’t want to trade that love for anything else.

Now, let’s check out some of the sweet things to say to an ex to get him back

1.      You are in my thought all-day

This saying allows you to explain the love you still have for him, and how you can’t stop thinking of him now and then.

2.      I can’t live without you

 When you tell someone you can’t live without them, it does not necessarily mean that You became lifeless the moment they left your life.

Now, What this statement means is that these individuals had so much impact on your life and you can scarcely let them go. This kind of statement massages the ego of whosoever it is being said to or referred to,

So, telling your ex-boyfriend you cannot live without him not only makes him feel special but also gives him the understanding that he is someone you hold in high esteem.

Everyone feels great when the quota they have contributed towards the success of a thing is appreciated. Your ex-boyfriend is human. He will respond.

3.      I am sorry for putting you through so much hurt

Another of the sweet things to say to an ex-boyfriend to get him back is to apologize sincerely for your wrong whether or not you are at fault.

What wrecks the reconciliation approach is when the obvious is neglected.

For example, You were the one always doing stuff that would foster conflict in your relationship, Now, that you both have broken up and your feelings for him still lingers, the best approach to getting his attention is to simply apologize.

This simple act will save you a whole lot of time and it presents you as a selfless person who seeks peace irrespective of whether you are at fault or not.

4.      No one cheers me up the way you do

 With this statement, you are letting him know that no one has played the role of cheering you up as well as he ever did. I feel this will boost his morale. It is such a sweet word to say to anyone.

5.      Fighting for us would have been the best option, giving up wasn’t right

Now, this statement shows that you felt bad about how things went and that you are willing to adjust

6.      How are you doing?

Asking about his well-being is a good way to get started. It shows that you are more interested in him than what you will get from him.

Do this from time to time, and you would be surprised at the result this will yield

7.      Tell him you miss him

 Truth is, we all want to be told that we are missed. When someone you love so much leaves your circle, the tendency of missing them is high.

Going further to telling them how much you miss them gives you the attention that you need.

You shouldn’t be surprised if the text you get the next morning is from your ex-boyfriend.

8.        I will give you as much space as you want

 Men sometimes want to be alone to think about the best approach to their businesses, and how to make life better for you, however, most times, women tend to see that as carting away.

As ladies, We just don’t understand why our man will choose to be alone and not share his burdens with us.

Whereas, it is how things will get better for you that he is ruminating on. Apart from that, too much interference can lead to conflict. A better way to solve this is to put a balance of respecting one another’s space.

Also, a way to get your ex back, especially if this was an issue in your relationship is to ensure your ex-boyfriend that you are willing to give him the space he needs.

9.      You are the most hardworking and intelligent man I know

Compliment are magical, it helps kick start a conversation.

Irrespective of how angry a person might be at you, a simple compliment on their outfit, physique, or strength will do.

Try complimenting your ex today, who knows, your sweet words can get him back.

10.  I take responsibility for my shortcoming.

Another sweet thing to say to your ex-boyfriend to get him back is to take responsibility for your shortcoming.

Chances are that you were the major cause of the breakup. Making this statement is telling your ex-boyfriend that he was right with the way he treated you, and if there is an adjustment to be made in the relationship if you happen to get back together, it is going to be from your end.

11.  Memories of us together still linger in my mind

This is letting your ex know that you haven’t taken your mind off the amazing things you both had together. Reminiscing on the amazing things you did together can rekindle the love you both had for each other

12.  I have taken deliberate steps and have made a lot of changes in my life

Was the break-up about a habit that your ex-boyfriend had cautioned you repeatedly about? Probably, he felt that the best way you can deal with that habit is to take time off the relationship to focus more on yourself.

Inarguably, You can say this to your boyfriend if you know that you have put the necessary measures in place to help curb the habit.

13.  You are irreplaceable

Looking for sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to get him back, this is an example.

Typically, this statement means that out of the billions of men in the world, your exboyfriend cant be replaced by any of them, because there is only one of his kind in the world.

How sweet is that?

14.  Can we start all over?

Probably, in your previous relationship with your ex boyfriend, you weren’t giving him the necessary attention he needed. You weren’t there for him when he needed you.

Having realized that,the best approach is to tell him you realized your mistake and you are willing to start all over with him.

15.  You possess the standard of the kind of man I will want to spend the rest of my life with

This makes your ex boyfriend feel wanted by you. He knows you hold him in high esteem and he is more of a mentor to you.s

Your ex-boyfriend would be excited seeing this.

 How to move on if your ex already moved on and has stopped loving you?

Like I said earlier, not everyone gives a second chance after they have been hurt by the ones they truly love.

Sadly, your ex might be in this category and he isn’t willing to bend his rules especially if the reason for your breakup was because you cheated or you were disrespectful all the time.

So, how do you move past this? How do you move on when your ex-boyfriend stops loving you and has moved on

1.      Focus on yourself

Often, people tend to jump straight into a new relationship almost immediately after a break up as solace for their hurt, but this isn’t appropriate especially if you haven’t taken time off to understand the role you played that resulted in the ending of your relationship.

Most importantly, loneliness shouldn’t be your drive towards the start of a  new relationship.

Take time off partying, and socializing. Focus on yourself, make the necessary adjustment, and become a better person.

2.      Give yourself a treat

Do you enjoy writing, reading, travelling, shopping, or sitting by the river bank? If you haven’t had this in a while, I think the best time is now.

This will distract you and help get you past the hurt of breakup.

3.      Read books

This is against popular opinion, but I think for you to become better, reading is one of your go to tools for that.

Read books on self improvement, finance, and relationships. They are really going to be helpful.

Finally, I have left you with 15 sweet things to say to your ex boyfriend to get him back.

Be sure to know that the entire process won’t be easy, also, taking the process slowly is one effective way to get positive result.

Nonetheless, rejection from your ex isn’t the end of the world. Things can only get better.

I wish you good luck


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