My Boyfriend is Obsessed With His Phone, What Should I do?

My Boyfriend is Obsessed With His Phone

If your boyfriend is obsessed with his phone, then there is a high chance that he is not obsessed with you. Usually, your boyfriend should be obsessed with you and not his phone. So if you find your self in this situation, then you need to read this article. Before then, we will like to introduce you to a program known as “His secrete obsession” this program have been found to be very effective for women looking to make their boyfriend obsessed over them. If you are interested in taking your relationship to a greater height and ensuring your boyfriend becomes obsessed with you, click on the link below to learn more about this program

Nowadays, it seems hard for folks to keep their phones down even in the middle of an important meeting, some find it difficult to drop their phones.

Why is it so?

Well, you can agree with me that our phones are way too entertaining this time due to the internet and social media.

Lots of people misuse their phones to the point of getting addicted to them.

If you find someone you love in this case, then you have a lot to worry about.

Because you will always feel like a stranger when around them or you become a third party in their lives.

Is your boyfriend’s phone taking your place in his heart?

It seems, he pays little or no attention to you at the moment?

Imagine when you hang out with your guy and all he does is press his phone all the time, when you say something to him, he always comes up with “what did you say now, please can you repeat”

It seems he pays little or no attention to you at all because he focuses more on his cell phone.

It’s common to start feeling bored with this new attitude and if you don’t take measures to protect your relationship, this your boyfriend’s phone addiction can ruin your relationship. 

Can a cell phone ruin your relationship?

Of course, cell phones can be a huge distraction from paying full attention to your loved ones.

It has a way of destroying our relationships because it will not be easy but tough to tell them to put the tech down and concentrate when you’re spending time together.

For example, when we give more attention to our phone than someone who needs our listening ear at the moment, it could mean that we’re taking them for granted and this could lead to jealousy which destroys a relationship faster than anything.

So, you see, cell phones can slowly disconnect the spark of love, you and your lover have for each other if nothing is done about it.

However, if you’re in this kind of situation right now, don’t stress, there’s a way out to make your boyfriend starts noticing you again.

In fact, after reading this post, you will be able to snatch your guy’s heart back to yourself without undivided attention from his phone.

Let’s get started, check the list of these tips to learn more.

14 unique tips to get your boyfriend’s attention more than he gives to his phone.

1. Tell him how you feel.
2. Act to get his attention back.
3. Love yourself more.
4. Don’t take it too personally.
5. Pay him with the same coins.
6. Learn to ignore him for good.
7. Look more beautiful than ever.
8. Call his attention back to the attitude.
9. Suggest for easy rules to help him.
10. Tease him about his manner.
11. Stare at him eyeballs to eyeballs.
12. Be tolerant of him.
13. Don’t let him notice you’re desperate.
14. Meet or visit a romance therapist.

1. Tell him how you feel.

If you feel uncomfortable with the new behavior of your boyfriend, the first thing you should do is to draw his attention to the matter.

Be bold and honest enough to let him know how bad you feel to see him give more attention to his cell phone than he does to you and the relationship.

Then listen, to his reasons, if he does truly value the relationship with you and loves you as he claims, he will probably look for a way to cut down the attention he gives to his phone.

2. Act to get his attention back.

You can use text messages or calls to draw your dude’s attention all to yourself.

It may not be easy to start initially, but calling him to say hi often, sending him love messages, and if possible, inviting him out for a date, have him sit out face to face with you, then discuss how much you have missed him since he started giving all his attention to his phone, let him know exactly how being obsessed with his phone gives you discomfort, believe me, doing all these will give him the impression that you’re working hard to keep the relationship with him alive.

3. Love yourself more.

Of course, this is the time to look more good than before.

Is not the time to start criticizing yourself and act as if it’s your fault that leads to your boyfriend’s divided attention. 

If you often think your boyfriend’s excessive attention to his phone has to do with you being boring or something like that, then you have to get that thought out of your mind.

Understand that, it’s not your fault and if you find out there’s something that leads to him being obsessed with his phone, hence sort it out, love and care for yourself.

Don’t let the thoughts get over you or make you hate yourself.

4. Don’t take it personally.

Your boyfriend’s phone addiction can do real damage to your life if you let it.

Keeping and taking it too seriously can slowly kill the remaining joy in you.

If your man is always on his phone now and then and spends much more with his phone than he should spend on you, you have every right to worry about it but never take it too personally to avoid getting hurt each day or completely allowing it to ruin your life.

5. Pay him with the same coins.

If you had followed the above tips to make your boyfriend sees how you feel, and it seems he’s not doing anything that looks like he will change soon. 

Then, I think the next thing you should do, is to let him feel how it felt to be neglected by someone.

It doesn’t mean that you should fight him over it or force him to drop his phone, you just have to pay him with his coins by making yourself unavailable as soon as possible, don’t rush to reply or pick up his calls, and even when he fixes the date, call late to cancel, by so doing, if he truly cares about your relationship with him, he’ll be face to notice your absence and have your time.

6. Learn to ignore him for good.

If you have made every effort to make your boyfriend drop his phone and concentrate more on you and it seems not working.

You are right and no one should blame you if you consider ignoring him for your good, tell him you need to leave since he doesn’t have your time, and watch him running back to you if he has you in his heart the same way you do to him.

7. Look more beautiful than ever.

Every girl has her inner beauty, likewise you, though not everyone can show it to the man she cares for and likes to be around.

If you want to get a guy’s unending attention then you’ll have to make the man see both your physical and inner beauty.

A way to show your inner beauty is by being kind and gentle to him and having positive thoughts.

Pay close attention to what your boyfriend is attracted to the most.

Your boyfriend may have certain things that attract him most, like the kind of dress or make-up he admires when you wear them.

Maybe your boyfriend loves lingerie, or maybe he loves you to look your sexiest.

When you find out the kind of things that draws his attention, all you need to do is try to look good always in the attire he adores.

Wear makeup and dress to seduce them whenever you are hanging out with him, this can help make him connect with you more than his phone.

8. Call his attention back to the attitude.

If your boyfriend’s attitude is not positively improving, you have to keep him updated about it always because some of these phone-addicted people don’t even know what they do.

So don’t keep quiet unless you don’t want the relationship anymore, but if you still care for him, you have to help him out by drawing his attention to you anytime he picked up his phone to press while you’re with him.

Also, bringing the issue up often will make it easier for him to notice what is happening to the relationship.

9. Suggest for easy rules to help him.

When you notice that your boyfriend is obsessed with his phone, just play it smart with him.

It’s hard to handle them or make them put the tech down but there’s a smart strategy you can follow to help him out.

The smart strategy is known as “a leave-your-phone-at-date”.

This is just a way to make him keep down his phone and concentrate on you when you both are together.

And by doing this more often, he will reconnect with you in his heart instead of on the phone.

10. Tease him about his manner.

Most people know they have a slight problem with phone addiction, so you may just need to joke about it to remind him he’s falling out of line with you.

You can try asking if he’s enjoying the date with his phone, or threaten to leave him if he does not pay attention to you, probably he’ll come back to his right senses and put away the offending hardware.

11. Stare at him eyeballs to eyeballs.

Another great way to draw someone’s attention is to lock your eyes with theirs because eye contact is a great nonverbal way to show your commitment to someone.

Keep your boyfriend’s attention fixed on you without letting him have the chance to grab his phone by gazing into his eyes. If he returns your feelings, then that should show you’re getting his interest back to yourself.

12. Be tolerant of him.

If your guy is always on his phone, and you want him to give you more attention, maybe he has been addicted to his phone due to loneliness even before he got to know you.

Then, you have to consider his condition and help him fight over this addiction by being tolerant and supportive, who knows, this kind attitude of yours might help towards making him have your thoughts more than anything else.

13. Don’t let him notice you’re desperate.

Given that you’re in a difficult situation right now and can be prone to start feeling a little desperate about your boyfriend getting back to you fast, you’ve probably been relating with him in ways that have only made things worse by steadily showing up.

You need to stop that now.

Answering back to his messages fast or calling more often may send a wrong signal to your boyfriend that you appear too desperate, of course, this can as well make him start feeling too valuable or superior.

However, you need to start speaking less.

Instead, let him wonder what you are doing, for the reason that guys place a higher value on what they have to work hard to get, and so if you make him miss you, he will always try to contact you or want to have a date with you.

14. Meet or pay a visit to a relationship therapist.

It’s not easy to confront a phone-obsessed person or force them to stop being with their phones.

By the time you have tried all the other means to curtail his actions and they all prove or seem tough to handle.

Nonetheless, you should consider meeting with an expert who could determine the best other ways to deal with the attitude, just make out time to visit the expert with your boyfriend and discuss one-on-one on the right track to follow next.

In conclusion.

It’s not going to be easy for your boyfriend to get his attention back to you after being obsessed with his phone.

However, when you’ve given heed to all the tips on how to get your boyfriend’s attention back, he finally drops his phone and comes back to you. 

Keep in mind that it’s going to take some time and effort to renew the love and connection between the two of you back, so don’t give up your hope too soon.


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