10 Things Men Do Only For Women They Love

things men do for only the women they love

How many moments have you wondered if he loves you or not? Those restless evenings when your heart was flying and you couldn’t decide if he loved you or just liked you. The basic answer to your question is that if a man loves you, he would go to great lengths to make you happy. 

However, as you’ll see, it’s not that straightforward. Men and women are not the same. When a man truly loves his girlfriend/wife, he expresses his feelings in a variety of ways.

Men can be weird individuals. Even if your guy loves you, he’ll find it difficult to tell it to your face. This is due to men’s fear of expressing their feelings aloud, albeit this isn’t unique to men.

Those emotionally developed men understand that the traditional norm of not expressing feelings is no longer valid. The emotional disparities between a woman and a man appear to have lessened as people have progressed.

Nonetheless, if your boyfriend is a staunchly masculine man who refuses to express emotion, have no fear; if he loves you, he will demonstrate it via his actions.

This essay isn’t just for girls who are in a relationship.

It can also be beneficial to individuals who are currently dating or are torn between dating and being in a relationship with a man. However, it is possible for a man to merely like you but isn’t crazy about you.

Guys can disguise their feelings and are rather skilled at it. but there are subtle signals that indicate whether he loves you or not. Although those subtle indications are obvious, you may be the one who fails to notice them.

Maybe you have these great ideals of love that have been placed in your imagination. areOn the contrary, you may have been burnt too many times in the past and have built up barriers to perceiving reality. You must also ask yourself some questions before determining whether or not he loves you.

Does the guy increase your life quality?

Consider the contributions he’s made since he’s been a part of your life. Be warned that many males out there are skilled and intelligent users who know exactly what they’re doing. you believe you offer more to the relationship than your partner, you should be cautious.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself since a relationship in which you are the sole provider will eventually wear you down.

He must also provide something to the table, making personal investments for your partnership to be healthy and effective.

You should also consider whether or not he knows how to look after himself.

Your requirements, like his, must be met. You shouldn’t try to grant all of his wishes while he provides you with nothing in return. Just because you love him, don’t forgive him for breaking commitments.

If a man isn’t mature enough, he’ll figure out how to take advantage of you, leaving you empty and broken. This principle can also be used in a relationship. Things shouldn’t be all that different when a relationship takes the next step and marries.

When you were dating, you each had your duties, which should remain in the marriage. Don’t settle for someone who only does the bare minimum while you’re putting in too many hours. He must continue to put in the effort because it is the only way to keep his marriage pleasant. 

The phrase ’til death does us part’ is included in marriage vows, implying that he should never stop meeting your wants and making you feel alive. Don’t let the beautiful nothings he says in your ear distract you from your inner instinct.

Allowing a man to manipulate or use you is a no-no. Respect him, but first and foremost, respect yourself. If a man loves you, he will demonstrate it to you, whether via words or acts.

If he’s silent and reserved about his feelings for you, on the other hand, here are some subtle signals that he loves you:

1. He is constantly on the lookout for new ways to entice you to love him.

If a man genuinely cares about you, he will make every effort to make you fall in love with him. Keep in mind that men are born hunters, and they will pursue you relentlessly.

He won’t be shy about expressing his feelings for you, and he’ll go above and above for you.

Don’t be one of those girls that do things backward. Keep your distance from him.

He may not have the courage to tell you he loves you in person, but other indicators, such as calling and texting you, will give you the whole tale.

If you’re unsure if he loves you or not, take a few moments to think about it before making a choice. If a man genuinely cares about you, he will go out of his way to find you. I’ve met girls who began their relationships by texting and making plans for dates initially.

They later expressed their dissatisfaction with their relationships, claiming that their partners looked unconcerned. You must allow the man to carry out his duties. At the start of your relationship, don’t be the one making the decisions. Allow him to chase you for a while since this will make him fall in love with you even more.

2. He pays close attention to every word you say.

There will be times when you doubt his feelings for you, but if a man loves you, he will pay close attention to what you say. This is one of the more obvious subliminal indicators that he adores you.

He is interested in what you have to say if he is present in a conversation. He appreciates and values your viewpoints on each subject. If a man is interested in learning everything there is to know about you, you should never dispute his feelings since what you have to say is important to him. 

He not only listens, but he also acts on your suggestions. Men are prone to demonstrating their worth through their behaviors, so don’t be surprised if this guy demonstrates that he pays attention to what you have to say.

3. He motivates you to achieve your objectives.

Because the future can be frightening, it’s critical to surround yourself with people who support your ambitions and dreams. If a guy loves you, he will be a great motivator who will push you to achieve your goals.

While attempting to achieve their objectives, everyone encounters a few stumbling blocks. It will, however, be much easier if you have people on your side. A guy who genuinely cares about you will not be envious of your accomplishments. 

He’ll be pleased with them and encourage you to do more. If you have a man who loves you at your side, everything in your life will be better. Protecting your interests and honoring your responsibilities are two more things that a guy who loves you will do.

His feelings for you will be obvious, and he won’t try to fool you with mind tricks to make you doubt whether he’s being sincere or not.

4. He is always available to help you.

As the saying goes, you don’t know who your true friends are until you need them.

This is also applicable to your partner. Many times, I’ve witnessed a guy tell a female he loves her, just to forsake her when she most needs him.

I’m not referring to circumstances in which you require financial assistance; rather, I’m referring to how invested a man is when you require his assistance. When things go tough, a guy who cares about you would offer support and be there for you.

When you’re sick, he’ll drive you to the doctor and won’t think of a problem as just yours, but as his as well, because your problems will be his as well.

If you’re upset, he’ll be as well.

Also, a true lover will work with you to find a solution or a way out and will not abandon you in your hour of need.

5. He isn’t afraid to show his vulnerability in your presence.

Each person is trying to be on their best behavior and exhibit their best side at the start of a relationship, which may be extremely confusing. Some men may falter along the road and cease to back up their words with actions, which is why I urge women to maintain emotional control at the start of a relationship.

Wait for him with patience. Keep your eyes peeled for the ideal opportunity. You must allow him to prove himself to you, which he will do if he loves you. He will eventually succumb to his feelings and begin to share them with you. 

You’ll be able to ask him anything, and he won’t think twice about not telling you everything. There will be no limitations, and he will show you his true self.

Dating can feel like a masquerade at times, with everyone putting on their best face, but with time, those masks eventually slip away. And it’s only when they fall in love that true love may begin.

6. He accepts your imperfections.

You know those weaknesses you have that your previous boyfriend told you you needed to work on? You shouldn’t change them, because you’re lovely just the way you are, and a man who loves you will accept you for who you are.

You should not be ashamed of demonstrating kindness since a man may perceive it as a flaw. Instead of seeing your energy as a defect, the right man will see it as a source of passion. He’ll admire your toughness and determination.

He won’t have to worry about what’s below since he’ll value your actual self. A man who truly loves you will like your quirky personality and weirdness, and he’ll demonstrate it by embracing the little things.

Those flaws that others have chastised will be lovable to him since he understands that’s what makes you unique.

7. You are his number one priority.

We’re all guilty of stating we don’t have time for something or someone, but the fact is that we don’t prioritize that thing or person. A mature man should be aware of his priorities. It is, after all, what allows him to mature. Excuses for not going to the gym or not cooking dinner may exist, and they may be justified.

However, you should never overlook a person who is important to you. If a man cares about you, he will make sure you know. He’ll alter his plans to fit yours, and he’ll be there for you anytime you need him.

Those nights when you were dumped are long gone. If he truly loves you, he will put you first in his priorities. And if you’re the one who’s late, he’ll make sure he’s fine with it since he knows you’ll have a good explanation.

8. He can’t get enough of hugging you.

Even something as basic as a hug can be quite meaningful to a person. Once it concerns romance, this is especially true. Complimented some inquiry always lead seeping The truth is that the longer he hugs you, the deeper his love for you becomes.

If you notice him leaning toward you or pulling you closer to himself as you leave, don’t dismiss his feelings. He can’t get enough of you since just being in your arms offers him so much delight. As he hugs you for longer, you’ll notice his heart pumping quicker and faster.

Even then, he might complement your hair, say how wonderful you smell, or tell you how much he appreciates having you in his arms. These are merely small indicators that women may miss, but which reveal a lot about a man’s feelings.

9. He introduces you to his relatives and friends.

When a man speaks about you to his buddies, you can indeed be sure he adores you.

If they already know about you before you meet them, trust me when I say you play a vital role in his life.

When a man falls in love, he will chat nonstop about her to his buddies. He won’t be embarrassed to reveal his obsession with you to his friends and family. You know you’re important to him when he says that. Keep an eye out for it because it’s a subtle hint that reveals a lot about a guy.

10. He prepares your preferred cuisine.

Have you ever seen a movie in which a guy prepares a romantic dinner for his lady and she just melts? Those flicks, to be sure, aren’t far off the mark.

After a long day at work, if a man loves you, he will gladly prepare dinner for you. He knows your favorite cuisine since he paid attention when you mentioned it. 

Remember how I said that a man who loves you pays attention to what you have to say? Even if his dish isn’t flawless, he’ll make an effort to please you. His wish will be to enjoy a meal with you, as it is a deeply personal experience that only a man in love would desire.

A man who can cook has an appealing quality. It demonstrates his inventiveness and attention to detail.

Final thoughts

Well, this is the ultimate indicator that he genuinely cares about you. While some men want to be casual, a man in love with you will make plans for your future together. It shows he cares about making your future better and happy. 

Stop looking for deep motives in a man’s actions and just enjoy the trip. Don’t make a man feel compelled to show his affections to you. Loosen up and allow him to compliment you rather than the other way around, and as your relationship progresses, he’ll reveal his actual intentions. 

Never stay in a bad relationship, no matter what you do. Know your worth and don’t stay in a relationship just because you love him. Also, keep in mind that you can’t force a man to love you.

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