Things You Should Never Tell A Man

things you should never say to a man

If you are a spouse, you should read this, and if you are a guy, you should read this as well, so you will know what inquiries you should never ask your partner.

I am not opposed to being honest and upfront in a relationship; in fact, transparency is essential in every connection. However, if we want to be honest with ourselves, there are instances when we must withhold some realities if we want our relationship to work. 

I understand why some people disagree with me, but I believe there are some things a woman should keep to herself. Just because I told you to keep some things to yourself doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell your man what he needs to know.

While males appear immaterial and like to maintain a “nothing could ever touch me” mentality, they are human beings who can be affected by a variety of factors. When it comes to words, women are usually the ones who have a reputation for being sensitive.

 They’re the ones you have to be careful not to offend by saying something they might misunderstand. But believe me when I say that it’s the same with guys. Have you ever seen a shift in their expressions from happy to unhappy or irritated? That isn’t something that happens out of nowhere, as most women believe. You’ve most likely said something that has irritated your partner.

Why you should not tell your guy everything about you

In reality, holding a few thoughts to oneself might be beneficial at times, particularly if they would have a damaging effect on your relationship. Jonathan Bennett, relationship and dating specialist says “complete honesty isn’t always the best policy.” If disclosing this knowledge serves no actual purpose or causes damaged sentiments, he argues, It’s probably best if you don’t tell anyone.

You’ll figure out what deserves to be spoken and what could be left unsaid. Some things are best kept hidden to spare others pain and keep the partnership at peace,” Bennett explains.

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Retaining some things personally can help you maintain your distinct identity while in a relationship, in addition to maintaining boundaries and sparing feelings. Continue to grow and bond with your personality is important for the relationship’s health,” Boyd explains. This may entail letting go of the idea that you have to tell your lover everything.

Of course, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t talk about difficult topics or have in-depth discussions about your relationship’s issues. Open communication is unquestionably essential for a happy relationship.

Every couple is unique, which means that they will have different communication styles that they prefer. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, you might wish to avoid some of the topics listed below to keep your relationship happy.

7 Things a woman should never say to a man

1. Any information about your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend.

 If he requests more information, give him as little as possible. Never share information about an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend” it will only lead to feelings of inadequacy, distrust, and a slew of other negative emotions. If you can avoid it, don’t mention your ex’s workplace, favorite restaurants, or even his name. Delete the memories of the past from your memory.

2. Never compliment his friends at his expense.

Your pal is incredibly attractive! Have you met a new buddy of his who is stunning or so charming that your pants are slipping down by themselves? Just don’t tell your partner about it, especially if you haven’t already complimented him on the same trait.

If you tell a guy he has exceptionally nice friends, he will find it flattering. However, if you commend his friend on any qualities that your own man lacks, he will feel insecure and may even become enraged at you and his friend.

Also kindly keep your feelings about his pals to yourself if you find them annoying. His friends were there before you, and they’d always hold a special place in his heart. When their women say hurtful things about their friends, most men are uncomfortable.

3. Why don’t you accept your defeat? 

When it comes to achieving, men are fiercely competitive, especially when it comes to jobs or earning more money. If your partner is attempting something new and failing horribly, don’t tell him directly.

You shouldn’t ever tell your boyfriend he sucks straight up to his face if he is working hard to excel at something and failing. Make an effort to come up with a more appropriate and delicate way of informing him of this.

Attempt to do this in a manner that you can support him while also not injuring his emotions by honesty. Do you know what a mental breakdown is? That’s what happens to males who believe they’ve failed. If you tell him he’s a failure, he’ll either despise you or try even harder, frustrating himself even more.

4. Why can’t you do it like my ex?

If you’re complimenting your partner, don’t use the words ‘ex’ and ‘you’ in the same paragraph. Guys, especially your boyfriends, despise being likened. Do not even inform him you’ve had intercourse with a lot of males or equate him to your previous lovers’ body parts. You’ll work him up and make him feel insecure in bed as a result of your actions.

It’s something you ought not, ever say. Don’t compare your current relationship to your ex-boyfriend. To put it another way, you should never compare him to anyone unless you admire him. Imagine how you’d feel if your boyfriend told you that you have no idea what you’re doing and that his ex is so much better at something than you are—you’d feel terrible, and he’d feel even worse.

5. I’ve dated men who were far superior to him.

. This is the worst type of low-blow. This is one of the statements that women shouldn’t ever say to men since it will undoubtedly destroy the relationship. It’s almost as if the connection is headed down a one-way path with no way back. If you tell him he’s bad in bed or doesn’t turn you on, he might leave you. After all, he’s humiliated and bitter, and every time he gets into bed with you, he’ll recall those remarks.

Also talking about prior sexual exploits may seem innocent, you may want to hold off on telling your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner certain things, especially if you’re in a new relationship. Is it your new bae’s intention to have a mental image of you and your ex entering the mile-high club? It’s unlikely.

“It’s bound to elicit feelings of insecurity and jealousy, and it’s never nice to think of your partner being with someone else,” she says.

He doesn’t need to know this information, believe us… Here’s why: if you’ve only had a few sexual partners, he might wonder if you’ll be tempted to stray later on in the relationship. If the number is too high” and who knows what that arbitrary number might be so don’t ask him! or he might think you’re loose

6. You’re so self-conscious.

Some inquiry always leads to a squabble. If he says no, you assume he’s trying to impress you. And if he answers yes, he’ll be in big trouble because you won’t like him. Avoid having these kinds of discussions with your partner.

 Furthermore, your lover may be insecure regularly, especially if you’re an attractive female who attracts a lot of attention. But he would not like to hear that line stated out loud, especially from you. He feels helpless and weak as a result of it. He’ll be unhappy with either you or himself if you say this spot in the middle of a dispute.

And, to show that he isn’t insecure, he may avoid you and spend more time with other women. And if you tell him about it, he might urge you to tell other males about it. And what starts as a minor disagreement could quickly escalate into an ego battle that will harm both of you.

7. We need to have a conversation. 

The fact that you desire to discuss something important with your partner is a good sign for your relationship. When you approach him and say, “We ought to talk,” he’ll either clam up or become extremely defensive, assuming you’re about to accuse him of something horrible.

Instead of using this comment to start a relationship chat, try to lessen the impact by just talking about what you’re considering in a way that encourages him to open up. rather than shut down.

Final thought

To have a fantastic relation, you don’t even have to share every viewpoint, especially if that thought may lead to destruction. So think about your relationship with your partner and remember that it’s perfectly fine to keep a few secrets.

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