What are unnecessary things in life?

In as much as there are things that really matter in life, there are also a lot of them that don’t. I know that things I will say on this post might surprise you but that’s the truth you really need to know.

Even if there are certain things you think are so important in life at the moment, you will find out how those things don’t matter in the long run. Since we hear a lot of people say that life is short, we better not dwell on things that don’t matter in life.

For the purpose of clarity, I will make my points known to you using this post as a channel of communication to share with you things in my sole judgment don’t matter at all or can be regarded as the not so important things in life.

If you could take a few minutes out of your time to think about some years back, you will realize how much time you have wasted on things that don’t matter in life.

Unfortunately, a lot of people will realize those things that don’t matter just as they age. Try not to do the following mistakes in life…

15 Things That Don’t Really Matter In Life

1. Living up to expectations

I would love to let you know at this point how unimportant it is, trying to live up to unrealistic expectations.

Expectations are what people want you to be or what you think of yourself, this is really something that doesn’t matter and you should not waste your energy and resources on it.

2. Revenge

Spend your life on building something positive rather than been filled with destructive thoughts.

The brutal truth is that when people wrong us and we find it difficult to forgive them, we’re simply hurting ourselves the more and things we do will definitely drag.

3. Fear of failure

If you tried and failed, congratulations because most people don’t even try.

In as much as every finding of what is unsuccessful leads us to search for what is true, and our failures indicate we’re learning as we become more open to experiences that shall afterwards help us avoid the same or similar mistakes in life.

Don’t waste your time worrying about failure, it doesn’t really matter how many times you tried and failed. Your persistence and lessons will matter in the end.

4. How serious you’re about making money

There’s nothing wrong with making money or acquiring wealth. But when it becomes the topmost priority it can be damaging especially when you have invested a lot to achieve certain financial status but to no avail.

People should focus more on creating values instead of trying to acquire the whole world.

5. Your wakeup time in the morning

A lot of self-help gurus will say that you have to wake up by 5:00am daily to be a successful person in life.

The above might hold some truth but it does not tell the whole picture, the point is how do you manage your time? Do you spend 4 hours on a task that should take 1 hour, do you watch basketball when you’re supposed to write a novel?

The most important thing here is how effectively you manage your time and not actually when you wake up in the morning. You can see that it doesn’t matter in life the time you wake up in the morning, but what you’re able to achieve within a given time.

7. The number of friends you have

It doesn’t really matter if you have 1 or a thousand friends, what matters the most, it the positive contributions of the friendship to your life.

Does the friendship make you grow or drag, is there trust and what can you share together as friends.

The number of friends doesn’t matter in life, but how impactful they’re to you, is golden.

8. The past

There’s nothing as dangerous as living in the past.

We’re all humans and prone to mistakes, it is the past that has moulded us to who we’re today, the past is for experiences and lessons. If things had gone wrong in the past, living our everyday life pondering over it is just detrimental to our growth and peace of mind.

If the past was favourable to you, use it to maximize your progress. If it was unfavourable, use it as lessons to implement a change in the course of your life, leave them in the past and move on.

9. I know it all

There’s no gain in trying to present yourself as all knowing. No one is an island of knowledge.

How possible is it that you will know everything on earth? When we accept there’s more to life than we know, we’re humbled to learn more from people we meet in our daily activities.

It doesn’t really matter how far you’ve travelled, or a graduate of which college and degrees you’ve. The truth is that there’s a lot more you can learn when you humble yourself and accept you know little or nothing.

10. What people think about your career

If you have a legitimate job or career and you’re happy about it, you should not listen to what people say about it.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re not receiving huge salaries like people in the sports field, but what matters the most is your passion for it and happiness you derived doing it in your very best.

11. Gossip

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes

People who gossip are people who have no purpose in life and are seeking to fill a void which probably there’s no amount of gossip that can fill.

12. How long you’re going to live

There’s actually no point wishing you could stay forever.

Life is uncertainty, death is the only certainty which is a guarantee we all will die someday.

What matters most is the legacy you left behind and not really how long you’ve lived.

13. Number of social media likes

Do you receive hundreds, thousands or millions of likes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

That’s great!

Think about those likes which can be automated or done by people you don’t even know probably because you posted an eye-catchy graphics or a photo of you almost naked.

Craving for social media likes because a friend has much of it, or because you want your online presence to be as great as that of a celebrity, don’t really matter in life.

14. College and degrees

It doesn’t matter where you went to college and what degrees you have. One can be schooled without been educated.

In the light of the above, it doesn’t matter in life how many certificates you have from different colleges if your actions and speeches do not indicate you’re really educated.

If you’ve gone through the four walls of the classroom only to learn how to read and write, you should have a rethink if this is actually what you can offer to society.

15. How old you are

Age is just a number and does not matter.

It is true that as we age we can be limited physically but we don’t have to make it a limitation because our minds are great and we should be open to learning new things in life and make the most out of life as long as we’re living.


Is this wisdom or stupidity? Each of these feels right to me, you can title it food for thought and I will be glad to hear from you in the comment section what you think really matters in life or does not matter at all.

The earlier we realize, the better and more focused we could stay on things that really matter instead of wasting our precious times on the not so important things because very life is short