10 Things To Consider Before Blocking A Guy

things to consider before you block a guy

Is it rude to block a guy? Find out how a guy feels when you block him.

I understand that you want to be mindful of the potential consequences if he discovers that you have blocked him. You most likely did so after reading that males return after the no-contact period.

Even if stopping him accomplished its aim, that doesn’t imply you should want him back later. There are numerous reasons why you should continue to block him, all of them are related to the fact that you and the other person broke up for a cause. 

There are various advantages to blocking your ex on all of your social media accounts. He may try to contact you in other ways, but you must remain steadfast and ban his other accounts as well, for the following reasons.

Things to consider before blocking a guy you like/dislike.

1. You’ll find it easier to get over your grief.

It’s difficult to move on and overcome the grief that’s been eating you up for the past few years when you’re constantly surrounded by reminders of the past.

Struggling to overcome the suffering and discomfort you’ve been feeling since the separation means you’re not just left with the remembrances, but you’re also of your own and in dealing with them. 

For a lengthy moment, you had someone to lean on, but now they’re gone. The pleasant moments of your relationship make you wonder if restricting him was such a good idea. You want to be certain that you made the best decision possible, but the pain is making you doubt yourself.

If you block him, you won’t be able to contact him, nor will you be able to stalk him if you miss him. It’s required for you to fully progress.

2. You have your entire attention on yourself.

We aren’t conscious of how much time and energy we devote to social media, but the truth is that it is far more than we are willing to admit.

When we’ve been going through a breakup, that effort and resources kind of multiplies, especially if you didn’t block him immediately away.

So block him and live the greatest life you possibly can. When he learns you’ve blocked him, he can only think you’re having the time of your life! You have the entire planet to explore, as well as a plethora of activities to partake in.

So don’t spend your breath looking at his social media accounts. Concentrate on yourself. There were certainly a lot of things you couldn’t do while you were together, but now is the time to catch up on all of your goals, plans, and ideas. This is your chance to shine.

3. You have the opportunity to reflect on all that has occurred.

As previously stated, we’re all too aware that we can access our ex’s accounts and see what they’re up to. You no longer have that privilege if you block him. Knowing that fact provides you with clarity and allows you to reflect on all that has occurred. You can easily see where you went wrong, as well as what his errors were and where you fell short.

When he knows you’ve blocked him, he’ll think about what he’s done wrong. He’ll reflect on the events that led you both to this point. When he has the option of contacting you whenever he wants, he won’t think about it as much, giving you more clarity and the opportunity to fully think things through.

4. Monitoring him will do you no good.

What do you hope to accomplish by having the ability to reach him whenever you want? What do you suppose will come of being able to go through his images for hours on end?

Do you want to be able to watch as he deletes all of your photos in real time?

Is it because you want to know who his new girlfriend is? Sorry for being so judgmental, but those are terrible and pitiful reasons. 

You wouldn’t need him, and you shouldn’t need to know where or with whom he spends most of his time.

I know you’re trailing him because you want to know where he’s gone so you can surprise him or simply stalk his new girlfriend. Is that something you truly desire?

It merely demonstrates your insecurity and jealousy. It’s past time for you to cut him loose. He’ll know you’re strong and resolute after he realizes you blocked him, but until then, he won’t have much of an opinion of you. 

Believe me when I say that not knowing what he’s up to or with whom he spends his time is preferable to knowing.Nothing good will come of it, and it will only make you look needy.

5. He won’t be able to track you down.

If you’ve had serious problems with a narcissistic abuser, you should block him from all of your accounts and change your phone number while you’re at it. Don’t give out your phone number to anyone who might know him since he’ll find a method to contact you.

If he isn’t on your list of restricted persons, he can always search up where you are and drop up unexpectedly if you check-in to locations. This is especially frightening if you have a new boyfriend or are chatting to someone.

He’ll be able to see your photos of him, and he might feel compelled to harm you or him (or both of you). Do you really want it to happen?

Instead of feeling sorry for him and acting as if you have no idea how dangerous he is, block him. When he knows you’ve blocked him, he’ll realize he can’t harm you anymore.

6. You’ll discover what you truly desire in a love connection.

Every breakup teaches us something new. We always learn something new and grow stronger as a result of our broken relationships.

Returning to the same individual only shows you haven’t yet learned your lesson.

It indicates that you are unable to let go of the affection you believe you are entitled to.

You allowed him to influence you in your toxic relationship, and you were willing to think he was acting in love. Now that the relationship is finished, it’s time to move on.

You must block him on every platform imaginable.

Never allow him to get close to you again. Right now, you have the ability to figure out what you really want from a love relationship. You have the opportunity to recognize the things that are red lights for you and the things that you would do for your partner.

This is the moment for you to establish clear boundaries, therefore the first thing you should be able to do is block him and refuse to communicate with him again.

Whatever you’re looking for in a partner, he wasn’t it.

7. You won’t have to worry about anything you post being filtered.

Blocking your ex on social media has no negative consequences. When you publish photos with the knowledge that your ex can view them, you actually filter what you want to share. Your Instagram page becomes a stream of photos that you know will make your ex envious.

That’s terrible because it implies you still seek his approval. You want him to see what he’s missing out on,’ or you just want to show him that you’re fine without him. All of that is a fabrication and a waste of time. 

You’re putting on a show to fool him into thinking you’re not as unhappy as he thinks you are. It’s time for you to bring an end to it. Your social media accounts exist to make you happy by allowing you to share whatever you want. 

When he knows you’ve blocked him, He’ll be able to tell if you’re not screening things for him. He no longer has the authority to censor what you post. That’s the power you’ll reclaim if you block him.

8. There was a reason you broke up.

This is just a friendly reminder. If you might not want to restrict him because you think there’s still a possibility for you both to live a happy life together, you should reconsider.

You ended your relationship for a cause. Whatever the cause, it was enough to keep you apart.You’re not matured enough to have a serious, deep connection if it was something ridiculous and stupid. That’s also an excellent reason to keep your distance from each other.

You just must block him since there has been so much for you to grasp and know about this breakup. When he realizes you’ve done so, he’ll realize this isn’t the relationship for either of you. You’ll be OK. You’ll be OK even if he isn’t there. That much I can assure you.

9. He might not be mourning you

A man usually doesn’t even have time to mourn over just one lady, especially if he’s a player with a long line of ladies waiting for him. He’ll move on swiftly if you were only messaging and only hung out a few times. 

He’s undoubtedly been messaging another woman for a long time, and now is the ideal time to give her his whole focus. When a man is attracted to another woman, the chase becomes exhilarating for him, and he becomes obsessed with pursuing her.

You blocked him, but he already has another victim, so it doesn’t make him feel horrible about himself. It may make him angry for a brief while, but he will soon recognize that he has no reason to be angry.

He is unconcerned because there are lots of fish in the sea. This is definitely not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the reality for many men, particularly narcissists. Your absence merely offers him the opportunity to seek out another woman.

10. You are finally done with him

On the other hand, why should you care what this guy thinks if you’re done with him for good? At first, he might think it’s your revenge or a game, but once he learns you’re not interested in unblocking him, he’ll know the truth. 

He’ll eventually figure out that you blocked him solely to get rid of him. And it will be then that he will comprehend what he has lost. Of course, by that time, it will be too late to return to your life because you will have fully recovered.

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