How To Know If He Likes You More Than A Friend

How to know if a guy likes you more than a friend
Signs a guy likes you more than a friend

If you have had a serious relationship issue as I, you probably could have doubts over everything and sometimes would feel like staying all on your own to avoid been hurt.

Most times this is usually for a while; you could start getting along with people again, but would have several questions begging for answers which one among the questions is “Does he really take me to be more than a friend to him?

Unfortunately, we can’t see for sure what the other person has in mind and that is why we all are humans and prone to been hurt an uncountable number of times, but for sure there are several reasons which you can hold on knowing if someone really likes you more than a friend.

Yes, you have seen that guy you would want to have something deeper with maybe a greater connection but still not sure if he is the type of a guy who takes you as just a friend or more than a friend.

Many people are hurt in the past and wouldn’t want to be hurt again so here are signs you would see and know if he has a deeper like for you or not.

Men are usually straightforward and brief, even if you think he is being corny, for sure you will find out through the following points.

How To Know If You’re More Than A Friend To Him

Below are signs to check out to know if he truly likes you more than a friend:

1. He is always willing to assist you

We love to stay in the vicinity of love, when a man is always providing such vicinity for you, trying to provide your needs and checking on you even when it is difficult for him then you are more than a friend to him.

Men are hardworking and will indicate this only when they are interested in you, his eagerness will leave you with the feeling he likes you more than a friend.

As he is always willing to assist you however and whenever the need arises, it is a pure indication that he is not taking you just like other girls.

2. He stays close to you

It is obvious that if you don’t love someone, you wouldn’t loan into them, you would prefer to stay as far as possible from them.

When the guy enjoys staying close to you often, probably he is taking you to be the girl who is more than a friend to him.

3. He will be the starter of things

The guy is always willing to be the one who starts the texting, cracking jokes, asking you about your free time so you could both go out for launch or have some fun at the Parke or beach.

Although some guys are shy and would be scared starting up things first, if he likes you, he would always find a way of telling you.

4. He recalls easily and cares

Regardless of how busy he is, he remembers every detail about you, whenever you are telling him a story he could be calm and polite but he understands and remembers all.

This is probably why he remembers your birthday, although you might have told him long ago and think he is as busy as bee and would forget.

No, he wouldn’t if he truly likes you and the most interesting part would be how he remembers the names of your relations and ask of them often.

Men are no different, if he is able to recall with ease things about you, then you have taken a greater percentage of his mind.

5. He plays with your hair

Yes, your hair is part of you to him, whether natural or artificial hairstyle, he likes and plays with it in a lovable way and talks to you sweetly about the hairstyle and how he likes it.

Although generally, people will admire your hairstyle especially when its beautiful, but his reactions and attention on your hair will leave you with the feelings that you’re not just a girl to him but you’re more than a friend

6. He’s protective

When a guy is protective over you, you shouldn’t take it to mean he’s trying to restrict your freedom, most men who have value for you would try to be protective over you.

Meanwhile, he is close and always watching over you to make sure no one hurts you and always stands by your side even when everyone else disappears. This is practically the signs he is protective.

7. He’s obsessed about you

When he phones often, send text messages and always trying to reach out to you. always or sometimes be the first to comment on your social media posts and identify your new looks easily and send his compliments.

When a man has such obsessions about you, he’s really serious, this is an opportunity you have to utilize properly hence that’s okay with you.

8. He’s different around you

If you are not confident he likes you, take your time to evaluate have he behaves with others and relate it to his actions towards you.

This will lead you to find answers that will tell you if he is more attentive to you, smiles often whenever you’re around, or does so when he is with other women.

A man who likes you more than a friend will not talk to you like other women out there because he sees a difference in you, and that is why you are special to him.

9. Often stares at you

You might be familiar with this or even conclude that many people stare at you while shopping or on the way, yet this could be true but hence you have someone close and the guy stares often at you and smiles, chances are that he likes you.

Most importantly, how many numbers of times you caught him staring at you, probably points out how often he can’t take his eyes off you.

10. He respects you as a person

Nothing is as sweet as receiving respect from a man, especially in a scenario where men are presented not equal with women.

In addition, if he is the type that listens to your opinions, value you as a person and value your time, then he probably wants you more than a friend to him.


In sum up, knowing a guy’s perception of you before going into a relationship with him is very paramount in deciding and fostering a happy relationship.

However, different people have a different perspective about knowing someone who has special values for them, but I’m pretty sure this post contains the top signs to check out in every man to know if he likes you just as a friend or more than a friend.

At this point using the guides above, you can be able to figure out if he is just a friend or interested.

On the other hand, if you find this post helpful, do not hesitate to drop a comment below and also share on social media with friends, to help them identify signs that someone likes them more than a friend.

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