It’s funny that sometimes back, people called Tinder a hookup app. But now more people are looking out for real relationships on Tinder.

Although you can’t separate the hookup folks from the relationship folks.

Just like any other dating site, on Tinder, you’ll have to set up a profile as a first step to start getting real matches.

To set up a good profile, you will upload a good picture and write a little about yourself on your bio. It could be a short line that describes what you love doing, what you love, places you like to visit, celebrity idols you adore. Just any little info about yourself.

Knowing what to text a girl on Tinder for the first time is important, and because it’s a dating app, you should be wary of your first message.

Now I will show you how to engage her in a conversation and how to do it right.

You should make the first move when you match. Be a gentleman, because it’s decent for you to put the first foot forward even if she had swiped on your profile first.

Good first message examples on Tinder to a girl/woman

First message on tinder example 1.

Starting up a conversation:

Your first message should be a question about their profile, maybe her uploaded photos.


– I love your smile, what can I do to make you smile right now?

Compliment her with the details you picked from her profile. It can be a sweet flirty compliment.

Or you can compliment her scenery.

-How did you enjoy your visit to this serene place? I love Hawaii beach.

-I can tell you had the best vacation.

-You will make a good wonder woman, I love your Halloween costume.

-Kansas City has the best barbecue. Are the rumors true?

Or you can go through her profile and look for questions to ask about her profile description.

She could’ve said she loves reading romance novels.

Or that she loves listening to rap songs.


-Oh you love Nicki Minaj?

Pink Friday or Pink Print?

Talk about a movie she mentioned in her bio.

Talk about her job which she wrote in her bio.

You can also choose to tell a joke or use a pickup line.

Remember don’t go for raunchy pickup lines.


-(Use a crystal ball emoji) I can see myself in your future.

-Is it just the Wifi? Or am I feeling the connection between us?

-Pretty are you a keyboard because you’re just my type.

First message on tinder example 2.

Talk about what you two have in common:


-Great dog. I am thinking of getting one. What’s the breed?

First message on Tinder example 3.

Engage her in the conversation:

Try not to reply curtly, or the mood will die down. Talk about interesting topics you know she will like to talk about, it could be from the details you picked from her profile.


Using pun.

-I love Adele too, but I have a question.

Why did she cross the road to say hello from the other side?

First message on tinder example 4.

Keep it short:

Keep the message short and intriguing. She will want to talk to you if the conversation is interesting. And not excessive texts that will leave her not knowing what to answer.

Endeavor to focus on one topic at a time.

Save those ideas they should come later, talk about one first, then the other later. If not you will overwhelm her.

First message on tinder example 5.

Make use of humor in your texts:

Use a good joke that will impress her, girls love what makes them giggle and chuckle. And if you’re the one behind it, you’ve earned a bonus to meet her soon.

Not all jokes you use with your friends and family, that she will find funny. Make it subtle and sweet and try not so hard, because girls can tell when a guy is trying so hard to be funny, thereby it causes you to be ignored.


– Honestly, I’m not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together.

-I  have lost my phone number, can I have yours?

-I am lost, can you give me directions to your heart?

First message on tinder example 6.

Boring entries:

Don’t start your first conversation being boring, else you’re texting to be ignored.

Example: Texts like…


– Sup

if you’re going to send these, I advise you not to push the send button.

You can start an intro with the examples written above.

Once you’ve started up on a good track, you can engage her more by introducing her to a game.


-Let’s play a game if I win you take me out, and if you win I take you out.

-Two truths and a lie.

– Could you rather.

– Have you ever.

-Tinder video games.

Tinder interactive video games are in the explorer tab, here you will find activities like Swipe Night. People use this to answer questions on a game, and the idea for this creation is to make daters meet and if they like each other they match from the screen.

Then you’ve what to talk about when you slide to her message box. Easier.

First message on tinder with examples #7.

Don’t text sexual texts:

Text her, but don’t be filthy.

Texts like that can come off like a horny stranger, whom they might fear would soon request nude pictures

Hold your thirst and send an appropriate text which will earn you a response.

First message on tinder example 8.

The Date:

Remember your goal is to ask her out on a date, so follow the examples detailed above so you can finally meet up in person.