I have a friend whom I would say it’s more forward and she goes after what she wants.

And this also applies to her chasing men and how she had her past relationships. She preferred men she asked out rather than men who approach her, get to know her, and ask her out.

What I’m trying to say is that she enjoys the thrill of doing the chasing.

Surprisingly, one day she asked, “how do I make a man chase me?”

That was a shock to us, and it became an intriguing topic because it came from her.

Everyone began to drop their best tips on how the chasing works.

Below I have rounded up the tips, but first, let’s talk about the topic.

Men love to chase after what they desire. That’s why when a man sets his eyes on a woman he wants, he takes it as a challenge and because they love to win, he welcomes the challenge and puts in the effort to succeed.

You may have come across a man you like and want, but you want him to chase you?

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All you have to do is to find the balance and rest on it, to get him to see that you’re worth chasing. To lure him to you, and make him imagine finally getting to have the woman he is after. He wouldn’t give up easily, and maybe he will ask you out on a date or ask you to be his girlfriend or maybe ask you to marry him.

Now on to the best tips to make him chase you.

How to make him chase you in a relationship.

I hope the following tips help you turn the tables and make him chase you. It doesn’t matter your skill level on using male psychology, even if it is after he pulls away, you can achieve something really amazing following this relationship advice.

1. Be confident: 

A woman who has confidence radiates a special kind of attraction. It is sexy, it’s daring, it’s being bold. And men are attracted to confident women.

Same as women see a confident man, and become attracted to him. It’s a desirable aura which no one has ever shaken a negative head for.

It’s inviting, and men are attracted to confident women. The ones that speak their mind, say something, and stand by it and not one who cowers down to a man.

When you exude confidence, he will be drawn to you and would believe that you deserve better, when you show you do.

2. Don’t be an open book:

Try to hold back a little bit of yourself. Telling him everything about you, your personal life, your work, your past relationships, may overwhelm him.

Don’t be quick to give him your 100% and wait for him to gradually being to peel off those layers and get to know you better.

3. Play hard to get:

While most believe that you shouldn’t play hard to get with someone you have an interest in and just make It easier for him.

Choose my advice if you want.

This is an old trick that has always worked. You are interested but you act as though you aren’t.

Make him work hard to get you. He would up his game to make you his own. Because we tend to cherish those which we don’t have.

4. Get busy:

Making yourself available to him all the time will make him think your world revolves around him.

Because he gets to see you when he asks you to, he calls and you pick, you are just making it easier for him and men don’t appreciate what they don’t work hard for.

By not making yourself available for him, get busy with what you love to do, so he would know that when you’re not talking to him you’re busy with your life.

5. Encourage him:

Be there for him to encourage him when he needs it, support him and give him a shoulder to lean on. Let him talk to you about his passions and worries.

I have seen a post where it was said that men look extremely happy but are going through the darkest time of their life. And women never care to ask them how they’re doing.

And that’s true.

Use it to your advantage and ask him how he’s doing, even if he doesn’t open up about his problems. He would appreciate your care.

It will make him feel you’re the woman he needs in his life, one that will support him emotionally and mentally, one he hopes to give him a shoulder when he needs it.

6. Keep your emotions in check:

Stay strong, and not disclose every bit of your emotions you have to him. Maybe of your growing feelings.

Again it applies to the mistake most women make, who run into a relationship, and then when the feeling is not returned they break down.

Be sure not to imagine what is not true, because he is interested in you doesn’t mean he wants a relationship with you. Be sure to judge his actions that prove he wants you as much as you want him, and wait for him to take a step first before you fall with your heart.

7. Act a little bit interested:

Be subtle.

Do not pay him dust and act insensitively to his feelings. Compliment him, listen to him while he talks.

8. Flirt with him:

Tease him.

Touch him, his face, or his hands, do this while maintaining eye contact.  Compliment him, and tell him how dashing he looks tonight.

Men love to be complimented too.

9. Don’t chase him:

Probably because you’ve begun to swoon over him, he has taken you on dates, bought you gifts, he has an alluring personality. So you begin to text him, wanting to meet often.

You have taken the pursuit, you’ve taken the chasing Boat from him and now you’re the one driving.

Some men don’t like being chased, and what it gives is that you’re desperate.

10. Do not let sex happen first:

Men go after women who offer more than just their bodies.

Do not let sex start a relationship, it’s been sounded enough.

While it may have worked for some, it is not the best idea.

Just like the saying, “Why should you buy a cow, when you can get the milk for free?”

It’s a clear explanation of you giving out the benefits too early, and once the man gets the milk. He doesn’t need to chase you further, because you gave him his price too early.

11. Be yourself:

Stay true to yourself, because it’s better to be real than to be perfect.

Be yourself, do not change to compliment his style. Let him know and see how comfortable you’re in your skin.

And if he doesn’t like you for who you’re, then he isn’t the one for you. Continue to stay true to yourself and you will find the right man who will love the real you.

12. Let him know he isn’t the only one chasing you:

He should know that you’re being chased by other men.

You don’t have to make him jealous, by often hanging out with men, or making out with one. You do not want to create a false image of your true character.

But make him know that other men are interested in you, and he might lose you to one if he doesn’t up his game.

When he sees that there are many fishes in the sea and that the men enjoy your company, his interest in you will pique and he will want nothing but to win you over others.

13. The help of mutual friends:

This is what it is, you can use the help of mutual friends, talk good about him because you know they would go back and tell him what you said. And if they tell him how good of a person you’re, he will be proud that he made the right choice and go after you.

14. Don’t contact him:

Like I said earlier because you’ve begun to admire him and get more interested in him and can’t wait for him to ask you out. That doesn’t mean you should take charge and begin to do the chasing yourself, do not call him.

15. Dress beautifully:

Pick up your best outfit and throw it on.

Men are visually stimulated. Wear a dress that will taunt him and make him want you so bad.

Remember you’re teasing him, not letting him in easily.

16. Make him think about you:

Be subtle about this one.

Do things that will make you occupy his mind. Maybe you invite him to a party, where you all have fun and spend some time together.

Stay in the light where he will see you laughing and talking with your friends.

The more he sees you the more he will crave you.

17. Enjoy your favorite things to do:

Remember not to be all up in his business and life, and avoid him invading yours too.

When there’s a little absence of you, he wants to see you and the attraction intensifies.

Enjoy your favorite things to do, like going to the beach, taking adventures, and just having fun.

He would find your life fascinating and would want to be in it so bad.

18. Hold your self-respect:

He should be able to see that you’re a price, and you have value.

Stand on your ground and you would be able to get rid of men who think they can control your life decisions.

When you hold on to it, you will be able to attract men who will respect you and not manipulate you to do what they want.

19. Judge his actions:

Be sure he deserves to have you and he is not checking in to waste your time. He should be able to do things that tell you he wants you.

Because he is a good-looking man, the man of your dreams, doesn’t mean you should ignore the signs that show he doesn’t want you as much as you want him.

Ensure that he is attracted to you and not swooping in to waste your time.

20. Do not be in a haste:

Katy Perry once said “too many girls rush into a relationship because of the fear of being single then they begin to make compromises and losing their identity”

Once you rush into a relationship because your peers are all paired up with one, or because you’re scared of exhausting your youthful age staying single. You should think about this twice.

You are not desperate, you want to attract a man to chase you. So don’t jump into a man’s arms because he showed interest,  and stay calm. Being in a haste might make you jump into the arms of a man who is in for a good time, not a long time.

Then it breaks you when the feeling is not reciprocated.

Do not be in a rush, and he would be attracted to you even more.

21. Hang out with your friends :

Normalize hanging out with your friends who have been there for you, before he came into your life. Women seem to ignore this fact a lot.

They still are the ones to give you support when he hurts you, or when you two fight. But these days women make the men feel their life revolves around them alone because they ghost their friends and only come back when there’s a problem.

A man would chase you when he sees that your friends have half of your attention, and he would fight to have you all to himself.

Remember that men when dating or even when they’re still wooing a girl. They spend time with their friends.

22. Be in control of your life:

If you’re in control of your life, make your decisions, provide for yourself without asking for anyone’s help. Have fun and stay happy. He will start to chase you because he will be attracted to your independence.

23. Do not be a drama queen:

You know, bringing trouble everywhere you go, causing commotions.

Engaging in an argument with your Uber driver, or cussing out the waitress who didn’t serve you right.

It’s embarrassing and men don’t want a woman who will upset them and bring drama in public.