What Is An Open Relationship And Why You Should Care

What Is An Open Relationship And Why You Should Care

When two people are in an open relationship, they consent to have romantic or sexual encounters with other people. There are also certain mutually acceptable guidelines known as “open relationship rules” and are crucial to the connection to help the partners maintain a mutually non-monogamous relationship while improving the relationship.

Honesty, communication, and transparency are essential components of an open partnership. However, it must be exciting to both partners. An open relationship will only work if both partners are interested. Therefore, having an open relationship might be effortless if you and your spouse can communicate. Continue reading to learn more about what an open relationship entails including the benefits and drawbacks!

How To Make An Open Relationship Work

You should make certain changes to ensure your relationship remains strong once you begin an open relationship. Here are some ideas to make it work:

1.    Establish Rules And Boundaries

Only when both partners support it and accept the established boundaries and expectations can an open relationship be considered healthy. Every couple may have a different set of boundaries that suit them the best. For instance, one couple can determine that only sexual connections should be made outside the relationship, while another might be open to emotional ties.

2.    Have Open Communication

Every relationship needs to have open communication,  and partners should be on the same page. The couple’s lifestyle and relationship will change significantly when they have an open relationship, but they can stabilize their union by maintaining constant, ongoing contact. Being open and honest also makes things simpler for the pair.

3.    Be Honest With Yourself

You must be quite honest about your sentiments to engage in a healthy open relationship. In other circumstances, you can be persuaded that you won’t mind if your partner socializes with others, but when it happens, you might find yourself devastated.

This frequently occurs when one person wants to continue the current relationship while seeing others, and the other partner consents. Your open relationship will probably not be good if you only agree to it because you don’t want to lose your partner. Be brutally honest about it if you’re not on board.

4.    Decide On Safety Rules

Suppose you choose to engage in sexual activity with others. In that case, you should consider how to handle birth control and STD prevention. Each partner needs to have a strategy because the risk increases as more people join the relationship.

For instance, you might decide that if you have sex with someone else, you both need to use condoms. Suppose you’re worried about becoming pregnant from an unplanned connection. In that case, you might also choose to take a backup method of birth control, such as the pill.

5.    Invest In Your Main Relationship

Your primary relationship should be your top focus in every situation, and both partners should make conscious, independent efforts to strengthen it. Decide when you should spend time together and create rules or activities to maintain the spark. When organizing exciting activities, such as a dinner date or other enjoyable outings, prioritize your relationship with your partner.

6.    Plan Regular Check-ins

Foreseeing what circumstances and feelings may arise while beginning an open relationship is challenging. It’s crucial to regularly check in to discuss what’s working and what isn’t in the relationship.

You can individually share your thoughts and feelings during check-in and determine whether your rules and boundaries need to be updated.

 For instance, you might first feel comfortable with sexual and emotional outside ties but subsequently discover that you prefer solely sexual partners or vice versa. Establishing a schedule for these discussions, such as once a month or every other week, can be helpful. This makes it simpler to maintain consistency and address problems as they arise.

Benefits Of Open Relationships

●      Open-mindedness

Being in an open relationship can open your eyes to new perspectives and make you aware that life isn’t always black and white. Being honest and listening to each other without passing judgment are made simple in open partnerships. In a nutshell, this is why individuals prefer open relationships to committed monogamy: with the former, you don’t have to fight for privacy, independence, and tranquility; in the latter, you do.

●      No Jealousy

In an open relationship, neither partner feels envious or possessive of the other. Couples in open relationships are more likely to have stability and mental serenity because the stress from jealousy is gone.

●      You’ll Have More Time

The best aspect of an open relationship is learning to be comfortable on your own because there are fewer obligations and demands. As a result, you have plenty of time to think about yourself and what you want from life. People typically select open relationships for this reason. There is less tension involved, and you are not required to explain your actions. It allows you to spend more time alone while getting all the benefits of having a partner.

●      Sexual Satisfaction

The freedom to explore your sexual preferences is one of an open relationship’s most important benefits. Having several sexual partners keeps things interesting and keeps you from relying on just one person. You have the freedom to go on adventures and discover new things.

No Heartbreaks

According to research, being in an open relationship shields you from unwarranted heartache. You can easily distance yourself from falling too completely in love in open partnerships. You’re less likely to suffer hurt or rejection from your partner. There is no need for grief as long as no one deviates from the norms.

Drawbacks Of Open Relationship

●      STD And Unplanned Pregnancies

Every time a new person enters the bedroom, there is a chance that they will contract an STD, and depending on the partner, there may also be a chance that they will become pregnant unexpectedly. Of course, the best way to reduce these risks is to engage in safe sex, have open discussions about sexual health before getting close, visit the doctor for regular checkups, and be honest with your primary partner about your relationships with others.

●      Social Stigma

Living in a higher social class has its laws and guidelines, your social circle is a part of this as well. There will be instances when you can face judgment because of the type of relationship you have chosen. They might even question your capacity and dedication to one another, which requires much justification.

●      Possibility Of Heartbreaks

When you decide to be in an open relationship, you often become engaged with several people you’ll encounter along the route rather than just one. You’re constantly on the verge of meeting someone new which could raise the possibility of unexpectedly falling in love with the other person. Although it would be ideal if you both started to feel the same way, what if it ended up one-sided? In that case, you would be the one who would suffer, you might start to lose yourself.

Signs That An Open Relationship Is Right For You

Here are some signs that you’re emotionally and psychologically prepared for a rewarding open relationship.

●      You Can Keep Apart Emotion And Physical Closeness 

Suppose you want your open relationship to be happy and fulfilling. In that case, you’ll need to become very accustomed to distinguishing between physical connection and emotion. It would help if you considered non-monogamy only a physical act, and as long as your partners continue to live with you and build their lives around you, you should not worry.

●      You’re Ready To Speak With All Honesty

You must always be completely honest and open with one another. Both partners need to be honest and open with each other in an open relationship. Partners must be able to communicate their wants and requirements and clearly outline expectations and boundaries. Additionally, they must be prepared to check in with and listen to their partners.

●      Each Partner Agree With One Another

It is crucial to ensure that both of you share the same level of enthusiasm and passion for the decision and are committed to developing your relationship. It takes a lot of learning and adjusting. So, suppose you and your partner find switching partners interesting, you can grant each other more flexibility to pursue relationships apart from your current one.

●      Each Partner Knows How To Deal With Jealousy

For a relationship to be open, it takes two persons who are content to be alone while allowing another person to enjoy life. In an open relationship, the partners must learn how to express their jealousy and work together to minimize its occurrence. Although not everyone should be in an open relationship, you should consider if any of the indicators above apply to you.


Couples who desire to explore intimate connections with others can find common ground by following open relationship norms. One of the components of open relationship is defining the limits of sexual closeness and emotional connection with others. The primary connection may be challenging to manage because there are no rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Purpose Of An Open Relationship?

Partners can play all of their cards in an open partnership. Individuals can express their desires and identities freely in open relationships. There is significantly less emotional distress because they don’t have to keep their crushes or extramarital connections a secret from their partner.

Is Being In An Open Relationship Healthy?

Open, consensual non monogamy can be healthy and fulfilling, because you get the chance to be yourself in the relationship.

Can You Have An Open Relationship And Still Love Your Partner?

Opening up can benefit your primary partnership and allow you to have a committed, loving, non-monogamic relationship.


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