I Have No Sex Drive, And It’s Ruining My Relationship

I Have No Sex Drive, And It's Ruining My Relationship

Sex plays a significant role in all relationships. It can be enjoyable and a great way to physically and emotionally connect with your partner. But what happens if your sex urge wanes? You may not be interested in sex for a variety of reasons. It might be a physiological problem brought on by hormones or medication, or a psychological problem, brought on by anxiety or depression. It might also be an indication that your relationship needs work.

Low libido can be a serious issue for many people. It can lead to conflict and stress in a relationship and make you feel uneasy, down, and even unattractive. There are various things you may do to try to improve the issue if you’re having trouble with a low sex drive. It’s crucial first to express your feelings to your mate. In this post we will address how you can prevent lack of sexual urges from ruining your relationship. Continue reading!

What Effect Does Lack Of Sex Have On A Relationship?

Lack of sex can frequently leads to tension and disagreement. According to studies, partners who engage in sexual activity less frequently than once a week are more likely to express dissatisfaction with their union. This is probably because sexual intimacy promotes communication and trust. Couples may begin to feel estranged from one another without it.

In addition, a lack of sex is frequently a sign of deeper problems like closeness or communication problems. If you’re not having sex as often as your partner would like, talk to them about what’s wrong. Also, they may feel rejected if you don’t have a sex drive. Rejection hurts because it seems like the other person is telling us that we do not deserve their time or attention or that we are not good enough.

It could make us feel worthless, alone, and lonely. And it might hurt even more when we feel abandoned by someone we care about. Having no sex drive might result in a vicious cycle of rejection and insecurity that is challenging to escape.

How To Stop Lack Of Sex Drive From Ruining Your Relationship

Remember that at some point in every relationship, a pair will experience libidos that are not compatible. It is normal for one of you to have a higher libido than the other, for your preferences to alter, and for your body to change– i have no sex drive, and it’s ruining my relationship? Here are the major ways to handle the situation;

1.    Communicates

You must let your partner know what’s going on, specifically how you feel about them and how you feel about yourself, so they can understand and don’t feel alone. If this makes you anxious, it might be helpful to write about how you’re feeling or to talk about it first with a more objective person you trust

2.    Handle Your Stress

This could take the form of beginning a regular mindfulness practice, frequent yoga, going outside in the sunlight each day, or engaging in activities that break the stress cycle, such as singing, boxing, running, or punching pillows. It is well known that mindfulness techniques are tremendously helpful for sexual issues, such as vulvar pain, painful memories from the past, and general sexual anxiety.

3.    Masturbation And Self-Pleasuring

According to several studies, daily masturbation does increase your desire for partner sex. Consider it as stoking your erotic fire and taking care of your own needs in the same way you would take care of your partner. You might even put this on your calendar, where you prioritize solo sexual exploration. Use all of your toys or just your hands and imagination, and don’t forget to breathe and rock your pelvis.

4.    Focus On Pleasure

Start by trying to unwind and enjoy the ride rather than viewing sex as a goal-oriented activity. You may feel more in the moment and bond with your lover. Sensate focus is one of the most useful methods for increasing the pleasure of sex. This method concentrates on the senses of touch, smell, and sound during sex.

You can develop a stronger connection with your companion by observing these physical clues. Paying attention to pleasure can also heighten your senses and make you more conscious of your body, boosting your sec libido. So, emphasizing pleasure can contribute to a more pleasurable and satisfactory sexual experience.

5.    Non-Sexual Touch

Examine all the non-sexual touching options available, such as holding hands when you’re out, cuddling on the couch, getting massages, or even kissing. Suppose you want to resume touching each other without thinking it would result in sex. In that case, you might consider focusing on the pleasure these touches bring.

6.    Have Enough Time For Intimacy

Sex is about intimacy and connectedness in addition to sexual activity. Make time for kissing, snuggling, and other non-sexual touching if you desire more. You and your partner may have a stronger emotional connection, which may increase desire. Make sex a priority and schedule time for it. Low desire may result from a time crunch. So, schedule time just for sexual activity. Setting aside time to relax and take in the experience can assist.

Women typically take longer to arouse than men do, women typically require more time for foreplay. Sex may not be as enjoyable if you don’t have enough time for foreplay. Foreplay increases genital blood flow, which can aid in increasing libido. It aids in the hormone oxytocin’s production, which can improve connection.

Additionally, foreplay might aid in lowering stress and worry, which can hinder sexual enjoyment. However, having lots of time for sex is advantageous for males as well, because they have more time to foster intimacy. Maintaining a fulfilling and healthy sex life can be greatly aided by getting to know each other’s bodies.

7.    Feel Better Within You

Libido is closely related to self-esteem and body image. People who have a poor body image experience self-consciousness and anxiety during sex, which makes it difficult for them to arouse, maintain an erection, or experience an orgasm. Contrarily, those who are comfortable in their bodies are more likely to have higher libidos, to be less inhibited during sex, and to report higher levels of satisfaction from sex.

So, if you want better sex, you should concentrate on creating a positive relationship with your body. Become more conscious of your body’s sensations, and appearance. Touch yourself, even in places you usually avoid or feel embarrassed. As a result, you’ll feel more confident and at peace in your own skin.

8.    Try New Things

It’s possible to keep sex exciting and new by trying new activities. To figure out what feels nice to you, you might need to try various sexual activities. Try out various forms of caressing, kissing, and other sexual acts. Your sex life can be exciting, and you can learn what you like by trying different activities.

Don’t limit your attention to passive sex. You can still enjoy sex even if you’re not in the mood for penetration. Other types of non-penetrative sex, such as oral sex and manual stimulation, can be just as enjoyable.  So, experiment with different sexual activities with your partner.

9.    Sexual Therapy And Counseling

Low sex drive can be resolved by speaking with a sex therapist or counselor experienced in handling sexual issues. Sexual response and technique education is frequently part of therapy. Your therapist or counselor will most likely offer suggestions for books to read or exercises for couples. Counseling for couples that deal with marital issues can enhance feelings of desire and connection.


It’s normal to lose your libido, or m for it to change throughout your lifetime. There are several potential causes for your reduced sex drive. They can be medical,  physical, psychological, relationship or lifestyle-related. However, there are many things you can take to prevent it from having the above-mentioned bad effects on your relationship. We hope the solutions above will benefit your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lack Of Sex Lead To Marital Issues?

Whatever the situation, a sudden decrease in bedroom activity can strain even the strongest of bonds. Lack of sex causes resentment and rage, which could eventually escalate into a major problem.

How Can A Low Sex Drive In A  Relationship Be Fixed?

Play with your own body and indulge in sensual fantasies. Your patner doesn’t have to know about your sexual ideas and fantasies. Having sexual interactions with yourself apart from your spouse might be beneficial for boosting your self-confidence and libido.

What Causes A Low Sex Drive?

Relationship difficulties include stress, sadness, worry, issues with the genitalia, such as erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness, pregnancy, and childbirth – When you are pregnant, your hormone levels alter, and taking care of a child can be demanding and exhausting. All this factors can reduce your desire for sex.

When Does Women’s Experience Low Sexual Desire?

Beginning in their late 40s and 50s, women started to experience reduced sex drive much more frequently. Individual differences exist in how age affects sexual desire: some women report a significant decrease in sex desire starting in their midlife years, others report no change, and a few report an increase in interest in sex at this time.


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