How To Be A Good Girlfriend – 12 Ways To Make Your Man Glued To You

good girlfriend

Most women think that being a good girlfriend just has to do with cooking his food, doing his laundry, doing his dishes, cleaning his house, and just doing every chore for him.

Honestly, it’s more than that, there are some simple attributes that men find attractive in women apart from her physical features. they’re simple things, that you can do for your boyfriend that’ll make him think to himself and sometimes say it out of how lucky he is to have such a partner.

You can do all the chores in this world for him but he may end up leaving you for another girl who in your mind is lazy and doesn’t do anything, but the truth is there are some qualities that men look out for in a woman and if you don’t have such qualities they tend to just love you on their own terms and leave you when they think they’re done.

If you really want to make your boyfriend be so glued to you that he doesn’t take any decision without letting you know first, and whenever he’s down, he comes to you for support then you need to read this piece and properly understand and use the tips shared here to make him so attached to you.

There’s been a lot of complaints from women in relationships that no matter what they do, their boyfriends don’t ever open up to them about what’s going on in their lives that it seems that their partner is just there with them for being there sake. There’s no intimacy in their relationship, and with some research, we’ve come to a reasonable conclusion that the reason behind this might be because of some attributes lacking in the woman’s life. Here are some things you can do that will make your boyfriend glued to you.

1. Be encouraging.

Always try to encourage your boyfriend, always tell him that he’s doing great, that his efforts are appreciated, and that it will yield success one day with patience, men might not say it but they like it when someone believes in them, make him feel appreciated, and I promise you he’ll want to celebrate every small win with you.

2. Reassure him.

I know that most women think it’s only women that need reassurance, the truth is men do too, he needs to know that you’re with him through everything and that you’ll not leave him for anybody else, men are just big babies no matter how strong they try to act, once you reassure him, his heart is sure to melt and this will deepen your bond with him.

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3. Trust him

A lot of women don’t trust their boyfriend because of past experience with their ex’s, but if you put your trust in a good man, he’ll do anything possible to never break your trust, because he feels it’s a great honor for you to trust him.

4. Respect your boyfriend.

Every man loves himself a very respectful woman, who won’t disrespect him, talk down on him, look at him as unworthy, every man wants a woman who’ll speak highly of him even in the presence of her friends, talk to him with courtesy, and I promise you he’ll reciprocate the same respect.

5. Be proud of your boyfriend.

Show him off to your friends, post him on your social media page, don’t keep him a secret, and he’ll definitely love you, he’ll get the idea that you’re not playing games with him, that you really cherish him and you’re not scared to tell the world his the one, it will make him feel special and he’ll definitely make you feel loved back equally.

6. Listen to him.

Always hear him out whenever he’s down and try not to judge his decisions at this time, he just needs someone to vent to, you can correct gently when he’s calm.

7. Be honest with him.

Men love honest women, be very truthful even when you’re wrong, don’t lie just say the truth, that way he’ll be able to count on anything you say to be true, be transparent in your dealings, don’t keep secrets, and just say the truth, don’t think about it twice just say the truth.

8. Don’t be a nagging girlfriend.

Don’t be a complainant, don’t say everything you see, don’t twist everything so that it becomes a quarrel, and when it’s important that you should talk don’t exaggerate the issue, just address it and keep calm, don’t nag.

9. Don’t flirt.

Don’t allow guys to flirt with you and don’t flirt with other guys, if you don’t know it’s cheating when you flirt with other men and I’m sure you won’t want to see him flirt with another woman or entertain women who are interested in him, so don’t do same.

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10. Care for him and pampaer him.

That we mentioned in the beginning that cooking for him is not all there is to be a good girlfriend doesn’t mean you should care less about what your boyfriend eats when he comes back from work make him a very nice and healthy food and give him a massage afterward, and in the morning give him breakfast in bed and kiss him goodbye before he leaves for work, I promise he’ll be running back to you immediately after work.

11. Be hardworking

That he makes money is not an excuse to be lazy at home doing nothing, please get a job no matter how little the pay is and be passionate about it. He’ll be pleased to see his baby girl trying to get money for herself.

12. Suprise him

Plan dates, buy him little gifts, plan vacations, try to surprise him no matter how little it is, he’ll forever appreciate it.

Having read all the advice we have for you to be able to make your relationship better and to make your man become glued to you, I’m sure you’ll agree with us that all we’ve said sounds very good. All you have to do is to practice what we’ve taught, make sure you treat him like a king and I promise he’ll make you his queen

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