What To Say When A Man Asks You What Do You Want From Me?

what to say when a guy asks you what do you want from him

How do you respond to a guy when he asks what do you want from him?

When a guy asks what do you want from him, you could find it daunting to know the right words to use in expressing how you feel without appearing awkward.

Most guys are unsure about what’s going on and what every woman wants from a man or how a woman should be treated in a relationship. They’re often wrapped with the fear of making the wrong move and would always want to know what you want actually.

Your ability to know what to say when a man asks what you’re looking for will probably lead to a deep conversation with him or even a meaningful relationship.

However, the best response to what do you want from me? Is the response that is entirely genuine. You have to be honest this isn’t a time for jokes or the time to tease him. Do not be afraid to speak out how you feel and never feel sorry for being genuine. If it doesn’t work out between the both of you, it isn’t the end of the world.

Here’s what to say when a guy asks what do you want from me?

When someone asks “what do you want from me?”  Especially if this question is coming from a guy, here are some ideas on what to say. However, the following answer suggestions can be tweaked to reflect what you truly feel and want from him.

​1. I want to get to know you better.

If a man you just met and try to get to know asks you what you want from him, a good answer at the moment would be that you want to know him better.

2. I want your warm hug

If it is someone close to you or your partner and all you want is a warm hug from him, go straight to the point and let him know that’s what you want at the moment.

3. I want your passionate kiss

If he’s a good kisser, you probably can’t get enough of it and crave for more kisses from him. If he’s new to you and you feel comfortable saying you want a passionate kiss with him, what more can I say?

4. I want your time

If you want to have some time together with a man, a good way to let him know is to voice it out instead of bottling it up and expecting him to read your mind and know what you want. A weekend at the beach won’t be bad or some date night party. Making yourself irresistible is one of the best ways to get your man to spend time with you.

5. I want your love

This could be a perfect answer to your crush if he eventually asks you “what do you want from me?” You might be lucky, your genuine response will launch you into having him as your man.

6. I want your smile

Think about how amazing and more fulfilled his smiles make you feel that you would always want to see him smile and can do anything to make him happy. This is a nice request that will show him how much you really care about him.

7. I want everything about you

When you’re not being specific or you completely like everything about him and you have got the courage to say it as it is. You just can’t help it but to let him know that’s all you want from him (you want him in whole)

8. A heartfelt apology

There’s nothing like a perfect relationship, we are humans and mistakes are inevitable in a relationship. Sometimes we are prone to hurting our partner without knowing and they would expect apologies to get things back on track. If you feel hurt, a good response to what do you want from me will be “a heartfelt apology for______”.

9. I want the truth

When asking him questions probably about what happened, after his answers, if you’re still not satisfied, he might push further to ask you “what do you want from me?” this would be the right answer “I want only but the truth from you“.

10. I want us to be in a committed relationship

If you have been in a relationship with him for a while and want to move to the next level, your response should reflect your feelings about it. This will probably signal him that you have gained trust in him and would like to have a committed relationship with him.

11. I want us to get engaged

Most engagements lead to marriage, this response will let him know that you want to settle down with him.

FAQs related to what to say when a guy asks “what do you want from me?”

What to say when a guy asks what do you want to do?

Be honest and tell him exactly what you want to do. However, this depends on the type of guy who is asking you the question. It could be that you want to have a birthday treat or a tour to your dream destination.

What does it mean when someone says what do you want from me?

This literally means that they’re unsure of what’s going on in your mind and would like to hear from you to be sure of the exact thing you want to be done. Honestly when someone cares to know what you want from them, it is a positive sign they care about your opinion.

What to say when a man asks what you’re looking for?

Depending on whom the man is to you, is he someone that deserves to know the inner secret you never wish to tell someone not so close to you or is he someone you can easily share your thoughts with? This is best left for you to answer.

What more do you want from me meaning?

In as much as this could appear somehow rude or a question asked with anger, it could be used by a man to get to know what other things you want from him.

How do you answer what do you want out of a relationship?

Your answers should be in connection to what you actually want in the relationship, it depends on whether you want to build a future together or see the relationship as a temporal thing, something to take serious or just to have fun and don’t see it headed anywhere.

What does what do you want mean?

What do you want is considered a rude or angry way of questioning why someone wants to see or speak to you. Although you can use a nice tone in saying it to get to know what someone is expecting from you.

Final words:

However, a list of what a woman could need from a man is endless. Take the above to be the examples of what to say when a man wants to know what you want from him.

In all, remember to be honest in your responses, no matter what you think it is, you could get what you want from him simply by saying it genuinely.

Even if all you want from him is to leave your life, marriage, peace of mind, buy you a diamond ring, meet your parents or spend the weekend in Cambodia blowing hot balloons, you just have to stay true to yourself and be bold to say it. I believe you have a reason for whatsoever response you decide to give to a man who wants to know what you want to do or what you want from him.

Now that I have shared my opinions on what to say when a man asks you “what do you want from me?”Let me see other good responses you may have through the comment box below.

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