What To Say When A Girl Asks You “What Do You Want From Me?”

what to say when a girl asks you what do you want from me

How do you respond to a girl when she asks what do you want from her?

The best answer to a girl if she asks “what do you want from me?“, has to be genuine if you want to make your intentions clear to her.

When you try to talk to a girl for the first time face to face or over text, there’s no limitation to the number of questions that could be running in her mind to know more about you and probably why you’re trying to draw close to her in the first place.

If she’ has no idea of what your intentions could be, to make it clear to herself, questions like; “what are you looking for?”, “what do you want from me?”, “Why do you like me?”, and “what do you want from a girl?”, would probably be inevitable. This could be her own very way to know how you feel about her.

The best response to what do you want from me, whenever she asks such question, can easily make you win her heart. So, if you’re wondering what could be the best things to say when she asks what do you want from her? remember you’re not alone, we have got you covered with good examples of what to say that will even make her fall in love with you.

However, the best response to what do you want from me? Is the response that is entirely genuine. You have to be honest this isn’t a time for jokes or the time to tease her. Do not be afraid to speak out how you feel and never feel sorry for being genuine. If it doesn’t work out between the both of you, it isn’t the end of the world.

Here’s what to say when a girl asks what do you want from me?

What to say when a girl asks you what do you want from her

When someone asks “what do you want from me?”  Especially if this question is coming from a lady, just say the truth and you will receive a nice response from her probably because you are truthful. Here are some ideas on what to say when she asks you “what do you want from me?”. However, the following answer suggestions can be modified to reflect what you truly feel and want from her.

​1. I want to know more about you.

If a girl you just met asks you what you want from her, a good answer at the moment could be that you want to know more about her. If she says “no problems”, then be specific in your questions and avoid asking her personal questions.

2. I want a hug from you

If she is someone close to you or your partner and all you want is a warm hug from her, go straight to the point and let her know what you feel.

4. Let’s spend some time together

If you want to spend some time together with a girl, let her know when she asks you such a question. Don’t miss the opportunity of letting her know you would want to spend some time with her at the beach or have a date night together.

5. All I want is your love

This could be a perfect answer to your crush if she eventually asks you “what do you want from me?” You might be lucky, your genuine response will launch you into having her as your date.

6. I want to see you smile

This will probably let her know what you think of her, that you really care about her happiness and peace of mind to keep a smiling face.

7. I want all of you

If you like everything about her and wish she’s yours, there’s certainly nothing wrong with letting her know that you want everything about her. This is more likely to let her know that what you think about her, in general, is positive.

8. A heartfelt apology

There’s nothing like a perfect relationship, we are humans and mistakes are inevitable in a relationship. Sometimes we are prone to hurting our partner without knowing and they would expect apologies to get things back on track. If you feel hurt, a good response to what do you want from me will be “I want a heartfelt apology for______”.

9. I want the truth

When arguments pop out in a relationship, this is not the worst thing that can ever happen in a relationship but in some cases, it can lead to unhappy situations. If that’s the case, all you need from her could be nothing but the truth about what happened or what actually led to the argument.

10. I want us to get married

If you’re ready for marriage and want to let your partner know where the relationship is going, a good way to do so is to let her know through your conversation that you want her to get into a more committed relationship with you and walk down the aisle.

FAQs When a girl asks “what do you want from me?”

What to say when a girl asks what do you want to do?

Be honest and tell her exactly what you want to do. However, this depends on the girl who is asking you the question. It could be that you want a surprise from her or her loyalty and respect.

What does it mean when someone says what do you want from me?

It means that they’re unsure of what’s going on in your mind and would like to hear from you to be sure of the exact thing you want to be done. Honestly, when someone cares to know what you want from them, it is a positive sign they care about your opinion.

What more do you want from me meaning?

In as much as this could appear somehow rude or a question asked with anger, it could be used by a girl to get to know what other things you want from her.

How do you answer what do you want out of a relationship?

Your answers should be in connection to what you actually want in the relationship, it depends on whether you want to build a future together or see the relationship as a temporal thing, something to take serious or just to have fun and don’t see it headed anywhere.

What does “what do you want” mean?

What do you want is considered a rude or angry way of questioning why someone wants to see or speak to you. Although you can use a nice tone in saying it to get to know what someone is expecting from you.

What to say when a woman asks what you’re looking for?

Depending on whom she is to you, is she someone that deserves to know the inner secret you never wish to tell someone not so close to you or is she is someone you can easily share your thoughts with? This is best left for you to answer.

Final words:

In all, remember to be honest in your responses, no matter what you think it is, you could get what you want from her simply because you are truthful. However, there’s no guarantee you will always have what you want, but you could feel relieved haven said what’s on your mind about her.

Now that I have shared my opinions on what to say when a lady asks you “what do you want from me?”Let me see other good responses you may have through the comment box below.

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