10 Things Guys Want But Won’t Ask For In A Relationship

What guys want but won't ask for

Are they things guys really want from you but won’t ask for? There are several things guys like but won’t ask for in a relationship with a girl.

Men are not so good in communication to express every single thing they feel. There are certain things they want but don’t know how to say it or even unsure of what exactly it is.

Your ability to know what are those things guys are afraid to ask for in a relationship will make you know the right things to do in the relationship and make him happy. Honestly, if you study your man, you don’t necessarily have to wait for him to say a word before you could know what he wants.

However, knowing what guys secretly love, will unlock a new stage in your relationship with your man. He will feel loved, secure, and respected when you treat him the way he wants even without having to tell you first.

Top 10 things guys want from their girlfriends but won’t ask for.

There are many reasons guys might not say exactly want they want from you in a relationship, finding out what generally guys expect from a girl they’re dating, will make you the best girlfriend he would ever have.

1. Respect

Respect is reciprocal and everyone deserves respect. This is one of the most important things a guy needs from a girl and believes every girl should know the importance and role of respect in building a healthy relationship with a guy.

Taking a guy for granted or trying to compare him with someone else, is absolutely disrespectful and will make him consider his other options soon.

2. Seek his opinions

There’s no doubt you’re mature and can handle certain things or probably almost everything by yourself. Remember to allow your man to assist you, seeking his opinions will make him feel needed, secure, and loved.

3. He needs space but won’t ask for it

Men like solitary time to do their own thing but might not tell you probably because they lack the appropriate words to use and not wanting to sound rude to you.

Understand that he might need some time with his friends or colleagues at work in discussing other things of interest that have no connection with being in a relationship. If he often wants you around all the time, it is of no doubt he will someday feel suffocated about the whole thing.

Partners in a relationship are not made to be merged into one being, they are two separate beings and everyone should learn to do things that will bring happiness into the relationship other than depending on the relationship for total happiness.

4. Appreciation

Most times people treat you the way they want you to treat them, he is more likely to be the one who compliments and shows appreciation for almost every single thing about you. This is his own subtle way of telling you he needs such appreciations too.

When you compliment your man, it definitely will boost his confidence and make him feel more loved.

Try it out today, compliment your man or show appreciation for what he is doing in the relationship, and watch him repeat it with improvements.

5. Elevated sex

Discussing what a guy wants from a girl without involving sex, will definitely be an incomplete story no matter how we decide to paint it. Physical intimacy is important and this is one of the major things guys like but won’t ask for in a relationship. Most guys won’t ask you to put on your sexy lingerie, stay hot positions in the bedroom, talk dirty but those things are things he likes that can make him go wild.

If you’re curious about things guys like in bed but won’t ask for, try out something new with him and watch his reactions. If he’s very happy about it, you can repeat it more often to keep the fire ablaze.

6. He wants you to trust him but won’t ask for it

To boost your love life and relationship with your man, you have to indicate you completely trust him.

Lack of trust in a relationship is a major deal-breaker, getting so fast into conclusions and doubting almost every single thing about him can push him away. When a guy notices you do not trust him, he is definitely going to find it difficult to trust you too. I know we all will like to hear the story of such kind of relationship where there’s no trust.

7. Your support

Despite his stress at the workplace and difficult times he is facing, he might still pretend not to need help but when you render help to him willingly, it will make him feel relieved and loved. Every guy likes having a girl at his corner that will support him no matter what.

There’s nothing more attractive than a person who is capable of helping her man stay focused on pursuing his mission and in the same way you will also get support from him in pursuing your passions.

8. Care about his friends and family

People around your guy, are people that he is cool with. If you can’t get along with them, you might probably find the whole thing difficult. His family and friends are part of his life, a good understanding of how to interact with them will help to improve the relationship with your man. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to him about something you feel is not right with his friends, but be kind in your words and not to sound disrespectful.

9. Take action

If you desire him, you have to practically let him know you do. You don’t always have to wait for him to initiate physical affection. Men love feeling they are attractive too that you are turned on by him and can’t get enough of him. Feel free to be the first to start the; dirty talks, flirty text for him, and try to seduce him.

10. Play with him

Men want a woman to be an easygoing person who brings fun to almost everything and light up the moment. You can’t make a man feel special by been so mean and taking the relationship too seriously. There’s always a right time for everything, time to play, add humor to texting to melt his heart and have him laughing and rolling on the floor with you. He is your friend and not your foe, the best relationship is built on friendship enhanced by passion, chemistry, and deep intimate bond.

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Now that I have shared my tips on the 10 things guys want in a relationship but won’t ask, I would like to hear from you in the comment box below what other things you think guys secretly love but wont say it?

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