What You Should Do When You Are Feeling Alone In A Relationship

What You Should Do When You Are Feeling Alone In A Relationship

Loneliness is not experienced, not just by being alone or single, people also experience it in relationships. However, there are approaches to overcome it. It frequently happens for persons in committed relationships to experience loneliness.

People may feel alone for several reasons, such as trust concerns, abuse in previous relationships, attachment problems, or poor communication methods. You can start to heal and feel more connected by talking to your partner, investing in yourself through new interests and self-care, and exploring intimacy with them.

But what does it mean to be lonely in a relationship? Does that indicate that you should end the relationship? Continue reading to find out what you should do when you are feeling alone in a relationship!

Reasons Why You Feel Lonely In A Relationship

It can sometimes be puzzling to feel depressed and alone in a relationship. It may be challenging to pinpoint exactly what has caused you to feel this way or why it may be happening.

It’s normal to feel lonely in a relationship, and knowing the cause of your loneliness might be helpful. You could frequently encounter the following in your relationship that makes you feel lonely:

●      Lack of communication

You could feel lonely if you don’t talk to your partner or when you do talk, it might be about unimportant stuff and probably won’t be very in-depth. This can make you feel lonely because it feels like you’re the only one in the relationship.

●      Different objectives or expectations

Two persons experience a sense of separation and detachment from one another when they are moving in different directions.

●      The relationship is lacking warmth and love

You could start to feel lonely if you don’t feel loved or like your partner cares about you. If this loneliness persists for a long time, it could cause a person to seek love or attention from others.

●      Distance between the two

Distance between a man and a woman in a relationship can cause them to feel depressed and unhappy. Distance does not always allow for developing a solid relationship because it takes time and effort.

●      Lack of intimacy

Intimacy issues or fears can frequently make you feel unattractive or cause you to worry about how your partner thinks about you. This could eventually cause feelings of jealousy and insecurity in the relationship.

●      Abuse problems

An abused partner may feel lonely in any relationship with physical or mental violence. This frequently results in the victim of abuse withdrawing emotionally from the perpetrator.

●      Less precious time spent together.

At the most fundamental level, it might not be easy to establish a strong connection with your partner if you are physically far from them. In other cases, you can be with the individual, but the moment spent together is not strong enough to connect you.

●      Absence of common interests

You might go to events and activities alone if you do not have any common interests. This may cause you to feel as though you don’t fully share your life or yourself with your partner.

What You Should Do When You Are Feeling Alone In A Relationship

Once you have determined the cause of your excessive loneliness in a relationship, you have two options: address the problem or leave. There are some circumstances where it’s not a good idea to correct things, like when you regularly endure physical abuse.

By addressing the source, you can modify your current circumstance. After that, begin focusing on how to handle loneliness in your relationship. Do what you can to stop feeling lonely by taking the initiative. Try the coping mechanisms listed below;

  • Communicate your feelings
  • Don’t count on your partner to take care of all your needs
  • Exercise self-care
  • Listen to your partner
  • Work on a new hobby.
  • Try counselling
  • Be you
  • Explore intimacy with your partner

1.    Communicate Your Feelings

The secret is to learn to ask for what you need. It might be time to speak up if you frequently follow the crowd without offering your opinion. Since communication is the key to establishing mutual respect in a relationship, doing so will make you feel more appreciated. Moreover, you don’t have to accept the other person’s viewpoint.

2.    Don’t Rely On Your Partner To Care For All Your Needs

It is unreasonable to expect another person to satisfy and meet your needs fully. You should ensure you have alternative ways to feel fulfilled even though your spouse may help you with some of your requirements. If any of the following situations apply to you, you may be expecting too much from your partner. Ensure to meet up to your need and have your own life by;

  • Socializing with other people.
  • Seeking your partner’s assistance when necessary.

3.    Exercise Self-Care

It would help if you prioritized taking care of yourself more when you experience loneliness in a relationship. Taking care of yourself is important, especially when you’re depressed and lonely.

Start by exercising, eating well, getting eight hours of sleep, and doing something that makes you happy. It’s important to remember that while your partner can make you happy, you should also learn to be content.

4.    Listen To Your Partner

Speaking up and being honest with your boyfriend or girlfriend is crucial in a good relationship. Still, it’s also crucial to listen to what they say and try to understand their point of view. Because of this, you might not feel any less lonely in your relationship, if you and your partner can enhance your communication abilities. You can attempt to reunite if there is still love in your hearts for one another.

5.    Spend Time With Other Friends

Spending time with your pals might be another way to help you meet your needs. According to research, having three to five close friends is necessary for a person to feel the most fulfilled in life. Spending time with friends enables you to share various experiences and viewpoints.

Greater sentiments of contentment may result from this. Simple activities to do with friends include:

  • Inviting them over to your place.
  • Have lunch
  • Exercise at the gym.
  • Watch a movie.

6.    Work On A New Hobby

Try out a new interest instead of dwelling on the things that make you sad. Never let loneliness consume you completely. Numerous methods exist to keep yourself occupied, and picking up a new hobby would be enjoyable. The ultimate objective is to reunite with your partner, but they should not be your only sole source of happiness.

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7.    Try Counseling

Sometimes, deeper problems like abandonment or attachment problems may be the root of our loneliness. To start the healing process, locate a couples therapist skilled in handling these problems. Once you have a therapist, be straightforward and truthful with them regarding the needs you perceive in your life.

8.    Be You

By engaging in mindfulness exercises, you can recognize whether you’re performing a role in your relationship or being authentically you. It’s especially powerful since it fosters genuine connections with your partner. There are more opportunities to form sincere and rewarding relationships which will make you more comfortable and be yourself around your partner.

Therapy can be beneficial because opening up and letting someone empowers you will make you more powerful, connected, at ease, and even grounded when you see the real you.

9.    Explore Intimacy With Your Partner

Even though men and women relate to intimacy differently, a lack of closeness can make both partners feel lonely. Women may find it difficult to engage in physical intimacy when they don’t feel emotionally connected. On the other hand, men frequently mistake sexual activity for intimacy. Exploring both sides of a relationship is a smart idea.

Some methods for determining closeness include:

  • Taking the time to express your affection.
  • Examining forms of contact besides sexual touch.
  • Taking the time to be grateful and respectful to one another.


Relationship loneliness can occur for a variety of reasons. The first step in resolving your loneliness is being willing to be truthful with yourself about why you are experiencing these feelings. Pay attention to your relationship and yourself. When you know why you are feeling this way, you can take action to change it.

Even though it takes work, once it’s resolved, you and your partner will find your life together more fulfilling. Don’t allow loneliness to drive you to isolation and misery, once you realize that you can be content on your own, you’ll be able to express that contentment to your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Feel Lonely Even When I’m In A Relationship?

People in relationships might feel lonely for various reasons, including when the relationship isn’t going well or when they depend on their partner to make them feel better about themselves.

What Indicates Loneliness In A Relationship?

When you’ve given up and started choosing to be alone, that’s an indication that you’re lonely in a relationship. You begin to become disinterested in your daily routine and social interactions. You start putting distance between yourself and your loved ones.

How Do Most Relationships End?

The lack of constructive interactions between two people in a relationship, infidelity, low levels of sexual pleasure, and low overall relationship satisfaction are common reasons for breakups.


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