How To Attract A Girl – The 10 Best Ways To Attract Any Woman

how to attract any girl

Every guy out there has this challenge of attracting a woman who is not interested. The brutal truth is that it is not everyone who’s going to be attracted to you immediately or even later. How it happens will solely depend on you and how you’re able to make her fall for you or run head over heels.

As one grows older, the attraction to the opposite sex becomes more intense. The older the person grows, the stronger the urge to be coupled becomes. A lot of people know little or nothing about the act of attracting the opposite sex will always ask questions like; “how can I attract a woman subconsciously?”, “what are the things to say to attract a woman?”

In all honesty, it takes more than just good looks, material things, and uncoordinated tactics to attract a girl. Unlike what is being displayed in the movies, it takes hard work and considerable effort for a guy to attract a girl in real life. The first thing to do is to know which girl you desire. There are indeed a lot of girls in the world, and unless you determine what you want in a woman and which of them best suits you, you will find it challenging to attract any girl. 

Although, there are instances you could only be asking specific questions like; how to attract a girl through texting probably a girl you met on Instagram or Facebook. This post is specifically baked to help learn the best tips on how to attract a woman instantly whether physically or through texting.

10 sure ways to attract a girl without stress

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The best way to attract a woman is to know what most females are attracted to. If you want to attract a girl without talking to her, there are certain behaviorism you should exhibit in other to achieve your aim. This usually doesn’t cost money, let’s find out how?

1. Make and keep eye contact

The first step to make a girl attracted to you is by making and maintaining eye contact. When making conversation with her, make sure you look her in the eyes. Pique her curiosity by making eye contact as often as you can, look her in the eyes while complimenting her.

Do you know that if you stared at someone, especially if the person doesn’t know you are staring, her instincts will alert her to the fact that someone is staring? Try this out, stare at her when she isn’t aware of it, and when she looks your way, hold her eyes for a while longer before looking away. Don’t forget to add a smile before looking away; you could also add a wink if you want.

2. Always keep smiles on her face

Girls are always intrigued if a guy, especially a guy they don’t know, goes out of his way to make them smile or laugh. You will get her attention, and get her to be attracted to you if you tease her, tell her jokes, and tell her exciting things. If you are the kind of guy that travels a lot, I’m sure you will not run out of entertaining stories to tell. You can also get a girl to be attracted to you if you are always there when she is down and put smiles on her face. This can be done by helping her solve her problems as much as you can; you can also give her helpful advice, and above all, try to distract her from her gloomy thoughts.

3. Make a good and lasting impression

Enough amount of positive energy can make sure a girl is attracted to you.

Be that guy who always smiles and radiates positivity whenever you come around her. If she is a friend of your friend or your sister’s friend, be sure to make an excellent first impression when you introduce yourself to her. This can be done by giving her your best smile; however, you are advised not to overdo the smiling part. If your smile is too bright or too broad, you will come off as a clown or worse still as an unserious person. We won’t want that, would we? Therefore, you should smile adequately to her during your introduction to get her attracted to you.

4. Give her your attention

A woman deprived of care is a woman scorned, and you know what is said about a woman scorned. Therefore, get her attracted to you by making conversations about her.

While chatting or conversing with her, make sure to take charge of the topic and steer it in such a way that she is the one doing the talking. Women love it when they are the center of attention; therefore, make her feel like a queen by listening to her. This does not mean that you should elude the questions that she directs at you, that would be rude.

Answer her questions honestly and as briefly as possible. After that, direct her attention and the conversation to her. Let her talk about herself as much as she wants, and you are sure to get her attracted to you.

5. Let her know your intentions

It is easier and quicker to get a girl to be attracted to you by telling her how you feel about her. If you are a romantic guy, you can go a step further by using beautiful words to tell her how you felt when you first met her or when you first set eyes on her.

Be reminded, however, that if you sound surreal or cheesy, the girl whose attention you are seeking will not only know that you are being unnatural but will also not take you seriously again. Worse still, she might include you in her list of “s” for a scam.

On that note, be as sincere and natural as you can while making her know what your intentions are. Yes, you are advised to dazzle her while you are at it, just remember not to overdo it.

6. Value yourself

Girls are easily attracted to handsome guys; they are attracted to guys that look nice and smell good. Women are easily attracted to guys that are confident about themselves. So, since these traits aren’t negative qualities, you should try as much as you can to be that kind of guy every girl would like to be with.

Wear sweet-smelling perfumes, dress right and have the perfect gentleman mannerism. Furthermore, girls love men that take charge of their masculinity. This can be done by taking the lead during your conversation; however, you are advised not to overdo it, or you will come off as a chauvinist.

Also, you should be confident around her, that is another way of exhibiting masculinity. This can be done by being brave and bold to her, do not jitter while talking to her, keep your eyes focused on her face while talking to her.

7. Be persistent

Take every rejection from her as a sign to try again, a sign to work harder. Women love playing hard to get because they think that if a man doesn’t fight hard enough to get her, he will take her for granted. It doesn’t usually happen, but the females think that giving in easily will reduce their worth before a guy.

Therefore, take every rejection she throws at you as a sign that you are one step closer to having her. If you find it too heartbreaking, you can view it as the hypothetical thrill of the hunt. Take every rejection bravely and come up with new and better tactics to get her attracted to you.

8. Create a sexual tension between both of you

Give her something to ponder on when she lays on her bed to sleep. Remember that the higher the pressure, the higher her attraction to you. You can heighten the sexual tension between both of you by staring into her eyes while talking, holding her hands as often as she can permit, winking at her, giving her a crooked smile, placing your hands on her shoulders, etc.

However, if she voices her discomfort, keep your distance, give her sometime before you continue with your sexual advances. Furthermore, girls love seeing topless guys, feed her eyes by going topless often.

Also, you can take to posting pictures of you without a shirt on your social media accounts, make sure to tag her, so she sees it. This will increase her attraction to you. Do this only if you feel comfortable with it, there’s no guarantee this will work for every girl.

9. Make her jealous

It is advised to do this if you are sure you have gotten her full attention, yet she rejects you when you make advances at her or when you ask her out. You can do this by being scarce around her, retain your smiles and enthusiasm when you see her. However, don’t make her hold your attention for too long.

Hang out with your friends, talk with other girls, while still keeping an eye on her. Notice when she feels too sad or too lonely, only then should you swoop in like a knight, kiss her hypothetical tears away and make her feel strongly attracted to you.

10. Have good manners

Do you still remember those basic manners that your mama taught you when you were little? If you aren’t already making use of them, dig them up; brush off the dust in them and wear it like a weapon because it will help you get a girl attracted to you.

Those manners may include your table manners, pulling out a chair for her to sit down, opening car doors for her, giving her your hoodie or jacket when she is cold, and so on. Also, those manners might include being polite to her, respecting her opinion, giving her a chance to air her views, talking less and listening more, and above all, never cutting her off or shutting her up in between a sentence.

In summary, the above tips have shown you that it takes more than your looks to get a woman to be attracted to you. An adequate combination of these tips and your persistence will surely help you achieve your goals of getting her attracted to you. 

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