If someone claims to be strong hearted and can stand any form of would you rather questions, try out this list of gross would you rather questions with them.

Engaging in the grossest would you rather questions is pretty simple just as you could do while playing any other would you rather game. The only difference is that you’re meant to choose between two disgusting situations, but this is interesting and fun than you can ever imagine.

Regardless of how interesting gross would you rather questions could be, it is not a game for everyone. Make sure you play it with someone that understands what “gross would you rather question” could be or someone who’s absolutely free with you to sit and catch some fun playing the most disgusting would you rather games.

50 Most disgusting would you rather questions

  1. Would you rather drink a gallon of mayonnaise or a gallon of ketchup?
  2. Would you rather lick a homeless man’s toe or take a cup of coffee you see outside the compound?
  3. Would you rather eat raw meats or raw fish?
  4. Would you rather have your farts be super loud and without offensive smell or be silent and smell horrible?
  5. Would you rather laugh at your faults or have a crowd laugh at you?
  6. Would you rather have a horrible smell every time you fart or have brick pour off your mouth each time you spit?
  7. Would you rather eat a cockroach you found in your house or eat the dog food?
  8. Would you rather keep fish as a pet and eat it after some time or have a poisonous snake as a pet and never eat?
  9. Would you rather cry bout sand instead of tears or sweat profusely all the time?
  10.  Would you rather poop your pants every time someone said your name or have maggots come out of your nose every time you sneezed?
  11. Would you rather eat only insects for the rest of your life and live as you are now or eat normally and die at 50?
  12. Would you rather have a runny stomach during your wedding ceremony or have a runny stomach during your birthday ceremony?
  13.  Would you rather poop out of your mouth or have a wild animal poop in your mouth?
  14. Would you rather take a cup filled with someone else’s sweat or drink your urine?
  15. Would you rather eat an entire bag of dead flies or have live flies come out every time you fart?
  16. Would you rather be hospitalized for months or have a severe headache each time someone waves at you forever?
  17. Would you rather give your life savings to your ex or have your teeth brushed with soap?
  18. Would you rather fart uncontrollably or have your date fart with a horrible smell on you?
  19. Would you rather fall into the gutter trying to run to your crush or miss the family Easter celebration and gifting?
  20. Would you rather be a pig in your next world or be a cow?
  21. Would you rather stay at the burial ground for a day or have a toothpick place vertically under your foot while you kick the wall with the other leg?
  22.  Would you rather eat a whole raw fish or drink a coffee cup full of liquefied slugs?
  23. Would you rather have 5 genitals and one placed on your forehead or have not genitals at all?
  24. Would you rather be kind and die before 25 or be so wicked and live forever?
  25. Would you rather cut your own eyelids off with scissors or pull each of your teeth out with a wrench?
  26. Would you rather drink a cup of spit from your ex or drink a cup of sweat you’re your feet?
  27. Would you rather taste your own bodily sour or run through a field of rotting corpses?
  28. Would you rather chew a mouth full of someone’s hair or have a mouth full chew or live animal fur?
  29. Would you rather bite off someone’s ear or have your own toes ripped off with pliers?
  30. Would you rather chew someone’s hair from the armpit or lick the floor in a public place?
  31. Would you rather poop in your hands or poop in someone else’s hands?
  32. Would you rather sniff a pig’s butt or lick a pig’s butt?
  33. Would you rather eat a dead rat or a dead snake?
  34. Would you rather have a dozen cockroaches run over your body or eat a meal filled with dead cockroaches?
  35. Would you rather not have your bath for months or bath a dead body once?
  36. Would you rather hear voices from unknown sources or be able to see dead people who had a horrible death?
  37. Would you rather eat a hand full of sand or a hand full of sawdust?
  38. Would you rather get married to animal or give birth to an animal?
  39. Would you rather find blood in the bathtub or turn on the shower and have blood pour out?
  40. Would you rather open your kitchen pot and have a mouse jump off it or have a poisonous snake run out of it?
  41. Would you rather bleed from your nose or from your anus?
  42. Would you rather be at peace with everyone but at war with yourself or be at peace with yourself and at war with everyone?
  43. Would you rather have two horns or a tail at the front?
  44. Would you rather be given a portion of food to keep for your mom while you’re hungry or keep for your ex while you’re hungry?
  45. Would you rather run across fire or roll across used needles?
  46. Would you rather commit a crime and stay in jail for years or never commit a crime and die before 30?
  47. Would you rather find a being without ahead in your kitchen or on your bed?
  48. Would you rather be in a cage with snakes or be in a cage with lions?
  49. Would you rather eat raw food or eat rotten milk?
  50. Would you rather vomit in a TV interview or never be able to spit out saliva?

I hope that you find this list of gross would you rather questions interesting?

What other disturbing would you rather questions do you know that can be hard to answer, feel free to share using the comment box below.