You might be wondering what is the most interesting and hardest Reddit would you rather question games to play with someone?

One among the best ways to kill boredom during a lockdown, date night or any other time you’re together with someone, it could be; your friends, family, colleagues or your date, is to engage in the would you rather game questions. This is by far considered the best conversation starter.

Today isn’t just like any other day, we went deep to get a list of the hardest would you rather questions on Reddit. Would you rather (WYR) questions are known on Reddit for their popularity because it keeps the conversation flowing and allows you to choose between two options which can unveil a lot of things about your personality.

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55 best would you rather questions on Reddit

best would you rather questions on Reddit

Below are the best, hardest and most popular would you rather questions on Reddit. Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section.

  1. Would you rather be on death row for a crime you didn’t commit, and the most important person in your life is free but they committed the crime or be free, but the most important person in your life is on death row for a crime you committed.
  2. WYR have hiccups for the rest of your life or constantly feel like you have to sneeze?
  3. Would you rather be surrounded by people who brag all the time or by people who complain all the time?
  4. Would you rather be a strawberry with human thoughts or a human with strawberry thoughts?
  5. Would you rather be ugly but smell amazing or be handsome/beautiful but stink?
  6. Would you rather have everyone twice your age and older talk like an adult from Charlie Brown or everyone half your age and younger talk like a minion?
  7. You either lose 1inch from your penis each time you have sex or you have ReverseBonerSyndrome, which is when you are always hard except when aroused and then you go soft?
  8. Would you rather keep scrolling Reddit or save your job?
  9. Would you rather speak every language fluently or play every instrument perfectly?
  10. Would you rather have tastebuds on your fingertips or smell with your perineum?
  11. Would you rather have all songs exist but they are all performed by Pitbull, or only one Pitbull song exists but it’s performed by every artist with their own cover interpretation?
  12. Would you rather have chopsticks for hands or office chair wheels for feet? You’re perfectly adept at using both. Truly one of the most decisive questions?
  13. WYR give up access to the internet or give up access to motor vehicles?
  14. Would you rather get stuck at all red lights in traffic, or have incredibly slow internet (dial-up slow) after dark
  15. Would you rather fight Mike Tyson once or talk like Mike Tyson for the rest of your life?
  16. Would you rather change gender every time you sneeze or not be able to tell the difference between a muffin and a baby?
  17. Would you rather c*m every time you fart or fart every time you c*m?
  18. Would you rather have s*x with a hot female body and Garfield The Cathead or hot female head and Garfield body?
  19. As a man, would you rather have a fully functioning penis on your forehead or no penis at all?
  20. Would you rather have a world that has spiders with long abdomen and slithers like snakes or snakes that are small and build webs inside your house?
  21. Would you rather play Uno in hell for 900 years or walk the entirety of a Minecraft world (all 30million x 30million blocks)?
  22. Would you rather eat ice cream flavored poop or poop flavored ice cream?
  23. Would you rather have s*x with your cousin and no one ever finds out, or not have s*x with your cousin but everyone thinks that you did?
  24. Would you rather fight 200 third graders or a bear with sharks for arms?
  25. Would you rather go for penis-sized nipples or nipple-sized penis?
  26. My daughter asked me the other day if I’d rather be stung all over by millions of bees or stomp a kitten?
  27. Would you rather be the smartest person in the world or the dumbest?
  28. Would you rather never be able to wear clothes or always have itchy allergy eyes?
  29. Would you rather have All-Star by Smashmouth play every time you org*sm or org*sm every time you hear All-Star by Smashmouth?
  30. Would you rather f*ck the top half of Emma Watson with the bottom part of hulk hogan, or the top half of hulk hogan with the bottom half of Emma Watson?
  31. WYR Be forced to say “M’lady” every time you address a woman, or yell “I’m an Atheist!” as loud as possible every time someone says “God Bless You.”?
  32. Would you rather shit out a watermelon or piss out a golfball?
  33. Would you rather be able to teleport from home to work or work to home?
  34. WYR always have a typo I everything you write, or always forget the name of the person you’re talking to?
  35. Would you rather find the cure for coronavirus or get $16,777,215?
  36. Would you rather have toes for fingers, or (non-functioning) fingers for toes?
  37. Would you rather have a magic van that can teleport you anywhere you want and time travel anywhere you want, or a magic ring that when it touches a book you absorb all the knowledge inside?
  38. Would you rather have an obsessive insane person love you whom you don’t love?
  39. If you had to live in a cage for the rest of your life, would you rather the bars be horizontal, or vertical?
  40. Would you rather be able to eat anything you want and have it be perfect nutrition or have to only sleep 1 hour a day and be fully rested?
  41. Would you rather be able to converse with animals, or have lifelong fluency in every human language?
  42. Would you rather have an extra arm or an extra leg?
  43. Would you rather own a rhino the size of a hamster, or a hamster the size of a rhino?
  44. Would you rather die via the cardboard compactor or the bakery oven?
  45. Would you rather do something great for all of humanity but be remembered as one of the worst people who ever lived, or do nothing with any lasting impact in your life and be remembered as a hero to all people?
  46. Would you rather donate $2 dollars to an African children charity fund or get on with your grocery shopping so you can get home and start making dinner?
  47. Would you rather gain 100 lbs/45 kg of fat, or lose 15 inches/38 cm of height?
  48. Would you rather have mastery (and the ability to apply such mastery) over any-and-all scientific or mathematical concepts or be able to create artistic masterpieces using any medium?
  49. Would you rather have your food always be too hot (as in, you’d never be used to it, it’s always too hot) or have no knees?
  50. Would you rather be very beautiful and have diarrhoea forever or very ugly and safe from diarrhoea for the rest of your life?
  51. Would you rather have the lights on while locked in a room full of spiders or have the lights off in a room full of spiders?
  52. Would you rather be a hobo with a 5% chance of gettin’ inherited by a rich guy, or be Hitler two years before the end of World War II?
  53. If your family was going to get killed would you rather save them by either sucking a dick or getting f*cked in the *ss?
  54. Would you rather never lose anything ever again or find everything you ever lost all in one place?
  55. Would you rather be able to turn invisible, but it’s only your body and not any clothes or anything else, or be able to fly, but it only works while you’re in the sitting position?

I hope this list helps you find out the best, popular, and toughest would you rather questions on Reddit, they’re all mixed, you can try the good, best, the funny or the Reddit dirty would you rather questions.

Do you have other would you rather questions from Reddit you would like to share with us? Please do not hesitate to let us know through the comment section.

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