12 Signs You’re Dating A Wrong Kind Of Guy – Lessons I Learnt

signs you're dating a wrong guy

Why am I attracted to the wrong guys? Dating a guy who is not working, can happen to anyone, you shouldn’t blame yourself if you have been meeting the wrong guys in a relationship.

Today we shall take a look at what it’s lifelike dating the wrong type of guy.

Prior to drafting this post, we have received several comments from ladies through the email who are inquisitive to know what would life turn to be if they fall in love with the wrong type of guy.

Over the years, we have been interacting with different people on how to build build a healthy relationship and have shared in their experiences dating a wrong guy and many who often ask why did I choose the wrong guy will find this post helpful.

From such experiences, we’re able to outline points that will help you spot the wrong type of guy or know the implication of choosing the wrong guy for a relationship.

What’s life like dating the wrong guy?

If you have ever asked the question, “how do you know you’re dating the wrong guy”, then continue reading to find out.

1. They’re full of themself

I have dated one, they are the Mr. know it all type who is always after making you fit into their world.

When you’re a partner is full of his/her self, they’re being prideful and can be so rude in dealing with you. Dating this sort of men sucks entirely.

To have a better relationship, you should find someone who appreciates your needs and not just thinking about themselves only.

2. They listen and drive into gossips

Dating a wrong guy has to do with people who listen a lot to gossips. They’re always contacting your friends to know if you’re seeing someone.

Since they’re interested in knowing the wrong things about you, they will be excited to hear your defaults. Even when the information is false, they believe and act on it because they got it from an insider (a friend) who’s not happy about your relationship.

When you begin to answer a series of questions and been accused of things you didn’t do or things you’re pretty sure they’re not aware of like stories involving your ex, family and many more.

You have not told them but they’re beginning to pop it out. Then he is a gossip.

3. They don’t really listen to you

We said earlier that you shouldn’t blame yourself for attracting wrong guys into a relationship. This is because you don’t really know who a person is until you come in contact with them and begin to learn their behaviours.

If your partner is always waiting to talk or trying to persuade you into listening to them. They do not allow you to say your mind then you’re likely in a relationship with the wrong person.

4. They hate the word BUY

Dating the wrong men involves not having what you want from them. If your man boils whenever you ask for help, like wanting to buy a new hair, shoes and order for clothes online using their card, then you’re likely dating the wrong kind of man.

He’s not wanting to spend on you, although you’re trying to look good for him… You can easily be titled a demanding girlfriend when you try getting something from him

Here’s how to spot a wrong kind of man in a relationship, he can afford it but he won’t pay attention to getting it for you but they’re much fascinated with getting from you especially satisfying their urge.

5. You can’t imagine a future without tears

A perfect relationship involves hard times that will make you cry and soaked with tears but this shouldn’t be a norm.

When a man makes you cry often and you cannot predict if you will be happy tomorrow or end up crying over and over again, then you’re dating a wrong man.

A relationship shouldn’t make you cry often, a good relationship should contribute to your wellbeing.

6. They’re not thinking about you

The wrong guy will not think about you, no matter how hard you try. You have Googled “how do you make a man think about you constantly?” and have applied all the recommendations yet your kind of man is not responding to any.

You’re simply not in the right relationship, you’re hanging out with the wrong man.

7. They’re too serious about the relationship

Your partner should have other life goals he’s serious about. If your partner is just interested in your relationship and nothing else interests him, do not be fooled with the thoughts that he loves you so much.

If your boyfriend is too serious about the relationship, you’re probably dating the wrong man.

8. They don’t want you out there

So long as we’re interested in companionship, it shouldn’t be abused by wanting your partner around you all the hours of the day.

It feels good to see your partner around you but this shouldn’t be a norm. Everyone should also learn how to make more in alone time. If he fails this, then he’s a wrong man for you.

9. You feel like you have to wear flowers all the time

You don’t have to undergo plastic surgeries on your face to be attractive to your partner or spend money on makeup boxes just to wear heavy makeup and appear attractive.

Your partner should be happy the way you’re. If it takes a lot of artificial things to achieve this, then you’re dating the wrong person.

10. He leaves and comes back repeatedly

There are several reasons why men leave and come back and why will he leave if he truly loves me? This is a common question every woman will always ask when a man leaves her.

Men can leave you when your bad character is becoming unbearable, but if you have been a good woman in the relationship and he often breaks your heart and come back pleading, you’re dating the wrong type of man. Do not allow a second heartbreak by allowing them in again after the relationship has ended.

11. They break promises

There’s nothing as important as staying true to your voice in a relationship. If your man breaks promises without tangible reasons or makes up some bullshits to justify it all. Then you have just fallen in love with the wrong guy.

12. Always regretting

When a guy regrets ever knowing you and question circumstances that made him fall in love with you or wish he had chosen your friend instead, you’re probably in the wrong type of relationship with him.

Regrets lead to complaining and this is a contributing factor to the breakup signs in relationships.


However, I believe I have been able to show you undisputable signs you’re dating the wrong type of guy. I had a bad relationship experience because I picked the wrong person who is now my ex-boyfriend. Ever since the relationship ended, I learned my lessons and have prepared myself to move on.

The relationship experiences you’re having today depends on people you allowed into your life. Your ability to know when to let go a relationship will definitely save your soul from hell.

There’s a correlation between what or who you consider as a wrong guy for you and circumstances around your relationship. It could be you or him that’s the cause. the same person might be right for others. It could just be a sign that he doesn’t want a relationship with you.

I am waiting for the right guy who I will feel free with because he takes me the way I’m and everything will turn out to be less emotional and more fulfilling in the long run.

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