50 Best Christmas Movies For Kids – Fun Family Holiday Movies

Christmas movies for children

Christmas is a festive season that everyone loves, especially kids and it’s often associated with going on vacation, ice skating, wrapping and opening gifts, but there’s more you can do during Christmas aside from all of the above mentioned and one of which is watching fun and educating movies, and below we’ll be telling you movies kids can watch during Christmas for fun.

Best list of good Christmas movies for kids.

From comedy, fantasy, animation, free to paid kids’ videos, media companies like Disney, YouTube, Netflix, and co are planning to keep your kids busy this season.

However, deciding what programs your kids can watch during the Christmas holidays can be a little bit challenging. That’s why we have come with the best list for people searching for underrated Christmas movies, best Christmas movies for toddlers, old family Christmas movies, or animated Christmas movies.

1. Elf

The elf was played by Will Ferrell and although he wasn’t an elf he was raised by elves, and just wanted to share the Christmas cheer.

2. Home Alone

Watch the classic movie of how a kid is mistakenly forgotten at home by his family during Christmas, and he has to fight off burglars all by himself.

3. Mickey’s once upon a Christmas

Mickey Mouse tells three different exciting Christmas stories.

4. Angela’s Christmas

It’s an interesting movie about a woman named Angela who gets transported into Christmas in a snow globe and things get very fun and exciting.

5. Frosty the snowman

It’s just a fun singalong that’ll make kids happy with its animation and title character.

6. The Christmas story

Elmo’s father tells him a bedtime story during Christmas Eve about his great grand monster when Sesame Street used to be a very different place.

7. Jingle all the way

A father embarks on a very wild journey to make sure he gets his son the most impossible-to-find toy.

8. The Santa Claus

Scoot Calvin, who has been a very good Santa Claus, might stand a chance of losing his position if he doesn’t find a Mrs. Claus.

9. A Christmas Carol

Another very classic movie by Charles Dickens.

10. Christmas with the Kranks

The kranks decided not to celebrate Christmas until their only daughter surprises them at the final minute.

11. I’ll be home for Christmas

James got promised his fathers Porsche only if he comes back for Christmas, will he make it back or not, find out in the movie.

12. Dr. Seuss’ The grinch

A classy and fun movie for Christmas, watch and be entertained.

13. Home alone 2

Kelvin McCallister is home alone again in this movie and has to take on the bandits in the big apple again.

14. Santa’s buddies

This movie is about adorable puppies who make a trip to the North Pole to see Santa’s workshop.

15. Arthur Christmas

A very interesting movie about Santa’s son, making Christmas fun.

16. The polar express

It’s a movie adapted from Chris Van Allsburg’s book about a trip to the North Pole.

17. A night before Christmas

A very interesting movie of stop-motion animation.

18. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Watch and join Charlie Brown and his gang, the peanut gang in this Christmas movie about a small but mighty tree and a dance party.

19. Mickey’s Christmas Carol

The best Disney Christmas movie and it’s child-friendly and fun.

20. Jingle Jangle

It’s a Christmas journey that celebrates the Christmas season, with a holiday exploration.

21. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

Rudolph’s red nose moves from being cursed to an important item in this original story of Santa’s reindeer.

22. The Christmas chronicles

A Christmas movie magic staring Kurt Russel as Santa Claus.

23. How the Grinch stole Christmas

Dr. Seuss comes again in this animated movie, a good Christmas classic.

24. The muppet Christmas

It’s an all-time Christmas classic movie that is rated one of the best Christmas movies for kids.

25. Santa Hunters

A boy named Alex wants to prove by all means that Santa exists, and he takes the help of his sisters and their cousin to set up cameras in the house, will they see Santa or not watch the movie to find out.

26. A Flintstones Christmas carol

If your kids enjoy watching the Flintstones then they would love to watch this Christmas special.

27. Olaf’s Frozen adventure

Is it the movie “Frozen”? No, but it’s a fun-filled Christmas movie for children.

28. Christmas on the square

A mean lady doesn’t care about Christmas and plans to sell her community during Christmas, but an angel appears to her and teaches her kindness.

29. Beauty and the Beast, the enchanted Christmas.

Forte tries to spoil Belle’s and beast relationship and spoil Christmas.

30. Golden Winter

A fun movie about a group of puppies who stop a robbery before Christmas.

31. Barbie the nutcracker

Barbie narrates to her younger sister the story of a girl named Clara who joined forces with the nutcracker to save sugar plum princess.

32. The search of Santa paws

Santa has lost his memories and to save Christmas two girls and a group of magical dogs, help save Santa.

33. Noelle

One of Kris kringle’s children. goes missing and it’s left for one of their sisters to find her with the help of the family nanny.

34. Twelve dogs of Christmas.

A girl moves to a community that has prohibited dogs, finds a puppy while going to school, how will she hide the puppy from the local dog father, and manage to pull off the best Christmas pageant.

35. The Christmas project.

Four brothers become prepared for anything when they’re forced to give Christmas gifts to the school bullies.

36. A Cinderella story: Christmas wish.

A story about a young girl who won’t let her stepmother and stepsisters destroy her dream of becoming a singer.

37. Black Nativity

It’s a musical play about family love, compassion, and faith.

38. Thomas and friends.

Thomas sets out on a journey to find the best Christmas tree for the Island of Sodor.

39. Fred Claus

Fred is Santa’s senior brother and he is forced to go over to the North pole to help in his workshop to get ready for Christmas.

40. Jack Frost

After a year of passing away, Jack comes back to life but as a Snowman this time around, and stands a chance of reconnecting with his family.

41. Dance dreams: hot chocolate nutcracker.

Dance and ballet movie and a girl named Debbie Allen and an event she has about hot chocolate nutcracker.

42. Klaus.

Do you want to know what happens when a postman becomes friends with a toymaker? Watch this movie to know.

43. Abominable Christmas.

Two abominable snowmen run from their Mountain because a scientist wants to capture them, and they spend time with a human family and enjoy the holidays.

44. The Christmas Dragon.

Christmas memory has been disappearing, because the town no longer celebrates Christmas, a young girl then embarks on a journey, to save Christmas.

45. Peppa pig: Peppa’s Christmas.

Everyone’s favorite pig takes us on a Christmas adventure.

46. Prancer.

A classic 80’s movie, that gives kids hope that one day they’re going to find one of Santa’s reindeer.

47. The dog who saved Christmas.

Once upon a time, there was a brave dog who saved Christmas from ruin by burglars. He saved Christmas and there was joy in the land.

48. Mandie and the forgotten Christmas.

Mandie has just arrived in a private school that doesn’t celebrate Christmas and it’s left to her to find a way to spread Christmas cheer to the pupils.

49. A princess for Christmas.

The story of young Jules who travels to a castle in Europe and ends up falling in love with the prince.

50. Christmas break in.

A young girl is stranded in school, before the holiday break and a group of burglars traps the school janitor, and it’s left for her to save the janitor and Christmas.

All these movies are fun and children-friendly, you can watch them for a change during the holidays, have a lot of fun, and spread Christmas cheer.

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