What are the most popular honeymoon destinations you know?

Most couples who spend a lot of money on their trip for honeymoon abroad are pretty unaware of the best available cheap flights booking that provide quality services without compromise and the best destinations for honeymooning.

Obviously, this is a month of love where hearts draw closer to each other, there are several things to make love sweeter and partners can even establish a deeper connection. It is common to see lovers shopping for the best Valentines Day cards and have cute Valentine’s day messages written on it to spice up the moment.

If so many couples are not seen throwing flowers at each other, they could be seen making out plans about the best and yet cheapest destination for honeymoon.

Despite the joy and happiness often accompanied with such feeling to travel the world with your partner, have a dinner in the sky, skate together, or even visit a nearby strip club if that’s okay by your partner and do a lot of love and romantic dance or sayings. It can still be daunting to find the best cheap flights that will take you to your preferred honeymoon destinations.

Today I won’t want to waste your time with a long list of best honeymoon destinations so you don’t end up going through lots of options that will leave you in a confused state of which location to choose for your honeymoon.

If you love traveling for honeymoon and easy flight booking like I and my partner, you will agree with me that the following five (5) places, remains the best honeymoon destination to travel to with your partner.

5 Top Best Honeymoon Destinations

1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast, Italy

For several reasons, the Amalfi Coast, Italy remains the top destination on honeymooners list. It is by far the most romantic scene with steep arranged streets, water and colorful houses and umbrellas at the dark sandy beaches.

If you’re looking for somewhere cool for after the wedding travelling I recommend you book a flight to the Amalfi Coast, Italy and be part of this beautiful enjoyment with your partner.

2. Colombia

Best honeymoon destinations

Yes, Columbia, I know you might be surprise to see this on the list of best honeymoon destinations.

Colombia made it into the spotlight of the best honeymoon destinations in 2020. It is a land of enormous orientales.

The nightlife, best dining options, Colombian fish dishes serene environment for a lovely walking tour through the charming streets of Colombia makes it a top-secret of the most favourable place to enjoy your honeymoon.

3. Austin, Texas

Do you love music? Is your partner more of a hipster? What are your wierdest thoughts about barbecue? I bring to you the best city to travel for honeymoon, “the Austin, Texas!”

You can enjoy a lot of quality time with your partner at the luxury spa resort, there are a lot of tasty foods to try, interesting shows and lot more you can imagine of Austin, Texas.

4. The Maldives

best honeymoon travel destinations

The Southwest of Sri Lanka is beautified with a sweet island for couples who love to spend time at the ocean.

The Maldives is made with snow white and aquiline-blue waters and the most idyllic islands that will make your heart fall in love with nature.

The Maldives is equipped with the most luxurious properties to make your stay lovely and romantic.

5. Baja California, Mexico

best travel destinations to honeymoon

Considering the affordability when looking for a place to honeymoon in 2020, the Baja California is a nice place to be with cool accommodation and reasonable price tag.

When you decide to use the Baja California as your honeymoon destination, you will enjoy the sweet Mexican village in San Jose del Cabo with a lot of pristine beaches for beside the pool and underwater activities.

Over to you

You have seen on this post, sweet and romantic destinations for honeymoon in 2020. Not only have you known the best honeymoon destinations, but have also seen reasons to travel the world with your partner and make every trip memorable.

Honestly, you don’t have to break the bank in order to embark on a trip for honeymoon with your partner. These days, flight booking can be done with ease and you have a variety of options for cheap flights to travel to your preferred destination to honeymoon.

Have you ever been on a travel to a foreign country for a honeymoon? We would be glad to share in your travel experiences with your partner through the comment section below