Regardless of how old you’re and how far you’ve travelled, it can be daunting to make a better decision while considering who to marry.

Marriage is a thing of joy and happiness for those who believe in it. Marriage brings two different persons together into believing in themselves and to achieve a better life through oneness.

No matter what could be said in praise of marriage, so many people out there still have a handful of reasons not to get married.

Honestly, I can tell you want to get married maybe soon or you want to re-evaluate your marriage life and see if you made mistakes while considering whom to marry.

A lot of people today, have a list of things they wish they know before getting married, if you’re seeing this post before choosing a life partner, I will say you’re more than lucky.

Whatsoever the case might be, it is undeniable that you will suffer a lot of lifetime emotional pain and even serious health problem when you marry the wrong person. Peace of mind in marriage can only be guaranteed when you pick the right partner.

Habits To Watch Out For When Choosing your spouse

Here’s a list of what to consider before getting married to someone. Take it seriously and treat them as the most important things to know before going into marriage with anyone.

1. Avoid someone who doesn’t practice forgiveness. 

We’re all human and no one is perfect. Everyone has an imperfection that can turn out to spoil the moment since we all are imperfect, we must at least learn to forgive one another.

If your potential spouse is a hard to forgive person who holds grudges for every wrong thing you did then you need to consider what implications this may have down the line. Will you always hold it against one another in your marriage? Get rid of such things now before you commit.

2. Lack of commitment and trust 

Before you marry him/her, it is pertinent to ask yourself if you trust your partner 100% and know they will support and care for you throughout your marriage.

If there’s any doubt in your mind that your partner does not trust you or is not committed to you (or vice versa) then you need to recheck the relationship. The foundation of any relationship is built on this and must be properly examined before you commit for the long term.

3. Avoid narrow-minded person

Open-minded people in a romantic relationship can support each other and outgrow their current relationship state into a more committed one. This is otherwise when you settle with the narrow-minded type of person for marriage.

4. Don’t marry someone who regularly makes promises and don’t live up to them

Slow to promise, easy to fulfil. Someone who fails at this simple rule can promise heaven on earth and do nothing.

Although we’re humans and can sometimes forget what we pledge to do. If your spouse to be does this often, it becomes a red flag in the relationship.

When people are seen making promises because they want to obtain a favour from you and then don’t honor their promises, try everything possible to avoid them and never consider such type of person for marriage.

Marry someone who keeps to their words.

5. Stay away from people who lack honesty

Being honest saves a lot while being dishonest kills everything in a relationship.

When your spouse to be is caught lying to you, try to rethink about the relationship to know if this is what you’re willing to live with for the rest of your life.

One thing about lies and why you should avoid getting married with someone who lies a lot is that most often, one lie leads to another and lies are used for covering lies. In other words a habitual liar will always lie even if married.

6. Avoid people who have no plan for the future

First find out if your potential spouse has any future plan, what are they really saving for the future, are you part of their future plans? These and more are things you need to know before getting into marriage with them.

However, your findings will tell you if this person is really a marriage material or not.

7. Avoid someone who doesn’t care about others

Getting into marriage with someone who doesn’t have value for other people’s opinion, culture and norms can be a pain in the ass.

Regardless of how much love they show to you if they cannot show at least the same or similar amount of love to people relating to you such as; your family members, what you believe in and your friends. In the long run, they will probably disdain whatsoever your opinion might be.

8. Someone who doesn’t accept your flaws

There’s no one without flaws.

Does the current person you’re dating accept your flaws? This is a question you should take seriously before getting into marriage with him/her.

Your ability to detect what their habits say about your flaws will help you decide if you will marry them or not.

Honestly, loving someone means accepting them for their flaws and adoring them, without this you will always resent them for their annoying traits which could ache your relationships with them.

9. The player

This is the type of partner who isn’t ready to settle down before and still won’t be ready to settle down even after the wedding.

However, when you get in contact with such type of person, you will need to recheck the relationship before you commit. That’s to say, it is totally a bad idea to marry someone who cheats or someone you cannot trust.

10. Never marry someone who has no respect for pets.

Unfortunately, there are people who do not treat animals in general with respect, getting married to such persons can get you hurt when they maltreat your pet.

A person who love animals and treat them with care, is often kind to people too. That’s to say if people can treat animals badly, then it is possible they will do the same thing to you in the long term.

11. Avoid people who don’t believe in marriage

There’s an unfortunate tendency that you can be madly in love with someone who’s also in love with you but not willing to settle down anytime soon. Event if they would want to settle down, it’s probably not you in their minds.

The brutal truth is that not everyone who’s in a relationship with you will like to end up getting married to you.

Obviously, you can tell from their habits if they really want to spend the whole of their life with you. When you try to convince them to marry you, it will turn out bad later on because they were never willing to settle down yet.

12. Don’t marry someone who does not truly love you

The true motives for wanting to marry someone should be taken seriously into account before marriage is been decided.

First, find out what are the true motives for wanting to go into marriage with your spouse to be?

Is that person getting married to you because they want to or because they feel they should get married to you? If it’s material things that are the motive then you’re with the wrong kind of person for marriage.

The only reason you should marry someone is that you love them and want to spend your life with them.

Over to you

However, there are other habits to consider in your spouse to be, such as; abusive personalities, someone who doesn’t listen to your opinions, and someone who never loses an argument. These and more, are habits that destroy marriage.

At this point, I’m well convinced I have been able to disclose to you what are the key factors to be considered before choosing a mate for marriage. Let me know what’s your opinion on this intriguing topic.

If a woman posses most or all of the habits listed on this post, then it is a pure signs she is not a marriage material likewise a man who is habitual to majority or all of the habits of 12 types of persons you should never consider getting into marriage with.