The Most Guaranteed 7 Day Diet Plan For Weight Loss

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This post was specifically published following several questions from people through the email regarding the most effective and reliable diet plan for weight loss especially from those who gained weight during quarantine, after having a baby, people who want to lose 10 pounds in 7 days, and many more resulted to questions like; “what is the simple meal plan to lose weight fast in 7 days?“, “What is the best, and quick weight loss diet plan for me?“, just to mention but a few.

If you’re bothered with such questions or anything similar to that and want to achieve the body and shape that make yous feel comfortable in one week and develop positive self-confidence, this free 7-day weight loss meal plan is your one-stop effective way to lose 10 pounds or more in a week.

It’s good to love one’s body and to be at peace with your body type but there is also nothing wrong with losing a bit of weight or looking healthy.

When embarking on a weight loss journey, the goal shouldn’t be to look all skinny and thin. If that’s your body type then there’s no issue at all.

The goal is to be in shape and healthy.

However, not all slim people are healthy, and not all plus-size people are also healthy. Your health depends on what you eat.

There are different reasons one could lose weight or gain weight, for example; if you’re in the entertainment industry precisely acting, you could be asked to gain or lose weight for some roles even as a stunt double you could be asked to do that.

This article is strategically written to help you lose weight when you’ve gained excessive weight and don’t feel right about it.  That big occasion is coming up and a few pounds have been added and that amazing dress or suit doesn’t fit anymore, you have one week to lose weight before that big day precisely seven days. We’ve got you covered.

Is that possible? Well, good news!!! It’s very possible and all you majorly need to achieve this task is an amazing seven-day diet plan. Although, your diet plan could be drafted by your personal dietician, or you could research for a plan that best suits your body type and health status and mention one that you can afford.

Some may ask why do I need a diet plan that fit’s my body type or health, well the reason is knowing your body type and working on a diet plan for your body type not only helps you lose weight faster but also makes you healthier, and for the health aspect, it’s a known fact that you cannot draft the same meal plan for diabetic patient and someone dealing with cancer for it won’t work and not only won’t it work, it could also endanger the life of that individual.

Not all body types are the same and most times what works for type “A” may not work for type “B”. One could decide to become a vegetarian and might weigh more than someone who was only eating fish without meat, as funny as that sounds it’s very true I must say.

Before embarking on any weight loss journey, you must make a pact for yourself to stay far away from excessive carbs and sugar.  Efforts must be made to stay away from restaurants that could tempt you to try out one or two carbs and sugar-filled food or drinks for example Mc Donald’s and do not deceive yourself with the salad they serve for it contains more carbs than the burger.

For any diet plan to work effectively, you must first take care of your emotional state. Ensure you’re in a good place to find motivation an incredible drive to push you to achieve your goal.

To get the best result for a weight loss program or journey, you should at some point in your life embark on either after a breakup, lack of a job, need to be accepted, need to please one’s spouse, to get back in shape after pregnancy or just to feel good generally. And other times people do it just to give their selves a purpose in life.

Some of these reasons could be good and some aren’t healthy at all. I wouldn’t make the choice for you on which one is good or bad. It’s up to you to decide but always remember that anything ventured into for the wrong reasons always crumbles.

The best 7-day-diet-plan for you

Here’s a seven-day diet plan that can work for almost any body type.

This diet plan won’t only help you lose weight in one week, it will also detoxify your body, allow your blood to flow better, and give you the perfect skin that glows.

With a minimal amount of exercise, you will finally get that dream body and also feel amazing after one week. In other words, the celebrities’ secrete to extreme weight loss is revealed here!

NB: The best eating schedule to lose weight in 7 days as seen below indicates only the max time, so do not exceed them while following or making your own eating timetable for weight loss.

SUNDAYA bowl of cabbage soup. The cabbage must be lightly cooked.200gm of any meat of your chose. Vegetarians could substitute with tofu seitan or any other substitute of your choiceA bowl of Brussels sprouts. This could be accompanied with a glass of water melon juice or grape fruit juice or just eating alone.
MONDAYA bowl of tomato soup. One could also add a little amount of root vegetablesA bowl of green peas and or corn kernels. Make sure neither the corn kernels and/or the green peas are not over cooked.A bowl of carrots. However, if you have just undergone an eye surgery, I’ll suggest you eat tuna because it could affect your healing process.
TUESDAYA bowl of cabbage soup. Make it isn’t to oily or creamy.Brown rice mixed with vegetables. This could also be accompanied with a cup of grapefruit juice after an hour or twoA bowl tomato soup or any legume of your choice.
WEDNESDAYAn egg and watermelon juiceA bowl of spinach or broccoliKidney beans with any vegetable
THURSDAYA bowl of broccoli or Brussels sprouts200gm of lean meat this could be accompanied with a glass of grapefruit juice.Kidney beans and green beans it should be properly prepared
FRIDAYAny soup of your choice however it must be high in its water level and low in cream and oilA bowl of potatoes and any root vegetableNuts with apple cider however if you trend to binge or eat excessive nuts substitute with oats.
SATURDAYThree whole tomatoes/tomato soup/cabbage soup/watermelon soup.Lean meat with any vegetable of your choice and/or a glass of grape fruit juicePotatoes and cottage cheese or any vegetable of your choice.
7 days free meal plan for effective and healthy weight loss

At the beginning of this weight loss journey, you’re bound to feel so hungry especially if your body is used to fatty foods or heavy foods. You’re going to cook these foods and wonder if it’s enough for you and after eating you are going to want to eat more because not only your body but your mind is not used to seeing such little quantity of food. Trust the process and train yourself to withstand the temptations that will surely occur.

Important tips for preparing weight loss meals

  • Only fry the vegetables when necessary make sure to use very little oil and if you’re using butter, vegan butter works better.
  • The soups should be cooked with little oil or cream.
  • Wash the fruits and vegetables properly make sure they are fresh and not wrinkled.
  • Make sure not to add sugar or sweeteners into any of the drinks you will be making. These fruits have their own natural sugar which is enough for you.
  • Ensure that the beans are properly cooked.
  • Ensure the tuna isn’t overcooked to avoid it losing its nutrients.
  • Ensure not to soak the meat in a lot of oil and it shouldn’t be more than 200gm.
  • And finally, one is bound to get hungry before the next meal, there are no in-between snacks of food, so it’s advisable to have a bottle of water with you always it could help you ease the hunger before your next meal.

A bit of exercise with this 7-day-weight-loss diet plan will help you shed a lot of weight faster. You don’t necessarily have to go signup up for the gym. You could engage in yoga from the comforts of your homes or engage in a 3km walk or jog every day, depending on your capabilities. This diet plan contains a lot of fruits and vegetables which will help detoxify your system and help your skin rejuvenate. This diet is filled with protein which is essential in any weight loss program online or offline. Water is also an important factor, always drink enough water. According to Mayo Clinic, the required amount of water you should take per day is judged by being a male or female with about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men and about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women as the scientific recommendation for how much water should one drink.

In conclusion

There’s is nothing wrong with sticking with this free weight loss meal plan even after it has worked its wonders on your body after a few days, you could also decide to switch it up from time to time and have at most one cheat day just to unwind and enjoy yourself, a perfect way not to be too serious with life LOL!.

Honestly, happiness is the most important yet most neglected advice for having a healthy life, so please endeavor to find things that make you happy and bring them in while keeping an eye on your weight loss goals.

The meals mentioned above are very affordable and could be grown by you probably at the little garden behind your house or at your lawn. This could also be a form of exercise or a means of keeping your mind busy.

Congratulations in advance for I am very positive that this meal plan will give you the result you’re seeking and go further to increase your body resistance to diseases especially during this period of the coronavirus, not to mention the beautiful and glowing skin because if you compare this meal plan amongst other skin helping foods, tomato which is known to be really good for the skin has been added and adequately. So, get ready for you’re about to lose your desired pounds of weight within a week and also see your skin at its best.

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