How To Start A Conversation With Someone You Never Met Before Over Text

how to start a conversation with someone you've never met before over text

How do you start a conversation with someone you don’t know over text?

Meeting people is part of life and the most interesting thing can be that you’re engaging well with them.

Maybe you just bumped into a dating app and matched by the dating site algorithm with a guy or a girl you’ve never met before. The profile and everything looks interesting but you’re stuck on what to text to him or her to start a conversation.

In some cases, it could be a girl you got the contact or dating site username from a friend, that’s to say a girl you’ve never met before.

When you meet new people online or receive a recommendation from a friend, you’re first of all faced with the challenge of knowing what exactly to text him/her or a list of good conversation starters to use.

For the purposes of this post “how to start a conversation with someone you never met over text” please permit me to use “her” to represent both genders.

If you have been searching for how to text a girl you’ve never met before, search no more. Be assured that this post contains the handpicked tips that will make you have mastery on what to text a girl you just met online, in the cafe or anywhere.

How to start a conversation over text with a girl

1. First, check their online profile

check her profile online

To check her online profile is one of the best ways to start a conversation with a girl you just met online.

Do not fall for the dumb starting line when you want to message a girl you don’t know. When you check her profile on Facebook, Instagram or any dating site, you might see photos of her skating, a number of languages she can speak very well and even more.

When you analyze her dating or social media profile accurately, you can discover what her interest is and then ask some questions about it. Remember the goal is to start a conversation with her and keep it going.

“I’m going to guess that you like skating. Am I right?”

2. “Hey” isn’t good enough

how to start a coversation with a girl you have not met before.

“Hey” can be a dumb pickup line, remember this is someone totally new to you and you expect a response from her.

Most ladies receive a lot of messages even from strange persons they’ve never met before, especially men and will likely not reply to them. For you to be picked from the crowd you have to be creative to be outstanding.

First text message to a girl you don’t know, should at least be something that is more intellect and attracts response.

Mostly, it is only teens that are cool with the “hey” as a pickup line when discussing with someone they’ve never met before. But I did guess you’re not within that age bracket, so don’t act like one.

3. Be available to reply before you text

reply her text immediately

Before you start a conversation with a girl online, make sure you’re available and ready to carry on the chat in case you receive a response from her immediately.

She might lose interest in the chat if you’re not available or if it takes time than required for you to send a reply even when you’re online.

Obviously she’s online and you’re not the only one she’s chatting with, can you afford to lose this great opportunity for texting your crush? It’s up to you!

4. Get to know her

Get to know more about her

This doesn’t matter if you have met her at the cafe before or somewhere around but didn’t talk to her. You still don’t know much about her, get to learn more about her likes and dislikes.

Keep a good mix of healthy questions do not bombard her with many of it and get ready to answer hers too. Women are more curious than men, allow her to ask you questions too and make sure you’re honest in your answers, there’s probably no reason to lie here.

5. Don’t be so lazy to type completely

dont be so lazy to type out words

You’re no longer 16, so why act like one?

Spell words out when starting a conversation with a girl for the first time on Facebook or any other platform. If it’s stressful facing your screen light and typing, remember you can always reduce your screen brightness and use Google voice to text.

Your abbreviations and bad grammar can throw her off the chat with you. So would spelling out words be your problem for not getting a text reply from your crush? Work on it.

6. Let her know you’re into her

let her know about your feelings

Once you notice that chat is becoming interesting with her for the first time, make sure you let her know that you’re interested in your text so you can get the first date scheduled.

Here’s why you should work on seeing here face to face; texting alone isn’t enough to determine or make someone be into you. The facial expression and body language have a greater impact on how things are likely to turn out for both of you.

See this special guide to talking with a girl you just met physically, just in case you’re sceptical about what to say to her for the first time face to face.

7. Send her emojis

send to her love Emojis

According to research by Plenty Of Fish (POF), kissing, wink face and heart eyes emoji are the most likely to get a reply from singles.

To expose your flirty part, try using one or more of these emojis when sending a text to her.

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Over to you

How do you normally start a text chat conversation with someone you’ve never met before. i.e to say someone you don’t know?

What are the things you have done that got you more replies while texting random girls for the first time? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

However, just as I have listed 7 tips to start a conversation with someone you have not met before on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any dating website. Kindly note that saying something short and sweet, talking about shared interest or experience, calling them by their names, and making her laugh will also contribute to making the texting an interesting one.

If you’re a lady wondering how to start a conversation over text with a guy you’ve never met before, consider reciprocating the same for a guy you’re crushing on while we get you a special post on how to text a guy you’ve never met before.

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