“Is it too late to find your passion?”

“How do I find what I’m good at?”

I understand you have tons of questions regarding how to find yourself and live the life of your dream.

To figure out what you are passionate about, can be an incredible challenge.

I still remember when I was struggling to find my passion and purpose in life. I read quite a number of books, listened to podcasts as a teenager and a whole lot of stuff that can be extremely frustrating.

Obviously, humans tend to have a shift in interest as they age. In other words, what you were passionate about when you are 18 would greatly differ as you grow older.

Severally, I have been asked uncountable questions emanating from people who want to know if they are doing the right things now, and how to effortlessly develop a passion for what they do.

Everyone wishes to know the easy steps to follow and discover their passion.

There’s no doubt discovering your passion would make you live a more fulfilling life, but listening to your inner self, patience and perseverance all have great roles to play. You don’t have to wait until you are invited for a job interview before you embark on the journey to discover your true passion.

What does it mean to have a passion?

To have a passion means the intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for your job and anything you do.

When you are excited about life and the future, you are probably doing the thing you are passionate about in some way.

Why is passion important for success?

Before we get deep into discovering what your passion is, let’s quickly take a look at reasons why passion is important for success in work, business, leadership and every concerned positive aspect of life.

Passion will give you a boost to push further, you will feel the excitement to always believe and never lose hope in what you do. You can only be happy and anticipate a positive outcome when you are passionate enough in life.

Not only does passion make you excited, but it also trashes the fear of trying new things, and gives you the strength required to carry out your task diligently with happiness.

Tips on how to find my passion –  6 steps to finding your passion

Have an open mind and try the following tips to find out the list of things you’re passionate about.

1. Find what makes you happy

Listen to your inner self to figure out what makes you happy. If you can’t find out what makes you happy or brings joy into your life, try meeting new people or travel to experience life.

The more exposed you are, the more likely you will find things to be happy about.

2. Don’t be money driven

Some people are so worried and concerned with how much they make or will make and therefore miss the opportunity to pay attention to every detail that will bring in excitement.

If you are good at something, money is just a byproduct and passion will determine how long the whole stuff will last just in case the money isn’t forthcoming as expected.

3. What do you spend most of your time on?

Find out what you spend hours on. If you derive excitement from what you spend most of your time with or found yourself spending more time carrying out a research about a particular thing to enhance your skills, gain more knowledge and compound your strengths, that thing is most likely what you have a true passion for.

4. Ask around

A great way to find your passion is to ask people you trust, like and respect what they think you are best at. Ask them about the kind of jobs they think might be a good fit for your personality and strength, also push further to ask them for the reasons behind their opinions.

5. Write your ideas down

This is a crucial time to think deeply and come up with ideas or at least 6 things you enjoy doing. Once you have the list, challenge yourself to think about why you like them.

For example, I am passionate about writing relationship tips, why? I become excited each time I find out a lot of people read my content and it solves a problem for them.

6. Don’t quit trying

When you can’t find your passion at first or getting tired in what you once had a passion for and need to find a new passion, understand that you probably won’t be creating anything great for a little while. Most pathway through passion to success sucks, stay patient and be diligent.

Keep being true to yourself, and when you realize what it feels like to be passionate, inspire others to love what they do.

Finally, preexisting passions are rare, they’re mostly developed and this is done over time. Of course, any good thing requires time and patience is a virtue.

Fortunately, it is possible to start loving your work when you practice these tips with open-mindedness. Although they might be heavy work, trust me, the journey to finding your passion can be the best thing to start today.