Coming up with gift ideas for partners can be tasking. You want to surprise your partner while still wanting to show that you have known them enough to pick out something they’ll like and appreciate.

So, it’s your partner’s birthday and you can’t just decide what to get them, or it’s your anniversary but you are devoid of ideas. This could also be among the reasons why your relationship is not working.

Then you are welcome! We’ve gathered some interesting ways to come up with gift ideas or how to craft a gift idea that you will love and your partner will appreciate here. Of course, you don’t have to wait till a special occasion before you send love their way.

You can always thank them for being an amazing influence in your life. You could send them gifts just because! Or to wish them ahead of the event, or even congratulate them. Looking for gift ideas for all occasions? Here is the hack to getting them.

Lovely gift ideas for your partner

1. Steal the wish list

No! That’s not the gift, but you could “steal” your partner’s wish list which contains all of the things they’ll like to get soon. You could surprise them with all or more of the things listed, and watch them scream their head off with joy.

Your partner doesn’t keep one? No problem! Being with your partner for a while would probably have given you the chance to know what they plan to get soon.

Jump the gun, buy it and have it delivered in no time, all undercover. It will be like making their dreams come true.

2. Indulge them

So your partner doesn’t have anything lined up to buy? Then, indulge them. Get a follow-up of their favourite movie/music/game/dress/books collection. Just take the initiative and connect with them via something they love.

No one says no to their favorite collection, especially if they are not aware it’s out. Even better, get them a rare old collection. Now, that’s worth the surprise.

3. Plan a trip

So, your partner has always wanted to go on a trip and you can afford to sponsor it? Then get the tickets, book the accommodation and surprise them with a full-proof plan.

Of course, it has to be one that you can afford. Better still, make the plan for two so that you can tag along.

There are trips to take within your country, interstate or across the country. Make your research and find out!

4. Make the gifts

Sometimes, you don’t have to go all out before you can give your partner a befitting gift. Employ your creativity, and create something awesome. Does your partner love notes? Make a jar full of them.

You’ve got love poems or some other type of things you could make? Make them for your partner in large quantity and I’m sure they’ll appreciate maximally.

The thoughts behind such actions are usually appreciated much more than the monetary value of the gift.

5. Take them out

Maybe it isn’t exactly a gift, but I’m sure your partner will love to be pampered once in a while. Take them out and pay for lunch or dinner. Pick them up without informing them and drive to a cool location.

You aren’t in the same state as them? Then have the food delivered for them to enjoy. Have a friend make a cake, or buy them with drinks and let your partner enjoy.

Ensure that the constituent is things they love and not the ones they are allergic to. You don’t want to have them in the hospital with your surprise.

6. Include a part of you

So you want to come up with a unique gift idea for your partner. Yes! That one that will be different and can be appreciated. Then make one with a part of you.

Get your partner a gift that reminds them of you, where you met, something significant you said, or a time you spent together. You could get them a crystal ball with their picture on a journey. That secret message of all that happened on that journey.

7. Ask them

Another definite way to come up with a gift idea for your partner is asking them. Ask them directly in the middle of a conversation, make it casual, pull their leg and have them talk about various options.

Of course, you have to be careful not to drop a hint if you are hoping to surprise them. You could ask like you are trying to come up with a gift idea for another friend.

8. Stalk them

Social media is a great way to do this! Check out your partner’s timeline and see the things they have been liking or following recently. Check their comments on items and check their opinion on them. You could also use their phone galley to your advantage.

Many are found of saving items they are interested in on their phone prior to purchase or to examine the item very well. In this case, though, you have to be careful and have to ensure that they haven’t made an order yet.

9. Get friends involved

Does your partner have a best friend who you a confined in? Then, set them up and allow them to crosscheck your gift idea before you make the decision. You can always ask them for their opinion on what to buy before you go-ahead to do so.

If you are planning a surprise party, then even better! You get to involve them in all the secret arrangement and excuses you have to come up with.

Together, it’ll be easier to work out a plan for something awesome! Getting gift ideas could be hard, but of course, it could be made simple when you understand your partner and know them. You could also make the gift based on interest, love, or your partner’s career focus.

Try one or more of these hacks and let’s hear from you soon. How to come up with a gift idea for your partner just got easier!