Merriam Webster dictionary defined healthy as beneficial to one’s physical, mental, or emotional state: conducive to or associated with good health or reduced risk of disease.

So, is your relationship beneficial to your mental, physical, or emotional state? Is your relationship conducive and associated with your growth?

Are you happy or do you feel like there’s a lot more to do out there?

Being in a relationship has its hard times, but you have to be sure that the hard times are worth it and that you aren’t staying in an unhealthy relationship, suffering.

How do I build a healthy relationship? Is my relationship healthy? How do I build a healthy relationship? Those are the questions you’ve got? Then, here are some things you should check out?

1. Be yourself

Being in a relationship requires a certain level of commitment from each party concerned.

Nonetheless, the commitment shouldn’t be one which would require you to lose an important part of yourself. Being yourself in a relationship spells healthy.

When you are not afraid of judgment, or what your partner would say when you take certain steps. With being you, irrespective of flaws, you can build any healthy relationship with your partner.

Additionally, you have to be ready to accept the fact that your partner isn’t flawless too. They make mistakes and have wants and needs too. All of which have to be fulfilled.

They look up to you for certain things and expect certain responsibilities like being their support, helping them and guiding or advising them, what a need for that arise.

Building a healthy relationship depends largely on both parties involved in a relationship. But for a sustainable one, transparency is required. You do not have to feel the need to lie to your partner.

2. Be open-minded and grow

If you are in a relationship, you probably have your reasons for been ion the relationship. You could be in the relationship because you love your partner or because you understand each other. But, one of the signs of a healthy relationship is growing.

Therefore, open your mind to it. Be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn certain things and open your mind to new ideas and innovations. When both people in the relationship accept themselves for who they are, and then they have a chance to help each, build each other and grow together.

They do not owe it to other people to be perfect, nor do they have to be lackadaisical. But together, they can work out an amazing relationship. Just be prepared to support your partner and get help in return.

3. Free from Abuse

Constant beating, insult, or body shaming- physical abuse is not the only type of abuse which exists. There could be emotional abuse, mental or even psychological abuse.

To build a healthy relationship with your partner, your relationship has to be free of all of these types of abuse/ as much as you can, do not let your partner feel less or that they do not have a say in matters.

Do not allow them to doubt or question their ability through your words, or even actions. It is only when none of these is happening that they can open up to you willing to discuss their fears, problems, and failures.

To build a healthy relationship, blisters from fights and arguments should be avoided, just as making unreasonable demands of your partner should be shunned.

Not only the physical aspect of a relationship is important, but also the emotional and psychological one cannot be overlooked.

4. Understand your partner and know what they what.

When we make visits to the hospital, the doctor conducts certain tests to know what we require exactly.

Do you know what your partner needs? Do you understand them, their interests and dreams? How do you build a healthy relationship if you do not know all of this? You can only deliver accordingly what your partner needs if you know them and understand their dreams and aspirations.

Building a healthy relationship starts from getting to know each other, being sincere with each other and being ready to come to the other’s aid in the case of any trouble or problem.

With that hurdle crossed, you don’t have to worry about pleasing them or doing things for them, it becomes a natural procedure and you have no problem fitting their needs with yours.

You are concerned about their growth, while they also want success for you because they understate how things mean to you.

5. Be selfless

To build a healthy relationship, you have to be selfless. Be ready to give back to your partner, just as much time and commitment that they give to you.

When you do not suffer for attention, why make your partner lack it? Ensure that you put all that you can afford to, as long as you are getting it.

Care about the decisions your partner make, care about their families and friends, care enough to advise them and share connections or opportunities they need, and it would be easy to get along with each other very well.

6. Do not compare your relationship with others

One of the unwritten rules of being in a relationship is that you should not compare your relationship with other people’s.

Either your best friend or cousin, sister or brother has it good or bad, do not compare things to them and do not try to force your partner to do things. It can only tear you apart.

Accept your partner and all that they do, encourage their growth, talk about what you need or what you require them to do. Make plans with them, devoid of judgments from your past relationships or friends own. Make bold decisions and you can enjoy a healthy relationship.

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Conclusively, a relationship doesn’t come with definitive; you can only try on your part while hoping things work out well.

That certain procedures work for your friend doesn’t guarantee its working for you. But always ensure that you love your relationship and that you are happy with what it offers.