Men and women act differently in all life’s aspects, understanding the male mind in a relationship can be very confusing and frustrating if a large amount of patience is not applied. When you search for “things to understand about men”, you will be presented with a long list of possible acts of men and the reason for those actions.

However, because of the difference in how every man behaves, those actions that are enlisted and displayed on the internet don’t clarify or justify men’s actions, especially when they are in a relationship.

Moreover, the answer to what a man needs in a relationship or how to understand a man in a relationship can be honestly and sincerely answered by the man in question or a group of relationship experts who are, of course, men. On that note, we have visited and consulted some male relationship experts to aid us in getting unique and specific answers on why a man behaves the way he does in a relationship.

If you are always asking “how can I understand my man better?” worry no more, you are at the right place. In a minute, you will be reading our concise and authentic list explaining the ten best ways to understand a man in a relationship. Stick around till the end.

10 ways to understanding your man in a relationship

Aside from understanding the male ego, men are always a mystery to women just as women are to men.

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Understanding your man in a relationship can be daunting especially if you’re new to dating and have not gone through this special guide on how to understand a man in a relationship. By the end of this post, you will be able to understand it isn’t as difficult as you thought to handle a man who is in a relationship with you.

1. Do not make false assumptions about his motives

No one likes it when someone lays false accusations on them; the worst of it is when they are misunderstood and not allowed to correct the wrong impression about them, a man feels the same way. Actually, men feel it worse than women. So if you have a son, a husband, a boyfriend, a father, an uncle, a brother, or even a platonic male friend whom you want to understand, then the first thing you should learn is never to make false assumptions about their actions or motives.

Trust him, everyone likes to be trusted, why should a man be any different. If you are in a relationship with the man whose actions you want to understand, then you should take note never to assume or suspect that he has a thing going on with any girl that comes around him.

2. Get to know him better

Men feel comfortable when their girlfriends, or in general anybody that is close to their heart tries to understand what they can and cannot do in any situation. It may sound infeasible to know the actions of your male friend or boyfriend at any point in time, but it is possible to achieve.

You can do this by knowing his do’s and don’ts. Also, you can understand what a man can do by being knowledgeable about his hobbies and dislikes. In addition to that, having a knowledge of how he reacts to certain circumstances, his stand and ideas in politics, and the general way things are being done will help you know how to handle each difficult situation both of you find yourselves in.

In addition, to knowing everything about your man, you are advised to respect what you know about him. Try not to get into heated arguments with him because of his beliefs and ideas, respect them. That is one of the ways you can know him better.

3. Give him his space

Nobody likes being bossed around. This strong aversion to being controlled is more recessive in women and dominant in men. That is why men love to dominate in whatever situation or place they find themselves in. If you try to control whom a man sees, whom he speaks with, how he dresses, and anything about him, you are invariably putting yourself in a fix. Honestly, he will close up to you, and you will find it difficult to understand him.

The worse would be if you decided to stalk or spy on him. Perhaps he might not find out at first, scratch that, he might never even be aware of it till it is too late. But when it finally gets to his notice, he would find it difficult to trust you. Face it, if you can’t trust him for whatever reason you started spying on him, why should he trust you at all. And if he doesn’t trust you, then you will find it difficult to understand him.

4. Compliment him

Like women and children, men also love being complimented and praised, especially when they get something right. A man will open up to you and assist you in understanding him better if he notices that you compliment him, thereby radiating a burst of positive energy to him. You can compliment your man by praising his outfit, his haircut, his gait, and everything about him.

Moreover, complimenting him can come in the form of praising his excellent work, encouraging his successes, and in general by speaking good about him. Here is what it does to him; whenever you compliment a guy, you are boosting his self-confidence.

On the other hand, you are making him feel comfortable and relaxed with you. This will in turn, make him open up his emotions and thoughts to you. Then you have what you’ve always wanted; to understand him.

5. Always be there for him during hard times

Everyone loves and is attached to a friend, family, or partner who is consistently by their side during turbulent times. It is not any different when it comes to a man.

If you were with him when things were all bright and rosy, be sure to remain steadfast when things start going down the lane. Only then will he acknowledge that your friendship, relationship, or love is genuine. Also, you can be there for him by coming to his rescue when he finds something difficult or when he is in a fix.

Always be on the lookout for when he looks sad or downcast, be there for him by cheering him up and uttering words of encouragement. He will trust and accept you, only then will you be able to understand him well. 

6. Treat him special

Some men, because of their ego and pride, accept and open up to others when they show some level of interest and affection to them. Therefore, to understand a man, you have to make him know that he is unique and special to you. You can also make him feel special by opening up to him too, confide in him, remind him always that you care about him, that you will always be there for him. If the man you want to understand is your boyfriend or your husband, then, make it a habit to tell him that you love him.

7. Always listen to him

Because of their knack for dominance, men tend to take charge of everything and everyone. Although, when overdone, this act of dominance in men is frowned on and brings about many controversial opinions.

However, to make a man open to you and to help you understand him you have to allow him to exhibit his dominance. You can do this by allowing him to take the lead in some aspect of his dealings with you. Allow him to lead in a conversation, allow him to decide on things that concern his life; you can even give him some semblance of control in matters that concern both of you. By so doing, he will see you as a solid figure in his life, and you will understand him better.

8. Initiate and maintain physical contact

Even though most men strive hard and some men have perfected the art of pretending to be emotionless, they are indeed the opposite of it. You can initiate physical contact to help understand a man. Of course, this will depend on the level of intimacy you share with him. Touch him, hold him, hug him, especially if he is feeling depressed, it will go a long way to reinstate to him that you care and will always be there for him. It will also help you to understand him better.

9. Do not spill what he confides in you.

If a man tells you about himself if he secretly tells you things nobody knows. Even if someone already knows about the secret, yet he asked you not to mention it to another soul, after which you gave your promise, never mention that secret to another person.

Some people go about spilling confidential details whenever they are hurt and angry, if you do this to a man, rest assured that he will never trust you. And there goes your opportunity to understand him. 

10. Don’t challenge him

The dominating character of men cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, give him a chance to exhibit his masculinity. Do not challenge him, most notably in public, do not shut him up when he is talking to you, also do not walk out on him. It’s rude. You won’t like it if you are treated in that manner by a man you love, so don’t do it to him. If you respect him, he will draw closer to you, and you will understand him better.

Being a man is as difficult as being a woman, if not more. Therefore, you will have to boost the level of your patience while applying the tips as mentioned above if you want to understand your man.