Connecting a man and a woman together physically, emotionally and sexually is amazing. Understanding how women work can be daunting, but it is highly possible to know how to treat a woman right.

People most times fall in love but fail to stay in love, it’s either you’re the one finding the relationship not funny or it’s your partner who wants to pull away.

Regardless of the common saying “men are from Mars, women are from Venues“, due the fundamental psychological differences between sexes, the truth remains that if you want to have the keys to a woman’s heart, you probably have to learn how a man should treat a woman.

It is pertinent to note that women are good observers, they analyze actions from men towards them. If your woman is not having the feeling you’re giving her good treats, it will make her shutdown in the relationship.

By the way, how should a man treat his girlfriend?

Let’s dive in:

How a man should treat a woman he loves

How to make a woman love you the more, is easier said than done. It takes a man who loves a woman to achieve this. It is amazing when you learn how to treat a woman right, you’ve won her heart and will make the relationship stronger.

1. Always confess your love for her

treat her with love

She already knows I love her so much, there’s no need singing it. Moreover singing it is not proving it. That’s where most men fail in their relationship with women. That you think she knows you love her doesn’t mean you should stop reminding her every moment in her life of how much you love her.

Learn to say “I LOVE YOU” in different ways, not just on special occasions, you can whisper into her ears and say “I LOVE YOU”. This will keep resounding in her thoughts whenever you’re not there.

2. Treat her with gifts

treat her with giftts

No matter how small the gift for her is, trust me she will cherish it more than several other expensive and attractive things out there. Hence the gifts are coming from you “HER LOVE”, it makes her feel so special.

If you think you have to own the whole world before you can treat a woman right with gift items, then you’re absolutely wrong. A little gift for her today can put a smile on her face now and also in the long run.

There’re many gift items for partners that are very affordable, so you actually shouldn’t say there’re costly and you can’t afford them. Here’s a guide for the best gift ideas for your partner.

3. Compliment her

a man treating a woman right with compliment

When a man compliments a woman, it shows he’s paying attention to her and can detect challenges she’s facing and boost her courage to walk through it, using compliments.

You noticed her new hairstyle, what are you thinking about it? It’s nice, isn’t it? She wants to hear from you what you think of her new hairstyle, perfume and outfit. She’s doing all that to look attractive to you and when you compliment her, she feels great and happy that you’re noticing her efforts.

Trust me, your compliments alone can turn her rough day into a smooth one.

4. Remember important dates

How Every Man Should Treat A Woman

Treating a woman right involves remembering her important dates, it could be; relationship anniversary, her birthday or any kind of reoccurring special event that concerns her.

Women like surprises, she wants to know you’re thinking about her that you deeply know what she’s supposed to celebrate on different dates and reminding her about it is amazing.

Don’t get fooled thinking she doesn’t notice when you forget her important dates. She’s having a record of it somewhere, probably in her jotter. Make sure you don’t forget her important dates and always apologize when you do so or don’t notice on time today is her birthday.

As a man who wants to treat his woman well, make indications on your favourite calendar app about her special days. It will save you from a whole lot of stress.

5. Bring in good vibes

healthy relationship vibes

Be the trend maker LOL.

Do you remember how you’ve been when you persuade her to love you? The same amount of impressions are all required in the long run.

Most men focus on getting a woman without putting much effort into activities that can keep her. Now you have her, don’t let the usual romance, freaky talks phrases, date nights to gradually die off. If you fail at this, it becomes a factor that will make her begin to feel so insecure.

6. Know your limits with her friends (Opposite sex)

image of young men and women

Nothing is wrong having mutual friends with the woman you’re with – Beliefnet said.

As a man, you should know that a greater way on how to treat a woman like a queen is to be courteous about the way you talk with her friends. It’s respectful to do so and make sure even if you should with them, that it is never in her absence and it must be healthy communication.

Trying to make friends with her friends “OPPOSITE SEX” will bring will ache the trust she has in the relationship. This will definitely take you a lot of time and effort to fix.

7. Treat her with respect

every man should treat a woman with respect

Just as men deserve respect in a relationship, women are not in the exception. They deserve to greater extent respect from the men they love.

Most men that have mastered the art of respecting a woman are men who’re happily enjoying their relationship with her. The love of a woman is truly incomparable, and what you give will surely be returned tenfold.

Don’t allow mood or situates compromise the respect a woman deserves from you, she will easily take it to be physical or emotional abuse. Things can easily turn bitter in the relationship when a man disrespects a woman.

8. Treat her with faithfulness and loyalty

a man that is loyal and faithful

For a man to be loyal to his woman, he has to be faithful. Loyalty is the outcome of faithfulness.

A man who wants to treat a woman right must be faithful and loyal. Make her believe that you already have values for your life and your relationship and not willing to dash into anything capable of compromising your relationship and the love she has for you.

Every woman wants a man that’s loyal, doesn’t always show his masculinity and is faithful. Faithfulness alone saves a woman from the stress of thinking if her man is a cheat or not.

9. Avoid over-dependence

do not over depend on her for happiness

To treat her right, make sure you know your priority and have interest in other things. Your interest can include, swimming, watching sports, reading or playing hockey, football, cricket etc.

Taking away from your relationship is when you only prioritise it as the only thing that can make you happy. This will make your partner feel overburdened and will want to shut down.

External activities should be able to make you happy too, so you can bring happiness into the relationship and not always extracting from it.

10. Protect her

how to treat a woman right - protect her

I don’t mean to say your woman is a kid or a little girl who can’t protect herself from certain things that are capable of making her feel bad. You have to be there for her and never let anyone hurt her.

You don’t have to be spider man to do this, knowing her different traits will make you understand her like no one else, and protect her from things capable of making her feel insecure around you.

11. Treat her with trust

how to treat a woman you love

I’m not here to talk about a national debate on “between men and women who cheat the most in a relationship”. Learn how to trust a woman.

Give her the benefit of doubts, forget about the common stereotype that women lie a lot. Take her words, do not suspect her, she’s likely not what you think she’s. It hurts not to believe a woman, they feel so bad about it, especially hen they’re saying the truth. Lack of trust alone is capable of breaking her.

12. Keeping your promises

Not doing what you said, is actually not knowing what you said, promises are easier said than done. Before you promise her, pause and ponder to ascertain it is something you will honour definitely.

Slow to promise, easy to fulfil – however, this does not mean you should neglect the importance of promises in relationships. Honouring the promises is the best relationship tool to create an amazing experience in the life of your partner.

Men with good intentions make promises, men with good character keep them.


To treat a woman like a queen, give her your word and keep it. This makes you the real man she would ever love because you’re never caught a careless talker.


You have seen that treating a woman the right way costs nothing than reading this post. Funny? As long as you’re with her, make sure you also care about her parents, and siblings, it makes her feel a great sense of belonging and will give her all in tenfold to ensure a long term happy relationship.

Men and women need each other. We are two halves of a whole. Complementary strengths and weaknesses. If you fail to treat a woman right, she will one day wake up and value herself as she deserved and look for a man who’s right for her, who understands and cherish her.

A strong ‘chemistry’ is important initially, but for the long term, your values must be aligned, so you can trust the decisions you will each make as you encounter the stresses life will bring. You must have learned on this post that treating one another with courtesy, kindness, love and respect at all times, is the path to happiness.